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In Course 1, we set the foundation for the Art of Sales Specialization and offer a new mindset for becoming a high-performer in sales. We will discuss the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline that you need to stand out in your industry, and create a goal for you to reach by the end of the specialization. Finally, you will learn how to talk about yourself and your business. You will build your personal Sales Trailer and learn how to get into and out of sales conversations quickly and effectively. About the Specialization: The purpose of this Specialization is to make you as efficient and effective in selling as possible. You will gain several critical skills and disciplines that will accelerate your success with your small or large company and your life. The ability to sell is a necessity in this world. Whether it’s standing out in a crowd, selling yourself to a new employer, or winning new customers; selling is something we do every day, and we should be great at it! This Specialization is designed as an adventure of discovery. You will be tested, taught and transformed through a series of lectures, discussions and exercises that are designed to push you up and out of your comfort zone. You will learn how to target and acquire customers and get them to fall in love.....




I have never done a sales course before, I'm so glad I took this one. It's so much more than an intro, Craig brings you right up to very high level of training, putting it into practice is up to you!



Great course! I took concepts that I knew of (and some that I didn't) and learned how to be better. I really like Craig Woortman. His style is "learning by doing." And that works best for me.


Customer Segmentation and Prospecting: 76 - 100 / 271 レビュー

by julio c


The tools presented in this course will make a considerable impact in my performance. Now i have to bring the most difficult thing: Discipline!

Worth my while!

by Afeena K


Thanks for this course.Great presentation style, and I have learned about as sales prersonnel how to communicate,How to identify our customer and more...

by Raul C D A J


I knew very little about sales before I took this course.

I found it very interesting and it helped me to start thinking more objectively about the sales.



Back to basics! mega worthy. Some times we think that we know absolutely every basic thing. But this course proves us wrong. Amazing! Super recommended.

by Kimberly K


This course is the simplest yet most powerful course I've taken in Coursera because of it's concise lessons but practical exercises. Love this course!

by Andres P


I learned how important it is to qualify a potential prospect. How to qualify the potential prospect and how to set goal and follow up on them.

by Amy D


I​'m loving these courses. Really helpful info that can be directly applied 'on the ground', and Craig has a great delivery. Recommended.

by Muraveinyk O


This course is a great opportunity to improve your current sales, communication, and prospecting skills and learn new tactics of selling!

by Vipul K


Good course, it contains some really wonderful insights. But yes, one needs to practice it in real life for a proper learning experience

by Deborah T


This is one of the best Courses I love on Coursera. My Sales skills have improved a lot. Thanks to you Mr Craig Wortmann and the team.

by Magdalena A


Very helpful, teaches you something that is essential for everyone of us and unfortunately rarely who teaches it as a school subject.

by Nada A


this course helped me as a first step in sales im looking forward to continue the other three courses and finish this specialization



This was an amazing, best and easy approach professor used to simplify the course for anyone to understand from the very beginning.



This course provided me with a new insight on how to proceed with customers in sales. Would recommend to all sales professionals.

by Maurice K


Full of insights and practical, helping me being a salesman for 26 years to re-build my sales tools. Thank you Professor Craig!!

by majda A


it was successful because I used some of the key points in my job and I progressed , i hop to progress more and target my goal.

by John S C


Great course! I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. The content is very useful and engaging and the tutor is excellent.

by Marianna V R G


Bastante interesante, me encanto la dinamica del curso y del instructor. Contenta de poder continuar con la siguiente parte.

by Trineise J


I loved doing the barter test. It really opened my eye in telling a story and giving context, makes a difference in sales.

by Kalilou T


This course really offers me very goods tools in order to engage, connect and follow up with prospects.

I highly recommend.

by Steve B R


Great course. It helps you on how to approach new prospects by mail or in person. I would recommend for any sales person.

by Daniel G


Excellent first course. It was a lot of fun, and lots of great points to put into practice right from the beginning.

by Francis M


An eye opening course. I rekindled my love for selling through following the empowering structures of this course.

by Harsh K


This course is highly recommended for people in sales or people planning to get in sales.

Highly valuable insigts