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The “New Approaches to Countering Terror: Countering Violent Extremism” course offered by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), is a multi-week interactive course designed to help students explore both pragmatic and philosophical challenges that continue to shape the evolution of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), a global security paradigm. START, a Department of Homeland Security Emeritus Center of Excellence and research, training, and education center housed at the University of Maryland within the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS), serves as a leading voice in the national and international dialogue regarding CVE. START’s Director and the course instructor, Bill Braniff, will introduce the concept of CVE and explore the promise of CVE as a more comprehensive and proactive approach to the complex phenomenon of violent extremism. This 3.5 hour course will take an in-depth look at CVE as a relatively new area of policy and practice. As such, this MOOC can serve as an awareness-raising course, targeting anyone interested in terrorism, community resilience, security, policy and/or civil rights issues. The course is broadly interdisciplinary and has no prerequisites. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: 1. Differentiate between two ways of addressing violent extremism: counterterrorism (CT) and Countering Violent Extremism (CVE); 2. Explain the CVE spectrum of non-violent approaches to countering terror, including prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation/reintegration programs; 3. Make sound analytical judgments about CVE programs and their potential. START also offers a range of other online educational programs, including: 1. Summer/Winter Courses: 2. Master of Professional Studies (MPS) degree in Security and Terrorism Studies: 3. Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis:




Learned a lot in this course on how communities can have a huge role in countering violent extremism. Also learned what stereotypes to avoid, and how to help my community.



The Course is very well structured. The connection between academic interest and practical case studies is what makes this course unique.


New Approaches to Countering Terror: Countering Violent Extremism: 1 - 25 / 46 レビュー

by Niharika B


The Course is very well structured. The connection between academic interest and practical case studies is what makes this course unique.

by Brady D


Great and interesting content, but the course could be structured better to communicate its content much more effectively, and it could include much more effective slides and visual aids to help with note taking and alternative forms of processing information.

by Kalliopi T


This course heavily discusses international terrorism and extremism, but clearly the biggest threat the US currently faces is homegrown, right-wing extremism.

by Mike G


Seemed to focus soley on "right-wing" extreamist groups and not providing a fair picture but rather a picture based on political bias.

by Black W


An excellent course very in depth analysis on methodologies being used around the world to counter violent extremism and the complex social challenges in Deradicalisation.

A real challenges in today' s environment, To meet the challenge at a street and community based level is a well thought out initiative.

Thankyou to all the lecturers for delivering an exceptionally detailed course.


by Hector H


New Approaches to Countering Terror: Countering Violent Extremism.

I really enjoyed the course overall. I think it is a fantastic course. It contained everything from the fundamentals that were helpful to review, and advanced elements as well. I learned so many concepts I had not ever seen in the past! The course was easy to understand. Modules flow very well.


by Evan B M


Excellent course, the amount and wide variety of particpants in the videos were highly enlightening. I also felt more secure in the knowing that people are addressing these issues on such a large scale. Bill Braniff was an excellent 'guide' and instructor throughout the weeks. - Evan McNeeley

by john e p


This course immortalizes these lines of the song .."let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me".

As pilgrims in life, let us build a Culture of Peace to have a wonderful journey to the Land of the Great Beyond!

Greetings from Iloilo City, Philippines

Dr. John Erwin Prado Pedroso

by John W


This is a good course to understand countering violent extremism (hence the title). Additionally, it provides a number of good case studies and details CVE methodology. It is very good for anyone who needs to know about the subject or is joining in the delivery of CVE intervention.

by Alexander M


This course gives a valuable insight over perspectives of the society self-protection in cooperation with law enforcement and international security experts against hazardous elements of violent extremism wherever they come from.

by Christa D


Great course, easy and fair amount of work with very interesting topics. I feel much more informed on this entire subject area. This class busted a lot of things I thought to be true and just provided great information.

by Christopher L


The course is a must for anyone trying to understand the issues behind CVE anad CT and how to successfully engage in Prevention and Rehabilitation to avoid further radicalization and proliferation of VE ideology

by Antonio C V P


Muito bom e esclarecedor, sobre as novas abordagens alternativas para prevenção do engajamento ao terrorismo. Very good and enlightening, about new alternative approaches to prevent engagement with terrorism.

by Alerik E C R


Learned a lot in this course on how communities can have a huge role in countering violent extremism. Also learned what stereotypes to avoid, and how to help my community.

by Jofre P H


Curso espectacular. De entrada parece poca cosa, pero dan mucha información de calidad en vídeos muy concretos. Enhorabuena y gracias.

by Christopher M


It was an eye opener and has really positively impacted on my skills as a safety and security Governance professional

by Robert W


Very interesting and useful course for those wondering how to help one's community combat Violent Extremism.

by Lauren K


Very well laid out and easy to follow. The last module was a bit long in comparison to the others.

by Alan M D


I really loved this course and Dr. Braniff was an excellent educator in this area.

by Adrian B


Interesting and good introduction on how to deal with violent extremist behaviour

by Reuben P


An excellent course giving a clear overview of the issue facing the entire world.

by Carlos E N


short but good, a different approach to terrorism studies but an enjoyable one

by Brian V


Extremely interesting topic; one that needs more attention, greatjob

by Ferhat G


The course very well prepared and extremely beneficial. Thank you.