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A data product is the production output from a statistical analysis. Data products automate complex analysis tasks or use technology to expand the utility of a data informed model, algorithm or inference. This course covers the basics of creating data products using Shiny, R packages, and interactive graphics. The course will focus on the statistical fundamentals of creating a data product that can be used to tell a story about data to a mass audience....




This is a great introduction to some of the many ways to present your data. It's probably the easiest course in the specialisation but shows off an impressive array of widgets and gadgets.



This course was amazing, it could definetly be more deep in each of the subjects, but gives you so much practice in tools that are very useful in the day by day of a data scientist


Developing Data Products: 76 - 100 / 417 レビュー

by Paul A


The best course so far and pulls everything together, surprised how much I have learnt over the specilaisation

by Gregorio A A P


Excellent, but I would be grateful if you could translate all your courses of absolute quality into Spanish.

by Leandro M


the course i enjoyed most in this specialization. Learning to use plotly, leaflet and other tools was great

by Benjamin S


Love this course. Many interesting features (Shiny App, Maps, etc.) that I will definitely use for my job.

by Partha S G


I was a good exposure to data products building. Would be great to have something advanced on the topics.

by René S K


Thanks to these courses, I program production planning and control software for the company I work for.

by Lauren B


I loved learning how to build a Shiny application. I know this skill will serve me well moving forward.

by Raju G


Nice to learn making presentations & applications and hosting them on websites to share with the world

by Karthik R


Excellent Introductory course that provides good understanding of how to go about developing products.

by Srikumar G


very good course to understand on how to present your work in a very structured and repeatable manner.

by Francisco G


I would dedicate more time to shiny and reduce the time of number of lessons devoted to RMarkdown.

by Juan P L R


Excellent course to learn shiny, R Markdown, leaflet, plotly and other R data science products.

by Jared P


Loved this course. Would recommend it. I particularly enjoyed learning Leaflet and Shiny Apps.

by Vincent C


Good course on Data Products, I learned a lot about R Packages, shiny and the leaflet library.

by William R


Had issues with RStudio and the TA/coursera was great to work with and troubleshoot the issue.

by Giovanni V


I greatly enjoyed this course. It helped me to improve my skills in the field of data science.

by Jay Y


Great course, thank you for making this a part of Data Sciences specialization certification

by Avinash K


I feel well equipped for presenting statistical results after taking this course. Thank you!

by Evgeniy Z


Nice introduction which allows to start using some tools to present results of the analysis.

by Lei S


Very interesting course. I spent me a lot of time because I always want to try new things.

by Eric S


Great course. Covers a large range of topics, but is well-paced and easy to follow along.

by Raunak S


a very good beginner level course for those learning how to develop Data Products in R.

by Nthabiseng M


Great course, thank you to all the lecturers for taking time to teach us new skills.

by Laro N P


Awesome course, maybe more complex examples, but is fine as an introductory program.

by Wei W


This is by far my favorite course among the 9 courses I took in this specialization.