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This course is designed for students of all backgrounds who have an interest in how firms are governed, the forces that have helped define modern management practice, and the outcomes of that practice not only for the firm itself, but also for the societies in which they operate. For students who are thinking of a career in management, it may also prove useful as a basic introduction to some of the conceptual vocabulary and ideas behind modern theories of management. Using a wide disciplinary approach - from economics and history to social theory and even a smattering of biblical criticism - the course will invite students to consider several core management strategies and priorities from often unexpected perspectives in order to judge their success or failure. The key objective of the course is to bring into critical focus how we think about the function and culture of management, how managers understand their role within a firm, how they take decisions, set priorities and benchmark success and failure. Topics include: the function of the firm; the role of incentive; the ways in which narrative forces shape decision making, and how market relationships define the managerial culture in ways that can lead to sub-optimal outcomes....



Mar 21, 2017

Course was very much to my satisfaction and requirement at the time. Opened my imagination to a lot of different narratives. I'm glad I took the course and will recimmend it highly to others


May 29, 2016

Um dos melhores cursos que temos no MBA. Ele te ensina a questionar seus próprios paradigmas e a pensar de forma crítica sobre aqueles conceitos aparentemente estabelecidos.


Critical Perspectives on Management: 1 - 25 / 69 レビュー

by Yasin E

Mar 11, 2019

This course is one best in the world teaching.

by Tam N

Mar 13, 2019

An incredible class. I learned so much from this, and the lessons are not just applicable in business but in life too. And of course, the instructor is an remarkable speaker and scholar as far as I know of.

by Joao P M S

Dec 02, 2018

5 star tutor. Short and to the point on critically question managerial decisions / your own decisions.

by Jonna M T

Aug 08, 2018

Very enriching and interesting course. Great lectures in terms of content and delivery with a bit of light-hearted humor on the side. It was easy to follow the lecturer in his thoughts and the approaches taken were intriguing, provoking further thought on the topics. I definitely recommend this to anyone with an interest in business!

by Vladimir T

Aug 12, 2018

Very unusual course. Well worth taking.


Sep 10, 2018

Its simply the best course i have attended online. I really learnt alot.

by Pranav S

Oct 01, 2018

i liked it

by Fabio

Jul 05, 2017

Follow this course so you'll never stop asking questions.

by Sorin G

Oct 24, 2016

Professor was excellent and the subject, well chosen, extremely interesting.

by L M

Feb 13, 2016

Top class. Very useful indeed for my job as a mining manager, especially on FDRS which I've found never works well as people become yes-men to the boss. And having a bit of a passion for late antiquity history, I was fascinated by the Roman grain trade and its lesson for us today. But wasn't something a bit similar set up between Constantinople and Egypt which ran successfully until the Persian invasions in the 7th century?

by Jose G

Jan 19, 2018

This is such a great course, with lots of food for though and a completely necessary different point of view for what is hugely accepted without questioning that it should be mandatory on every management training.

by Vladimir

Feb 16, 2017

A brilliant course! I could not expect it would be so interesting. Not only the content, but the way it is presented by professor Rolf Strom-Olsen was thrilling, funny, sometimes unexpected. It is really impressive how he made huge complicated ideas comprehensible for students, so that we could freely examine and play it during the class. Highly recommend.

by Johannes B W

Jul 17, 2017

It was challenging but I succeed.

by Antonio D

Aug 16, 2016

One of the best courses I have ever taken. Amazing.

by Javier R I

Feb 26, 2016

Una perspectiva de Management y negocios distinta por parte del Profesor Strom-Olsen, un hombre , a la vista está, muy competente y cuya formación principal en historia aporta matices muy diferenciadores y enriquecedores. El enfoque del curso te hace sentir en mitad de las clases, lo que favorece mucho al alumno a la hora de integrarse como si efectivamente, también estuviera allí mismo. Una gran experiencia, curso muy recomendado para todos.


Jun 12, 2017

I have not had anything better than this, it sharpens and shaped my horizon far better now

Prof Roth is a master in his own Class. He is respected

by Nicholas L

Apr 19, 2016

really well done!

by Do H L

Jun 25, 2016

Amazing! The course, with the instructor's charismatic and powerful delivery, lives up to its name. It truly presents management perspectives critically and with great impact!

The delivery style is unique because the lectures are filmed at real lectures, with the instructor speaking to students and students contributing their voices. It feels like you're part of the real lecture when listening to the instructor's teaching.

Beside exceptional delivery style, the course structure is very engaging with business lessons that draw from history all over the world. The assignments are thought-provoking and make students think critically about management through practical scenarios that were discussed during the lectures.

This is really great! One of the best courses from IE Business School.

by Yevgen G

Mar 09, 2016

Great course with a lot of interesting information and unexpected insights from different points of view and sources.

by Cristian A

Mar 08, 2016

The best course of ever!

by Alexander S

Feb 09, 2016

Simply the best MOOC on management I've ever participated.

by Elar K

Mar 21, 2016

Interesting course - good topics and novel angles used in approaching the topics. Plus intellectually engaging way of discussing over management issues.

However - really annoying quiz questions. And good portion of the right and wrong answers were highly debatable - you had to know exactly what was the angle during this specific course. I still graded with 5 stars, hoping they will make some changes in grading.

by Esteban G

Jan 29, 2017

Superb Professor!!! Best intelectual time I ah in a while.

Very refreshing to have a critical point of view that adresses some of the actual business paradigms.

Light and clarity needed in Business Ed.

by Oluwatola A T F

Mar 21, 2017

Course was very much to my satisfaction and requirement at the time. Opened my imagination to a lot of different narratives. I'm glad I took the course and will recimmend it highly to others

by Bilal K

Jun 26, 2016

One of the taught courses in the MBA program of the IE Business School.