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Cybersecurity Capstone Project, メリーランド大学カレッジパーク校(University of Maryland, College Park)



This course presents an intensive experience during which students build a software system they intend to be secure, and then attempt to show that other students' projects are insecure, by finding flaws in them. A Note on Capstone Frequency: Please note that sessions of this Cybersecurity Capstone Project only run 3-4 times a year, depending on course team availability and learner interest. Please keep this in mind as you enroll into the Capstone program. While you will still be able to access certain elements of the course between sessions, you will not be able to submit assignments or be grouped into teams unless you are in an actively running session....


by Mohamed Shaban Abd El-Tawab Abd Al-Rahim

Apr 19, 2019


by Mahmoud Abdallah Ahmed Abdelkariem Rwash

Apr 12, 2019

Very Good


Nov 24, 2018

it was awesome

by Oen McKinley

Nov 08, 2018

I wish I could give this a negative rating. I have, to varying degrees, enjoyed all of the other courses in the Cybersecurity certification. However, this course was entirely awful. I would have enjoyed the content of creating a website, using our knowledge, etc. if it had not been so poorly managed, poorly executed, and poorly put together. This course, put simply, was unorganized and broken, and did not work. After all of the hectic problems of getting the people in charge of the course to actually do their jobs and split us up, they wound up leaving us no method to communicate, so I had to do the entire assignment (supposed to be done by a group of 5) in less than a week (when we were supposed to get 2). The scheduling also did not make sense, as the course was supposed to run for 6 weeks but only lasted 5. Even aside from all of that, the prompts for the assignments were vague at best, and at some points were downright misleading. It was a terrible and stressful experience all around.

by Philip Ronan

Oct 28, 2018

A great idea for a course, but utterly shambolic in its implementation. Who in their right mind would organize a course where "week 2" is actually weeks 2-3, "week 3" is actually weeks 4-5, and "week 4" is week 6? (This is a 5-week course, by the way.) The most important part of this course was the "break-it" assignment and peer review. This was supposed to award higher scores for the discovery of crashes (10pts) and vulnerabilities (15pts) than for other bugs (5pts) as described in the course outline. But instead we only got 5 points for bugs of any kind. (Finding an incorrectly labelled button in the menu: 5 pts; Discovering a vulnerability that allows the entire contents of the database to be decrypted: also 5 pts.) This resulted in a lot of wasted time as people had to submit and re-submit their reports many times to scrape through with a pass. According to the Discussion Forum page, there were six people available to help us with any problems: one instructor, two teaching staff, and three mentors. Five of them (including the instructor) were completely absent throughout the entire duration of the course, despite the many issues people had raised as the course unfolded. I couldn't possibly recommend this course to anyone.

by Hiroshi Takeuchi

Oct 21, 2018

It was a great opportunity to create a carefully secured app. However the team assignment in this term did not work as expected so I guess some of participants couldn't complete the project due to very short timeframe. I hope the tutor of the project will fix this for the next term.

by Federico Casano

May 22, 2018

The organization is not the best.

by André Luiz Amorim Berenguel

May 09, 2018

Lot of confusing course.

1) Week 2 is week 2 and 3. Week 3 is week 4 and 5.

2) There is no way to avail other projects individually. So the purpose of give grades based on found bug and vulnerabilities doesn't work.

3) The grade is not fair. 60% is given only if the home page is available.

4) The time is not enough. 1 week to develop an entire application.

by Sjir Bagmeijer

Mar 22, 2018

The project itself was very fun and I definetly recommend it to others.

however the grading can be improved because allot of people do not serious grade and just give random number to have the grading done.

by Ankit kumar

Oct 17, 2017

Awesome experience!