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Cryptography II, スタンフォード大学(Stanford University)


Learn about the inner workings of cryptographic primitives and protocols and how to apply this knowledge in real-world applications. A free textbook covering the material in the course is available at This course will launch once the textbook is complete....


by Sidra Athar

Jan 16, 2017

great experience which helped to add better job opportunities

by Victor Pessoa de Azevedo Lia Fook

Dec 29, 2016

Great course, I think that it covers all the bases for beginners!

by Vikas Jha

Dec 12, 2016

If this course need not be started, why not remove it completely

by Oliver Thistlethwaite

Dec 03, 2016

Best course I've taken on Coursera.

by Tin Yau Cheung

Oct 29, 2016

Still cannot access

by vasireddy sashank

Jul 18, 2016

this is shit!!

by oilover

Jun 14, 2016