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Multimodal texts make learning interesting. Video, podcasts and infographics not only have the capability to excite and engage, but to reach a broader demography of learners who don’t thrive on verbal language knowledge acquisition and exchange alone. Multimodal texts provide a variety of ways in which to communicate and provide information to learners, as well as meet the needs of different learners’ preferences. Using video, podcasts, infographics or images as well as text, directly impacts learning outcomes. Design decisions that incorporate multimodal learning objects – made by both educators and learners – can make learning memorable, meaningful and retainable. Decisions we make about how we communicate should be done through a systematic and informed process, rather than via a random selection of tools. In this course, you’ll explore learning design principles associated with how, why and when to use multimodal texts. You’ll also explore and analyse the features and benefits of a range of text types, such as video, audio and infographics. The course is designed for educators, teachers, learning designers, instructional designers, tutors, lecturers, course convenors and anyone else who may be interested in creating powerful and memorable learning experiences for learners of all ages. Learning outcomes By the end of this course, you’ll: 1. Recognise best practice design principles and approaches for multimodal text creation 2. Select, design and create a variety of multimodal text types, including video, audio and infographics 3. Critically reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the different multimodal text types...



Create video, audio and infographics for online learning : 1 - 6 / 6 レビュー

by Jason L


With the way the course is set up, there is a lectures that go over some pretty general themes on the topic. Then there are links to outside sources and links that go into more detail. Some of these links are good, but there's a lot to go through and some hoops to jump through to access them. Then there's some discussion amongst educators on the subject. There's some good content, but I would have liked to have seen more stuff in the lessons themselves that can help me improve my own lessons. I wanted to first hand content to have more depth and not to have to search through third party sources and links to get specific stuff. The lectures and discussions were too general.

by Brittany S


I learned more in one lesson of this class than a 7 week university class of a similar nature. Thanks.

by Mahmoud M A Z


جزاكم الله خيراً



thank you

by Lorraine B


Great course! I actually think this course could have more graded practice items.

by Maria D C


The content of the course is very interesting. The structure of the course is also good, however the podcast of week 5 did not mix well into the rest of the course. I think the absence of someone that will give you feedback on the practice exercises makes people (at least me) less keen of undertaking them. Overall good but large room for improvement.