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Corporate strategy is the strategy a firm uses to compete across multiple businesses. Many small firms want to grow by entering new businesses. Many large firms already are in multiple businesses, e.g. a photo camera producer selling also sunglasses. We developed this course to help you make good corporate strategy decisions. Of the many decisions a firm has to make, corporate strategy decisions are among the most consequential. We will look at these key corporate strategy decisions: - Diversification: How and which businesses should your firm enter? - Divestiture: How and from which businesses should your firm exit? - Corporate HQ: How should we organize corporate headquarters to create value across the different businesses?...




This was a great refresher and explained the basics of Corporate Strategy in very easy to understand and enjoyable manner. In nutshell,the course in very logical and serving its purpose fully.



Very useful course to understand corporate strategy, identify portfolio and its diversification, divestiture. Learnt good theories with real examples. This would be very useful for my career.


Corporate Strategy : 26 - 50 / 293 レビュー

by Yevhen S


Nice, succinct, easy-going, comprehensive course. A good introduction into corporate strategy world. As for acting professionals the course is a bit too easy and facile, but nevertheless interesting and well structured. I guess more advanced sequel course on Corporate Strategy would be highly appreciated.

by Ajiboye O


With this course, you are able to gain a depth insight into corporate strategy. Understanding divestiture, allocation of resources across businesses with the corporate HQ and a couple of other theories within the business environment. It was one of the most tasking courses ever and yet quite fulfilling.

by Bruno B


I'm super reticent with online courses nowadays. Although, this time I confess to be very surprised. Practical exercises, clear examples, easy ways to test yourself and teacher is really worried to send the message straight to the point! Feeling better to have had my time worth it! Thank you all guys!

by Amit G


A very comprehensive knowledge enhancer in the Key areas of corporate strategy. The course is designed much taught fully and all basic areas are covered. Recommend some more reading and study along with weekly modules to understand the subject and gain deeper knowledge. Overall a very good course.

by Kaustubh K


Just One Word "Un-Parallel".

The Presenter "Bart Vanneste" helped me to get the glimpse of such an important & critical topic "in the simplest possible ways".

Next Question: "How can I practice/apply my learning on more examples". I appreciate if that is made possible by sharing few links.

by Kenneth M M


I have really enjoyed and appreciated the learning process. This content was clear and specific to what I require so far in my career and personal development. My favorite chapter was on Divestiture, that was an eye opener on how to align business needs and create sustainability.

by Rohit S


amazing course. this course has helped understand what goes into making a strategic decision on the corporate level. I am sure that i would be able to apply the knowledge that i have gained from this course and implement to the fullest in my professional life ahead. Thanks a ton.

by Chan W K


An extremely interesting, stimulating and insightful course in corporate strategy. Provides never-before- explored areas in this field which is highly relevant for those working in the business world. Highly recommended for managers involved in strategic decision-making.

by Srividhya T


Course is highly helpful for diverse applications at Corporate Headquarters and Anyone Who wish to pursue this course would be gaining more knowledge about diversities, synergies, Corporate HQ and many policy decisions. Quite impressed with knowledge of faculty too.

by Dipali S


Easy to understand and simple and logical examples, reading material. Excellent learning experience. Instructor's way of explaining and delivering sessions make it very interesting course. Very much helpful for further career progression and competence development.

by 臧海军


Great course by Prof. Vanneste, it helped me to acquire a framework for analyzing corporate strategy options and a clear logic for making decisions. It's also a pleasure to have the face to face class with him in Peking University for BiMBA course this December.

by Krishnamurthy S


I really enjoyed doing this course. The way the course was presented, business cases, real examples etc made the learning more valuable. The learnings from this course will certainly help me in my business ventures. Overall a course worth doing. Thank you.

by Gauri S


The course provided a deep insight into business, diversification, divestment & corporate strategy. The constant use of case studies and examples also helped in understanding the application of concepts. I found the course very interesting & informative.

by Bharathi K


Really very informative and easy to understand by the away Professor explains. I loved the course and got confidence of applying in my career. Thank you coursera, University of London and Proff Bart Vanneste for giving such wonderful course to students.

by Muhammad A N F S


As a professional from the field of engineering. But this course is very easy to understand. Hopefully the corporate strategy skills can be useful for me. And Many thanks for Prof. Vanneste as an instructor and of course the Coursera as a facilitator.

by Paulo L


It was a great course. Even being a beginner on the subject I was able to understand the foundations and follow up the course. The ideas teached in this course are applicable in different areas of life besides only corporate or business strategy.

by Vijayalakshmi R


Comprehensive, live examples and excellent content delivery. This course helped me to understand theory and practice in detail. My heartfelt thanks to Professor Bart Vanneste for providing knowledge enhancement about corporate strategy.

by Thorsten Z


A very well structured course with great content! I took it to refresh my knowledge from my business studies. Prof. Vanneste explains everything very clearly and also provides very good slides and literature. I highly recommend the course!

by Jessica L


Excellent content, superbly delivered. Concepts are clearly explained, with real-life examples to bring theory to life. Mr Vanneste is to be commended for his easy-to-understand delivery. I would happily take any other course he teaches.

by Marco T


Great course. Especially helpful for people coming from different professional backgrounds that want to learn key business concepts and get a first idea of how to apply basic but powerful frameworks to real life corporate situations.

by Van A


This course provide an overall knowledge about M&A, diversification and divestiture decision. The resources are very detailed. Though it requires careful review to fully understand all the ideas, it's not too difficult to absorb

by Sudhanshu T


The course was really awesome, major points were discussed in the most simpler manner, though it is for beginner only. Please provide for Intermediate and Advance also, so we can get professionalisation in Corporate Strategy

by Heydar


Indeed, the course learned me a lot of knowledge. Nowadays I have been working for strategic planer. In this aspect, i will use the information, which learned in the course. Thanks to Coursera! thanks University of London.

by Jessica K


​Such an amazing course. It's quite short but is full of rich content and so much to learn. It feels like I completed an entire semester within these 4 weeks. Completely recommend this course and absolutely loved it.

by Gustavo J


Very happy after having taken this course. Concepts are very well explained. Examples, readings and learning exercises very well selected and appropriate to increase participants' comprehension.

Thank you so much