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In this Capstone Project, you'll bring together all the new skills and insights you've learned through the four courses. You'll be given a 'mock' client problem and a data set. You'll need to analyze the data to gain business insights, research the client's domain area, and create recommendations. You'll then need to visualize the data in a client-facing presentation. You'll bring it all together in a recorded video presentation. This course was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with an address at 300 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10017....




This class was very interesting and you actually apply what you have learnt in the previous class. I feel that I have learnt a lot, and feel confident in working in such a project in a company.



As a strong excel user, this class was fantastic in showing other means to analyze and present data. I recommend the course to excel users and those who want a briefing on tools beyond excel.


Data Analysis and Presentation Skills: the PwC Approach Final Project: 1 - 25 / 50 レビュー

by Pierre S


This project (more than a course) is very interesting, allows to reuse all the skills acquired during the other 4 courses of the specialization. The learner still have room to conduct his own analysis, build his hypotheses and deliver the presentation ! A great training ! :)

by Minh D


Great way to incorporate everything you've learned in the previous courses. Learning to do presentations (in Powerpoint and video) was a valuable learning experience.

by Apurv G


This course is outdated. must use other technologies for Review and grading

2. No people available for review

3.Most of the people copy work from another person and no action is taken against them.

by Aurélie L L


This class was very interesting and you actually apply what you have learnt in the previous class. I feel that I have learnt a lot, and feel confident in working in such a project in a company.

by Jason S


This course taught me a lot of best practices and many Excel skills. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to complete the course, and it has already proven helpful at work.

by Muaaz H H


There is no proper guidelines for students who don't have any marketing research or data analysis background as such. The previous courses are not helpful in solving this project either!

by Bernard D V


Final and fifth course of the PWC specialisation. You will work 5 weeks : on excel for 3 weeks, powerpoint for 1 week and do a final presentation of your work in video.

This course is well thought and you will acquire a good working method in addition with a real use of skills that you learnt in previous PWC courses.

Excellent course : concrete and useful.

by Alexander T


This project was very interesting.

First, when I saw all this data tables, I though, that I cannot make it. Then, step by step, I managed to analyse and present the data!

Thank you very much for such an interesting course and specialization!

by Sudipto D


The final project gave us a very comprehensive task, where we could make use of whatever concepts we learnt through the 5 weeks and came up with a collective solution to the entire problem, in form of a final presentation to the client.

by Jose P B


It was a very motivating course as I had to take together all the concepts that I had learned in previous courses to solve a challenging business project and present the solution to a real client.

by Iván A M


Really useful course. Wraps up the knowledge learn from the previous courses into a very practical example. Very recommended to finish the specialization!

by Jenelle L


Thank you Mr. Alex Manella and rest of the team for putting up this wonderful course content. The learning videos are great.



Nice Experience and i have leaned so many new things . the way of teaching is very simple and easily understandable

by sutan a m


great assignments, great quizzes! You actually are applying your skills.

by Filippos A


Amazing experience!! i Enjoyed every minute spent on this course.

by David P I


Challenging project, interesting scenario, I had a lot of fun!

by Youssef B S


I learned a lot during this Specialization. Thank You!

by Igor F L


Extraordinary course. Thank you PWC and Coursera!

by Sauviat N


Excellent specialization! Perfect for beginners!

by Edward(Zhiyu) Z


Amazing course! I do learn a lot! Thanks a lot!

by Dina R


Great learning experience REAAAAAALLLLLY :)

by Bilal A M S


Thanks a lot for this valuable Course Pwc

by Felix B


I think it is a great course t

by Diego B F



by Abhishek S S


This has been a wonderful specialization, I have been working as a Financial Analyst and not been using other data analysis options within Excel also other courses in this specialization been helpful overall to boost my confidence and do what needs to be done to make your presentation and analysis elegant.

Definitely recommend this course to friends and everyone who is starting in data analytics and has basic working knowledge of MS OFFICE.