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In this course aspiring writers will be introduced to the techniques that masters of fiction use to ground a story in a concrete world. From the most realist settings to the most fantastical, writers will learn how to describe the physical world in sharp, sensory detail. We will also learn how to build credibility through research, and to use creative meditation exercises to deepen our own understanding of our story worlds, so that our readers can see all that we imagine....




Great course, it taught me things that I would have never learned otherwise, in this course you must take your time, don't rush, because if you do you will miss the most important points of the curse.



This was such a wonderful course. I got to learn a lot about strange lands, imaginative description etc. Generally how to set my world and describe it in a convincing manner. I totally recommend it.


Creative Writing: The Craft of Setting and Description: 376 - 400 / 404 レビュー

by Paula S


This course was good to remind me of the basics for setting and description.

by Bridgit


The Course is very good. I would like more assignments and tutor's grades

by Rima A


this course is really great. it helps you to think out of the box

by Sumit S


Helped marginally, visible change in my writing. I'm very happy.

by Spehner


c​omments on essays were not developped, great content anyway

by Naomi G


The course was good and Amity Ma'am is a good teacher

by Paulo S


It helped me a lot. Has good lesson content

by Eternally P


Awesome course, awesome professors

by Perni


Great knowledge. Time consuming.

by Lisa D


This class was fun and helpful.

by Ritupriya G


Very good course, thanks!

by Wendy C


Too many guest authors.

by Diana G


very useful and fun

by Editha S


I greatly enjoy the lectures, readings and doing assignments however the feedback system is appalling. It seems that a very large number of "students" are NOT doing the assignments or the reviews. They type a single letter or number and click the submit button. They use the same system for reviews and then they all approve each other's non-submissions. I'm a retired university professor and have always spent time and effort in teaching and guiding students. This feedback system is, with rare exceptions not working, It is a good way for the course to gain popularity and money but you might as well auction your certificates to the highest bidders and devise another method of giving feedback to your serious students. By my estimate only about one third of those taking the course are actually doing the very interesting and well planned assignments.

by Joseph S


The course itself is good. The writing assignments are fun and you are given the opportunity to really express yourself though detail and description. However, the peer grading system is ridiculous. I would estimate that 80% of the feedback I received on my writing assignments from my "peers" consisted of the following comments: "Yes" or "-" or "lkwffkw" The majority of the reviewers provided no critique or feedback of any kind on my writing. How is a learner supposed to improve their craft if the reviewers are too lazy to provide meaningful feedback? This is true of every module of this specialization and I believe it's a major flaw. If you are looking to improve your writing skills, don't count on any help or guidance with these courses.

by Gunn Y


One word: Plagiarism. This course was rather inspiring and taught me numerous amounts of skills for my future career. But, the problem was the peer-graded assignments. There were some people who did this course for the certificate and used a skill not taught in this course called: plagiarism. For example, BEHARA SAI SWESHIKA copied off my own assignment, and also plagiarised the instructor's "INSTRUCTIONS'. It was disgusting reading a plagiarised writing piece. Even more, grading my own writing piece that was said that it was written by BEHARA SAI SWESHIKA.

by Anne M


I got a lot out of the videos and exercises but other course features are not useful... no one participates in discussions and there are no teachers present. Don’t expect to get proper peer reviews. Most students do perfunctory reviews of a word or two just to pass through the automated system. Also, this is NOT an instructor led course... it’s just videos and exercises. It looks like there are supposed to be monitors but I didn’t see any evidence of participation from them. With that said, if you are a self-directed learner you’ll learn.

by Shay S


Honestly I know many of us are frustrated with the poor reviews. Week to week I get at least one good reviewer that actually understands the assignment and provide great feedback, so I’m happy for that.

You have to just focus on working on your craft and not be so consumed with the feedback because due to coursera not managing the feedback it will always be lacking in that area.

Coursera should group writers week to week so that we can communicate back and forth. That would help with the managing of poor reviews.

by Amanda Y H


This course was interesting, but I did not find it particularly helpful or insightful. I felt that everything taught about setting and description was very elementary (I say this as a K-3 teacher who has regularly taught the concepts of setting and description) and not that useful for someone looking to take their writing to a more professional level.

by Donna M B


I​ appreciate the effectiveness of the videos in the teaching of this class. I was especially challenged by the assignment to write 350 words about an elapsed time of 10 seconds. It was my greatest learning in this segment of the series.

H​owever, there is a serious lack of worthiness in the peer reviews.

by Syam M


I would have appreciated direct instructions instead of referring to some books and some time off. You don't get the full benefit of having an instructor when it is taught that way which would work at post-graduate level courses. This being an introductory course I would prefer more hands on instruction.

by Pamala B


Loved the course! However, the peer reviews are a farce. Most of the reviews I received were not reviews at all but someone going through the criteria and entering 'yes' or '1' in each grading criteria just to satisfy the requirement. No actual reviewing being done at all. Very disappointing.

by Digant K


If you've not read a single book on writing, this class might be good. Otherwise, don't expect to get much about the ~30 minutes of lecture.

by Kaitlyn B


I didn't actually learn anything. This felt like a waste of time, with largely boring assignments.

by Lisa C


Disclosure: I opted out of the course after the first week. This would be a great class for someone who's not familiar with creative writing or hasn't done this type of writing regularly. As someone who's been writing for a long time I didn't find it particularly helpful. One of the reading assignments, The Odour of Chrysanthemums, was no longer available to read. Also I'm not a fan of peer reviewed grading which seems to be inherent in many of the courses on Coursera.