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ニューヨーク州立大学(The State University of New York) による Big Data, Genes, and Medicine の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This course distills for you expert knowledge and skills mastered by professionals in Health Big Data Science and Bioinformatics. You will learn exciting facts about the human body biology and chemistry, genetics, and medicine that will be intertwined with the science of Big Data and skills to harness the avalanche of data openly available at your fingertips and which we are just starting to make sense of. We’ll investigate the different steps required to master Big Data analytics on real datasets, including Next Generation Sequencing data, in a healthcare and biological context, from preparing data for analysis to completing the analysis, interpreting the results, visualizing them, and sharing the results. Needless to say, when you master these high-demand skills, you will be well positioned to apply for or move to positions in biomedical data analytics and bioinformatics. No matter what your skill levels are in biomedical or technical areas, you will gain highly valuable new or sharpened skills that will make you stand-out as a professional and want to dive even deeper in biomedical Big Data. It is my hope that this course will spark your interest in the vast possibilities offered by publicly available Big Data to better understand, prevent, and treat diseases....




Very practical and easy to follow. The quizzes definitely help you retain the knowledge from the lectures. The hands-on with Jupyter Notebook was my favourite part of this course! Thank you!



Really enjoying the way she is teaching. Very easy to learn and practice. I strongly believe when I will complete the course I will gain a remarkable skill on Big Data, Genes, and Medicine.


Big Data, Genes, and Medicine: 51 - 75 / 77 レビュー

by Lesley P J W


Good information and training course for the beginner. However the content of the course should be updated constantly. For example, one of the functions like "network" as mentioned in cbioportal is no longer available since 2019. And the alternative way for that function should be provided and taught as well.

by Katherine C


The course overall does a good job of explaining the selected topics, but parts of the course involving the use of cBioportal are extremely outdated. Some of the features have been combined into other tabs or outright removed, which makes completing parts of Week 1 rather difficult

by Meher B


The course was fairly good and covered different topics about big data applied to genes. The resources and the course content were useful, to get a good understanding about the field.

The assignments weren't as good as I anticipated, I would have preferred more hands-on work.

by Yang L


The lessons are quite good, although I already got some preliminaries on bioinformatics and big data analysis. The usage of website cbioportal is quite helpful for us to obtain useful genetics information and its relation with different types of cancer

by Karthick V A


The content are very good and the way practice questions designed was very helpful in completing the final assignments. In specific areas like content regarding cbioportal should be updated cause it differs from what is given in the actual site

by Ahmad S N A


Considering that this course originates back in 2016, there has been some advances in some lecturing methods presented in this course. This course should update its components to match the relevant condition as now.

by Amanda W


Very good for statistics information in regards to genes, medicine, and big data. I wish they would have spent more time on the R code and how to create it, but otherwise was a really good course.

by Jaime P


Muy buen curso introductorio, incluye un uso muy sencillo de programación con R, lo cual está muy bien para centrarse en aprender los algoritmos de análisis pero no para aprender R.

by Mahdi Z


the mahcine learning parts were good, though a bit more practical exercises could have improved it.

but the Genetic parts were taught far too vague in my opinion,

Thank all of you :)

by Sulagna B


The course is more of an intermediate course than an advanced one, but a great starting point from where you can find your own interests and develop further on that.

by Vasco S O L C


Apart form minor issues in the assessments, I really enjoyed this course as it was presented clearly and concise by professor Isabelle Bichindaritz

by Sanjan D


Great range of content covered! Some videos on cBioPortal are best updated since the website has changed!

by Diego


Me gustó mucho el curso y, la parte practica que es muy importante, es sencilla de entender y realizar

by Razda K


Very informative.. get to learn so many new things. Thank you for sharing the knowledge..!!

by Antonenko E


I feel like I wanted to have practice with the material that was covered in the lecture



The course was good to know about bioinformatics and how this can be used. Thank You

by Harini S


This course gives me a idea about my project.very informative course.thank you

by Peter S


A great introduction to the topic. It will leave you wanting to learn more.

by Luis P d C H


Excellent course for an introduction to Big data and bioscience.

by michael f


This is a very good course. Learnt a lot from this course.

by Jewelrose J


Informative session

by Justin M


The course is a nice overview of the field, but very VERY superficial in depth. Also, it's quite annoying to have so many quizzes and questions that are outdated and virtually un-answerable due to changes in the external website services referenced in the exams. Overall, it was a reasonable course and I was able to power through it in a couple days. Probably not work taking unless you're already familiar with Data Science and just looking for a brief overview.

by Nicholas Y


In my opinion it is a good intermediate level course that explains basics of genomics and transcriptomics Big Data analysis. The only issues with this course are concerning unupdated question list which does not correlate with cBio-Portal data or it's new framework, quite easy R tasks, would have like to see more intricate objectives and questions.

by Carlos A


Is a good introduction for some subjects, but the practices on the data processing and the R use is merely plane.

by pranali d


I happy with the technical content of the course however there are numerous technical glitches .