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This course will provide you with an overview over existing data products and a good understanding of the data collection landscape. With the help of various examples you will learn how to identify which data sources likely matches your research question, how to turn your research question into measurable pieces, and how to think about an analysis plan. Furthermore this course will provide you with a general framework that allows you to not only understand each step required for a successful data collection and analysis, but also help you to identify errors associated with different data sources. You will learn some metrics to quantify each potential error, and thus you will have tools at hand to describe the quality of a data source. Finally we will introduce different large scale data collection efforts done by private industry and government agencies, and review the learned concepts through these examples. This course is suitable for beginners as well as those that know about one particular data source, but not others, and are looking for a general framework to evaluate data products....



Very clear and organised structure\n\nClear examples to support learning objectives\n\nAttractive use of voice\n\nOne point for improvement: Do not film while the lecturer is still refinding breath


Useful to build basic knowledge which helps you choosing a better mode and linking the objectives of research with the tools (how).\n\nThanks to the instructor and Coursera.


Framework for Data Collection and Analysis: 26 - 50 / 140 レビュー

by Aedrian A


This course greatly helped me in polishing and/or fine-tuning my understanding on the science and implementation of survey research, especially on topics/issues/considerations that usually give little attention to when participating in such research endeavors. The discussion on the total survey error framework was particularly eye-opening. I think that my satisfaction on the course stems largely from reflecting through previous research experience, so I am not entirely sure if a similar level of benefit/satisfaction would be obtained by those students starting from scratch in this kind of research. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this course to those who helped in conducting at least one survey research in the past. I am looking forward to complete the entire Specialization that this offering introduces.

by Cecil C L


Something good done as a course, that complementing and improving my knowledge about data related of surveys. I recommend to every whom search a starting vision of this subject. Thanks to the Instructors, Coursera and Maryland University.

by Jumoke A


I learnt new things about surveys, data collection, usage of data collected and the examples of surveys was quite useful. The course gave me added knowledge.

by Manuel J J E


Nice course! An holistic and complete vision of the data collection and the subsequent analysis.

by ONI A O


F​rame work for Data collection enables ability to identify useful data in survey

by Rishabh G


really good course. I actually got to learn new things about data collection

by Essien E


This module provides an excellent framework and introduction to the subject.

by Rahul R


Well made course content. One recommendation, please include more examples.

by Amadou T B


Beautiful experience. I'm taking out tools to cope with the job market.

by Matthew C


I thought it had just the right level of detail for a foundation course.

by Kannan R


Excellent curriculum design and delivery by knowledgeable instructors

by David C


Really good to understand the basics of data collection and analysis!

by Max M


Too easy to pass tests but a great course in terms of content

by Jonathan T


This provided a great overview of the survey design course.

by Juan M


Stunning cutting-edge topic to convey Data Science results.

by Renzo R


Excelente curso. Proporciona diferentes puntos de vistas.

by Siyad A E


Very interesting Course for data collection and analysis!

by aline p m


It's very interesting information about survey design!

by Zubair F A


One of the most informative courses I have ever taken.

by Elaine R Q C


me gusto mucho estoy satisfecha con lo aprendido

by Thomas A K


Excellent course with sufiecient materials provided

by Nazakat A


The course is wounder full and highly informative.

by Chaundra W


Great overview of data collection and analysis.

by Eric A


Very nice introduction to the topic!

by Shrinidhi J


really helpful. and nicely thought!