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In Course 1, we set the foundation for the Art of Sales Specialization and offer a new mindset for becoming a high-performer in sales. We will discuss the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline that you need to stand out in your industry, and create a goal for you to reach by the end of the specialization. Finally, you will learn how to talk about yourself and your business. You will build your personal Sales Trailer and learn how to get into and out of sales conversations quickly and effectively. About the Specialization: The purpose of this Specialization is to make you as efficient and effective in selling as possible. You will gain several critical skills and disciplines that will accelerate your success with your small or large company and your life. The ability to sell is a necessity in this world. Whether it’s standing out in a crowd, selling yourself to a new employer, or winning new customers; selling is something we do every day, and we should be great at it! This Specialization is designed as an adventure of discovery. You will be tested, taught and transformed through a series of lectures, discussions and exercises that are designed to push you up and out of your comfort zone. You will learn how to target and acquire customers and get them to fall in love.....



I have never done a sales course before, I'm so glad I took this one. It's so much more than an intro, Craig brings you right up to very high level of training, putting it into practice is up to you!


Great course! I took concepts that I knew of (and some that I didn't) and learned how to be better. I really like Craig Woortman. His style is "learning by doing." And that works best for me.


Customer Segmentation and Prospecting: 1 - 25 / 239 レビュー

by Piyal B


I feel there is still a lot to discuss here specifically in the qualifying section instead of just mentioning the topic names.

To get an idea of how this could be done the course instructor or the editor may take a look at the (Cold Calling Mastery course by Miles Croft on Udemy).

The most helpful part of this course was the Gear explanation which did have great value but frankly, I would think twice and probably not consider other courses considering the level of content and explanation.

by Lee


I learned so much from Craig in this course about how to improve my sales efforts. I'm excited to take the entire series of courses, and to further improving. Thank you to him and the team.

by Majid M A


Awesome Course, Highly Educative for persons working in sales capacity. I learned much and have managed to apply teaching towards being the best in my market. Thank you Craig and Team

by Vonnie D W M


If you don't have confidence in yourself and selling skills, I would recommend this course. Being a former Army Officer, Plant Manager and leader in logistics didn't prepare me for this. I felt naked my first time out but I gained confidence in the instructions. I think what really matters is that I have never had any other sales training so I had to believe that our instructor is the expert and all I had to do was to do exactly what he instructed me to do just the way he said to do it. It works! The barter exercises will get you out and in a comfort zone so take this part seriously and don't brush it off.

by Sandra J


Great information for sales professionals. Some of the things you will learn include sending compelling emails to prospects and how to qualify a lead fast. I highly recommend this class.

by Travis A P


Some of it is very basic (filtering), but there are a few sections that are real gems (sales pitch, working a room).

by Carlos E S M


There are good advices, but it's basic/beginner in knowledge.

by Bryan D


Tremendously impactful. Thank you Craig for sharing. I was impressed with the brevity and clarity of the message -- it's not a burden to take. But it sticks.

I would highly recommend to anyone interested in sales, leadership, or influence. It's high impact for low effort -- the holy grail for busy professionals.

by Rishi S


I think this will really help anyone through various situations in their lives. Wether you work in a corporate job or run your own show, this course taught me how to get into and out of conversations in a speedy professional manner! Thank you very much!

by Daniel K


I was always wondering, How do I get more clients? How do I approach them? But after this course I have gained a lot of confidence and I am confident that if I did this course 5 years ago my business would be 10 times bigger than it is now.

by Paul O


I have never done a sales course before, I'm so glad I took this one. It's so much more than an intro, Craig brings you right up to very high level of training, putting it into practice is up to you!

by Tim H


Great course! I took concepts that I knew of (and some that I didn't) and learned how to be better. I really like Craig Woortman. His style is "learning by doing." And that works best for me.

by Precious C U


This course was a real practical one and has helped me in building a powerful Sales tool which I believe will make me very excellent in my career. Thanks to Professor Craig and his team!



A very practical course. It helped in undestanding how to segment my potential customes, give an excellent sales trailer and develop an astute sales conversation

by Vincent V


Class taught very practical skills to be successful at sales. It highlighted the need to having a plan and setting up a disciplined process for sales.

by Amar J


Good Online Course.......

by Michiel v V


Good practical course. Clear structure and build-up. Personnaly I miss some depth in the explanations why things work or not. But that is also personal. In general great course.

by Leonardo-Mihai M


Useless content besides some tricks and tips, doesn't deliver at all on the promise, the course is called customer segmentation and prospecting but there is no content on how to create market segments, how to approach them, how to generate leads or anything that is at all usefull.

Waste of time!

by Shreya G


you donr even provide results

by Alberto C


I was looking for a Sales course, this is not my first experience with Coursera. I got some certificates in 2016, to be honest with you I cannot say to be fully satisfied, I decided to give up. After four years, I had a look to some online Sales courses and at the end I decided to enroll to this one by watching a Craig's video. He is the Professor for whole course and the full Specialization, he is magnetic, he allowed me to understand concepts that I was unable to learn by reading books. I want to share my life experience of yesterday, having a drink with a friend of mine, we were at open air and we had a talking to a person close to us. This person introduced himself as a Biotechnologies Professor with experiences spent to international universities, he was just a bit proud of himself. He started talking about history, mainly with my friend and he started complaining with him. I said to me: this is my fish! I just started with a couple of impact questions, only with these I have been able to catch his attention, he turned his face and his whole body towards me. What about the rest? I had an experience like have a remote control in my hands, this is powerful! This is a message for Craig: here you have my personal standing ovation for you!!!

I'll be happy to receive your feedback. Alberto :)

by Elisabeth R


Like many people I did not think much about sales... just knew that I am not a person to be selling anything and that was bad... So this course really opened up my skills in being confident and being able to sell myself way better than before. Great tools. It is a difficult year and this course was also a way to hopefully come out better in the next year.

The barter to exchange for something better with strangers however was not so easy with travel bans and trying to stay in social bubbles. I did however not just barter, I managed to invent a product (a course), put it online and really sell it and execute it. So I did not start with a pen but with just a poster on social media and upon return earned money (equivalent of a minimum monthly wage, in about half a month). There was a time I used to earn that money in a day being a consultant but this time it was something very new for me. I applied a lot of techniques to achieve this. Thank you! Very practical.

by Md M R


Thanks to Professor Craig and his team to demonstrate such an important course titled "Customer Segmentation and Prospecting''. I personally got a holistic view on sales preparation, communicating in LinkedIn or email or sms, identify knowledge, skill & discipline required for a high stake meeting and most importantly sales conversation. However, the course seems like suitable for North America but students of different culture will be equally benefited if the modify the worksheet accordance with their own culture. I have enjoyed tearing apart myself and it will be interesting if someone really hold the temptation to stay until completion.

by Bryan P H


This is by far one of the best classes, low-cost yet highly effective classes I have EVER taken. I have my associates in business admin. and this course has taught me more about reaching potential clients and qualifying clients than 2 years at university taught me. I highly recommend for anyone who is looking for a new approach to prospecting that they can use the same day they learn it. Classes aren't long and are packed with information from the how, to the why, and finally the who and what. This course covers it all, thank you Coursera and Craig Wortman for the awesome highly impactful class.

by April J


Craig has offered me with every thing I was looking for for the initial sales conversation and practice, and all the lessons in this course is so useful and coming in handy most of the time.

The progress I have achieved has been unique and worthy of recognition. I hope that I can keep learning from Craig even though the courses are going to be expensive for someone like me from a developing country. This course, however, was so down-to-earth I saved just enough money for it.

by Manjit S


It's a great course. In life u need the art of sales whatever u do learn the art of sales to get the most of the course u will need to do barter whether virtually or in reality u will get a sense of rejection and how to overcome it. u will get the tools and tips from Craig to be high performing salesman. Though lectures in course is a bit short but its wort it's duration.Try to do all stuffs including optional.