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Cryptography is an indispensable tool for protecting information in computer systems. In this course you will learn the inner workings of cryptographic systems and how to correctly use them in real-world applications. The course begins with a detailed discussion of how two parties who have a shared secret key can communicate securely when a powerful adversary eavesdrops and tampers with traffic. We will examine many deployed protocols and analyze mistakes in existing systems. The second half of the course discusses public-key techniques that let two parties generate a shared secret key. Throughout the course participants will be exposed to many exciting open problems in the field and work on fun (optional) programming projects. In a second course (Crypto II) we will cover more advanced cryptographic tasks such as zero-knowledge, privacy mechanisms, and other forms of encryption....



Provides a comprehensive introduction to cryptographic history, current technology, best practices and known attacker techniques. A great deal of material is covered in a relatively compact program.


Cutting edge cryptography topics. Good explanations and slides, but pause button is highly recommended. Can be a bit too mathematical for the general public, and not very formal for mathematicians.


Cryptography I: 276 - 300 / 690 レビュー

by Joaquín H R


Excellent content and the teacher is very clear. A decent mathematical background is recommended.

by J.P. H D A


Your course is very much informative and the quiz gives scope for self exploration on the topics.

by Deleted A


This course is one of the best course I have tried lately and I cannot wait for Cryptography 2.

by Radhika P S


The explanation was very clear provided with adequate examples and timely discussion on forum.

by Bennett M


Very thorough, clear, coverage of cryptography fundamentals. Projects are fun and instructive!

by Pregie A T G


I learned a lot about this course. This is a very helpful addition knowledge to my profession.

by Liang


I have already finished this course in 2014. This is my second time. Five-star recommendation!

by El H I N


My first experience in coursera, material is clear, examples are good. Thanks for this class.

by Tigran S


Very very good and interesting course. The professor is also very good. Thank you very much.

by Aditya C


Learnt a lot from this course and the content was also in sync with my curriculum in college.

by Hyo S L


It's really good and valuable lecture. Thank you professor and coursera. I do not forget it.

by Amit A


Very good course but some topics at the end are left to be covered. Waiting for next course.

by Zeeshan A


Amazing course, had fun learning the basics of cryptography. Can't wait for Cryptography II

by B K R


Excellent course, even the persons lacking the very basics of cryptography can understand.

by Krishna R


A theoretically rigorous course that really needs time and lots of dedication to succeed.

by Nilo


Thanks for Coursera to give me a valuable opportunity to improve my skills coursera rocks

by Pradeep K


I feel I learnt a lot about cryptography

through this course and understood it's bounces.

by Maxy


A very good course for beginners.

More practical session is needed for next level course

by Dawit T F


it is so amazing and it gives me a great opportunities to me to develop my future plan.

by Kamal S


I am Leaning So Many Things About Cryptography,Thanks Coursera Given This opportunists.

by Abhinav B


A pretty good course and great to be a part of it. Hoping to learn more in the future!

by Mathias D S G


The method is nice, the professor is fantasic, it should have more pratical exercices.

by Alberto G


The course is challenging and requires a lot of attention and effort from the student.

by Remko T


Excellent course. The videos are very well explained, and the problems are insightful.

by Dmitry G


Great balance between mathematical precision and high-level common sense explanation.