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ジョンズ・ホプキンズ大学(Johns Hopkins University) による Covid-19 コンタクトトレーシング の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented need for contact tracing across the country, requiring thousands of people to learn key skills quickly. The job qualifications for contact tracing positions differ throughout the country and the world, with some new positions open to individuals with a high school diploma or equivalent. In this introductory course, students will learn about the science of SARS-CoV-2 , including the infectious period, the clinical presentation of COVID-19, and the evidence for how SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted from person-to-person and why contact tracing can be such an effective public health intervention. Students will learn about how contact tracing is done, including how to build rapport with cases, identify their contacts, and support both cases and their contacts to stop transmission in their communities. The course will also cover several important ethical considerations around contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine. Finally, the course will identify some of the most common barriers to contact tracing efforts -- along with strategies to overcome them....



This course enlightened my understanding of COVID-19 and contact tracing. It is well written, very clear regarding the training/information and a bonus for the helping the community and professionals.


Awesome! I learn more than a Basic covid19, it gives me value-added, with a detailed process and how to solve the problem with your case contact. To a newcomer, why don't you try it! very recommended.


Covid-19 コンタクトトレーシング: 251 - 275 / 10,000 レビュー

by flavio o


I am an engineer and occupational safety trainer based in Italy (exactly in northern Italy, the most affected by the epidemic). At this time, the Fase 3 post epidemic, it is important for us - trainers- who come into contact with many workers and students, to provide clear, scientific and easily executable information and instructions on workplace to stop the contagion and reduce the COVID19 pandemic.

The course provided me, especially in the first part (Module 1-2-3) all the basic information to understand what this disease is and what is the state of the art in the fight against it. The second part (Modules 5-6), more specific, were however useful to understand how correct communication, also applicable in the preventive phase during the training of workers, can be important

by Diane L C


I appreciated this course immensely. I am very interested in the material, and was eager to acquire information. This is the first online course I have ever taken (I'm 75years old!), and that became a hindrance for me, because I was not able to easily access the material, including the notes and the visuals. I would have preferred an actual textbook, or any easier way to page through the material and have it readily accessible. I could quibble with certain other aspects, but most of all, I'm extremely interested in the subject, and thrilled to have assimilated so much information. I am looking at it as a possible next career - I don't know how I'm going to find more work as a musician while Covid-19 is out of control in America! So thanks for this great opportunity!

by Carol S


Overall a good solid course, clearly presented and worthwhile. That said, some considerations are: Some of the videos are less than believable. Moreover none of the political controversy is addressed. This is something contact tracers will doubtless have to encounter. There are no hints or suggestions on countering, dealing or dispensing with the anti-COVID propaganda aspect of contact tracing. On a more personal note, the presenter, though clearly competent and well-meaning, seems to have adopted a trendy frying voice, so that at times she sounds as if she were croaking out the information. This got old for me. My partner also commented on the voice in passing. Overall though, I was pleased with the course and grateful for the opportunity to learn about contact tracing.

by Tim & C H


I was already enrolled/monthly paying in Coursera so it didn't feel free when $49 came out of my account during Covid-19. It is nice to have this information even if I don't gain employment from the certificate and training.

How can you stop spread if you have secure checkpoints & porous rural borders along the border of a country? Also how do you get a country to come together when 1 side will not work for a common goal unless they get ALL their demands that don't relate to the financial crisis at hand. As $180 Billion would be enough money for "we the people" but a total of 2.3 trillion equals special interest monies for the Democrats, they are holding up help for ALL of Americans as they refuse to address the immediate emergency needs of "we the people".

by Deborah L


I learned many things from the COVID-19 Contact Tracing course. Some of these things include the following: 1) The difference between a Case and a Contact; 2) The difference between Isolation and Quarantine; 3) How to identify Contacts; 4) How to Listen and respond to Cases and Contacts; 5) How to work cooperatively with a Case/Contact to identify and secure needed resources to support Isolation/Self-Quarantine; 6) How to calculate the incubation and contageous period; 7) Symptoms that require immediate medical attention, 8) the importance to maintain positive, open, communication with the Case/Contact throughout the Tracing process; Using Supervisory support appropriately, etc. In summary, the course was quite thorough for traing for the task at hand.

by Michelle R


I am a Dental Hygienist in the UK currently working as a Contact Tracer. I enrolled on the John Hopkins Covid -19 course as I thought it would help improve my skills and I would learn more about my new role. Apart from a few things which are dealt with in slightly different ways between the UK and the USA, I thought this course was fantastic. It provided background details of the disease in general and went through step by step guide lines to Contact Tracing. I loved watching the role play videos and overall I feel that I will be more confident at my job now. I would throughly recommend this course to anyone who considers becoming a Contact Tracer. Thank you Dr.Gurley for creating a clear, easy to follow course. I loved it ! Michelle Robinson

by Anefiok A


The most important thing I learnt during this course is the role of rapport in the fight against Covid -19. This is important because communication is so vital, it’s the bridge between where we are in the fight against the Corona Virus and where we want to be, and rapport is a fundamental aspect of effective communication. I am in Nigeria, and I know the impact information- both accurate and inaccurate has had on the effort to curtain the virus here. The course itself is well packaged, easy to understand and taught accurately, especially the acted videos. I would like to commend all involve for this- especially at a time when we are all in need of all the training and information we need in this fight against the pandemic.

Anefiok Akpan,


by Carol H


I really liked the way this course was put together with short descriptive video, auditory and with nice visual charts to go with the auditory lecture. I really like the short quizes that focused you on the main most important points and the freedom to make mistakes and retake quizzes. I liked the thoroughness of the course with the origins of the disease, purpose and history of contact tracing, definitions of case, contact, incubation, infectious periods, and isolation and quarantine. I really liked the communications section with the active listening, reflective, paraphrasing, different types of questions, and reference to Marshall Rosenburg's work. Thank you. I hope I can be a part of the community that helps stop the spread of this disease.

by Susan S


I thought this course was well organized and offered the right amount of information needed to be a contact tracer. Dr. Gurley has some amazing slides and facts included in these modules. I loved the scenarios to show us how to work with cases and contacts. Very helpful background information to give us an idea of how serious this virus is and what's being done. I especially like the fact that she cautioned to have participants refer to their supervisors and their state health departments, since there might be variations used throughout the country. The entire course held me interest and I always like the fact that I can retake a test again, just for my own satisfaction. Thank you, Dr. Gurley, for a most educational and informative course.

by Alice A T


Actually and to be very honest; I enjoyed the course and it was so much fun to answer the questions and be 100% right 90% of the time. The only changes I think needs to be made if you really feel this course needs to be 6 hours long; then I suggest you install a guide as to where you left off. I stayed up to 2 am on Thursday night because I was stuck on one question. I closed my laptop and went to bed. Friday when I went back to the course, I had to start over; I kept pressing next and I only found the course because I saw test results. In the end, I could not find this review which put me in the correct window for pulling my certificate because upon clicking to go to the lesson I left on Thursday night; I forgot to do a review.

by Khikmatillo


The recent pandemic has definitely made it very clear that wellness and safety at work place can impact the overall well being of a person other than their homes . There needs to be long term guidelines and protocols in place in the national and local level to ensure safety and wellness at work place on physical , mental and emotional levels as even though we have testing, contact tracing and may be treatment soon , the bottom line is to maintain a high level of well being to fight virus, bacterias or other pathogens that are apart of our daily life. Endemics , epidemics and pandemics and just a collective result of such vulnerability and proneness to illness in our society at large other than the obvious causes of such outbreaks.

by Gabriel E


This course was actually not as bad as I had originally anticipated. The number of videos I had to watch was startling, but once I started, I began to adjust to them and go at my own pace. I found myself enjoying them. The mini-quizzes at the end of each video were good ways of testing my ability to memorize important information and key concepts. Other videos had little skits that were fun to watch and very insightful. I never found this course boring or intimidating. Quizzes can be taken multiple times, you can always go back to previous videos, and most importantly you can go at your own pace. Nice to learn about this subject and this course and professor were excellent at teaching it. Definitely recommend to anyone interested.

by Charles D


In these difficult global pandemic times, the importance of saving lives and preventing greater spread of Covid-19 is paramount to national recoveries. The spread of illness is in the millions already, daily deaths per nation is astronomical, and without tracing the pathogen routes person-to-person to at least give warning and to educate how the virus spreads, the future is dim healthwise and financially. This course educates us to a high degree and is needed for substantial action in our communities if we are to minimize the disastrous impacts of it to our families, friends, communities and nation. Whether taking the course FYI or to be a health worked doing tracking...enroll asap. You will not regret a moment of it.

by Diane R


This was a thorough explanation of COVID-19 and the role and responsibilities of the contact tracer. There is some confusing/conflicting information, and some information which could have been explained more thoroughly. Specifically, the infectious period is not treated consistently throughout all the questions. Also, preparing answers for questions like "what if I get symptoms? What if I live with roommates?" and a few others are not emphasized enough, and there is some conflicting information there too. However, overall it's a great introduction and I would imagine that each state / county will have its own training for potential contact tracers, so it's a good preparation for additional training and the job itself.

by Debra C


Excellent course...concepts were defined and explained clearly and concisely...slides were very effective. As a result of this course, I have gained a greater understanding of the virus and how people become infected. I have learned the importance of contact tracing and appreciate the review in rapport, questions types and active listening. I would like to become a contact tracer. I hold an LCSW-R in NY and FL, and have earned a PH.D. in counseling, an M.Ed in Counseling and Psychology and an MSW in clinical social work. I would appreciate if you might offer me some suggestions regarding volunteer or employment positions as a contact tracer. Thank you for offering this course free of charge. Stay safe and healthy.

by missteanus


It was an easy class , especially if you know a little bit about Covid-19 already, but it does teach you about the spread and how to easily determine how long a person has been infectious. The course also teaches you really effective communication skills. Especially regarding sensitive subjects, and how to approach them without being pushy or insensitive while still being able to get information from people. The only downfall is that it is a little time consuming. I almost found that by reading the transcript of the video I was able to get through some of them quicker while still retaining the information. However, I know some people are more visual learners and watching the video would be more beneficial.

by Jacquelline L M


The course on Contact Tracing was excellent. It introduces the many varied elements involved in the tracing work, as well as the varieties of ways in which the Covid-19 virus can affect the client, and his/her many contacts. One realizes it is a complex process involving personal rapport,, and knowledge of the virus's process, and the many ways the virus can affect the individual, and his/her contacts. One realizes tracing is a subtle process with a client on which the good health of our society depends in order to defeat the virus, and safeguard people. Thanks for making the course accessible in terms of content, and in the reinforcement by the testing process. Well-done. Regards, Jacqueline L. McSweeney

by Sister E B


This well-rounded course prepares people to give clear, easy-to-understand explanations of COVID-19 and the ways it is transmitted. It trains them to compute when a person might have been infectious - transmitting the virus - and give recommendations for quarantine and self-isolation. It presents some of the people-skills required to do the work of contact tracing, including some of the difficult conversations and complex situations that can arise. Whether or not a person becomes a contact tracer, this course is useful for people in any organization which interacts with the public and needs to plan for their safety and be ready to notify those who may be affected if someone develops COVID-19. Recommended.

by Monecia T S


Dr. Gurley has a great instructor voice and speaks in a natural conversational voice. She adds value to the slides based on her professional knowledge. The course gives you the opportunity to assess your knowledge through quizzes throughout the modules.

What I appreciated as a student was the ability to see the time investment for each learning section and quiz, therefore, I knew where I could take breaks or if I could continue on for another 15 minutes before I walked my dog.

Near the final, I felt very confident based on my successful quizzes and the feedback provided. I passed the first time above 85 percent and took the final again the same day, to pass above 90 percent.

I highly recommend this course.

by Barbara S


I thoroughly enjoyed this course . It is amazing how much information I learned from this course. It is not an easy course, but it is practical and extremely informative. I feel confident that I have all the necessary skills required to become a contact tracer. I now need to be accepted and then I will be able to experience the challenges that face a contact tracer. I want to be able to contribute my skills to aid in successfully decreasing the number of cases by providing comprehensive contact tracing. I am a retired Nurse and Case Manager and want to use these skills again. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a contact tracer. Thrilled that I have passed this course.

by Grace C


I enjoyed taking this course on contact tracing. It has increased my knowledge and understanding of covid-19 and, especially, the value of employing contact tracing to help stop the spread of covid-19. Studying how to effectively interact with people who become cases and also their contacts, I appreciate the tools I have learned to support them. I understand about quarantine and was already able to share this information with someone yesterday. Thank you for the opportunity to take this course free of charge. I appreciate it and intend to pursue work as a contact trace person who will contribute in the greater community efforts to curtail covid-19 in the US. Thank you, again. Sincerely, Grace Callahan

by Michele A S


Excellent Covid-19 Contact Tracing course! The instructor, Dr. Gurley was excellent with her explanation of the course material from the history of Covid-19 and the basics, calculating isolation and quarantine, the job of a contact tracer, various interview tips for effective communication and resources links for the contact tracer. Wow, such much valuable and useful information all in one place and so well organized. I enjoyed the course tremendously and couldn't wait to get on to the next module which helped me to expedite my learning way ahead of schedule and finished in a short time. I now feel quite confident of my ability to work as a contact tracer thanks to this course. Thanks, Dr. Gurley!

by Donald C


The COVD-19 Contract Tracing course was a great course. It was an arduous mental journey, yet easy to understand from the beginning to end. I learned a great deal in which I feel that all should take and learn. We all fear what we do not know and understand. However, once we learn and begin to know and understand, we then conquer our fears. This course helped me define what COVID-19 (SARS-COV-2) is and put it into perspective, how to be an effective contact Tracer, and how to communicate it effectively with "Listening to others", "Understanding others", "Assertive to others" and "Effective Communication" as we journey through this pandemic. Thank you Emily for a job well done! My hat's off to you.

by E J H


This course was very informative. I learned things that I didn't know and needed to know. I am glad I took the time to complete it. I thought it would be boring in the beginning, but the instructor was very knowledgable and just made me stick with it. I would recommend that even if someone is not interested in working in the field of Contact Tracing, this course would help them in know how to address situations accurately, to build rapport among friends and family, and could even help to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is my hope to share what I have learned with others and since the course is free, it is a great incentive to get some good education. Thank you for sharing and making this available.

by Jessielle R


First, this course allows me to be knowledgeable about the current pandemic that occurs, COVID-19. Very informative on what it is, how contagious it is, the way it infects people, how to identify, and how to be a better contact tracer to help the community fights this health crisis.

Second, tips and guidelines are given in different situation. Be able to understand the value of rapport whenever having a call to the sick person and who have been in contact with them.

Third, a well informed technologies that offers assistance to a contact tracer are also an eye opener that everybody is doing our very best to help each other. Like this course!

A big thank you for making this free and available! Salute!