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ジョージア州大学システム(University System of Georgia) による Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This course is designed to introduce students, working professionals and the community to the exciting field of cybersecurity. Throughout the MOOC, participants will engage in community discourse and online interaction. Participants will gain knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity and its domains. They will engage with expertly produced videos, gain insight from industry experts, participate in knowledge assessments, practice assessing their environmental awareness, and gain access to materials that address governance and risk management, compliance, business continuity and disaster recovery, cryptography, software development security, access control, network security, security architecture, security operations, and physical and environmental security. Learning will be assessed using strategies aligned to knowledge and understanding. You do not need prior experience in IT security to do well in this course. All you need is a willingness to learn. We will point you to relevant open and free resources to assist you. At the end of this course, you will have the option of applying for undergraduate level course credit at Kennesaw State University (dependent on admission to Kennesaw State University as a degree seeking or a non-degree seeking student). More information is available in final module "Receive Course (undergraduate) Credit at Kennesaw State University"....



May 19, 2020

It was a great course where I have learnt many things about the Cyber security Domain. Few things I knew few things I though I know but everything combined it was great Learning experience. Thank You.


May 04, 2018

The Cybersecurity course was very complete and interesting. I enjoyed forums and videos.\n\nThis course has motivated me to learn more about Information Security.\n\nExcellent content !\n\nRegards


Cybersecurity and Its Ten Domains: 376 - 400 / 630 レビュー

by 재일 윤

Aug 21, 2015


by Souhardya G

Oct 09, 2020


by Muhammad S A

Oct 01, 2020



Oct 01, 2020


by Souvik P

Aug 23, 2020


by Manal D y

Aug 16, 2020


by Sayma N

Jun 23, 2020



May 10, 2020


by Shubham S

Apr 06, 2020

5 🌟

by Shrawan M

Jul 25, 2019


by Abhiraj p

Apr 15, 2019


by S h K

May 02, 2018


by Altaf H

Jan 08, 2020


by Viviana N

Nov 19, 2016


by Jimmy T

Oct 06, 2016


by Victor H A R

Oct 05, 2016


by Chelsea H

Nov 13, 2015


by Saad F

Sep 20, 2015


by Amit J

Oct 06, 2015

The best part about this course was that it made sure you are interested in learning the subject. If not, it is really really difficult to get on with it. It makes sure you understand the subject really well and you have to give back to the community.

I liked the fact that you have to read the "Readings for this module" part, otherwise you won't be able to pass the Quizzes at the end of each module. You have to write a short paragraph which it will be reviewed by peers, who will in turn give you ratings. You have to do the same for other peers. This was probably the best aspect of this course.

The music was extremely annoying and the quality of the content in the videos was okay, but the most important part is that it guided me in the right direction every time. Sometimes, by the end of the video, the music started in between the lecture itself and played itself for 3-4 seconds.

by Bychenkova V

Apr 13, 2020

In general, this course is very useful for beginners, a lot of new information. But it’s difficult when, instead of explaining the most important information, in a nutshell, they just give you links to books of 100,500 pages (which you can't translate) or a link to another course !!! The course inside the course - are you serious? As a result, without these extra books and links, you take only 10% information from the courses. So you can do a million courses - threw links and you're done!

В целом курс очень полезный для новичков, много новой информации. При этом сложно, когда вместо того, чтобы объяснить самую важную информацию вкратце, тебе просто дают ссылки на книги из 100500 страниц, или ссылку на другой курс!!! Курс внутри курса - вы серьёзно? В итоге без этих доп. книг и доп. курсов тебе из инфы дают всего 10%. Так можно миллион курсов сделать - ссылок накидал и готово! =\

by Riyaz R A

Feb 01, 2020

A good balance of basic information and an introductory course to cybersecurity. I have around 1 year of experience in the domain and thus I found things a little too basic. But the quality of the reading materials is good. Videos have a little too much graphics which is a little unnecessary, all the fancy sounds at the starting and ending, but I guess that can be just skipped. I really liked the reading materials and I recommend everyone to read everything, also the supplementary readings. They're super informative. Other than that, a good course for beginners and a decent course for intermediates. Experts, please do not go for it, you'll face deja vu of all the things you already learned. Thank you to everyone who put this course together. One step closer to attaining my goal.

by Paul A L

Aug 20, 2015

The lectures were too heavy on Industry experts who quickly covered the important topics. I have taken many technology and business courses on Coursera with one or two professors covering the important content accented with industry and subject matter expert interviews. This format works best for consistency and learning, IMHO.. A student who is not in the Cybersecurity field will not gain insight into the meat of the material from the lectures. The final exam question material is almost exclusively absent in the lectures. One is required to read the cited material to gain the required information

by Lee E

Feb 09, 2016

Very good course. However, you need to do a lot of reading. The videos are simply introductions to the topics. The course has a lot of reading. The readings are great resources, however, some of them are very very long. I wish the videos had more of a lecture component. The final was difficult as you had no idea what would and what would not be on it. Great information, in-depth course, but it could have more video/lecture resources. It could also have more information concerning the information on the final exam.


Feb 16, 2020

It's a great course. It covers many areas of information security, mainly the non-technical part. With this material it is possible to plan the implementation of an information security system in most small and medium-sized companies. The content for me was very practical and easy to understand. Negative points are few texts and videos of their own and many external references. And some of these external references are out of date or have hyperlinks disabled.

by Joydeep S

Jun 30, 2017

Excellent course and very informative. Personally I have worked a lot in information security areas but I never had a in depth theoritical knowledge of this area. With this course I believe I gained that knowledge and interestingly the subjects are very practical and useful when you really go for implementation. Only one problem is the materials are too textual.