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ジョンズ・ホプキンズ大学(Johns Hopkins University) による Data and Health Indicators in Public Health Practice の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



Epidemiology is often described as the cornerstone science in public health. Epidemiology in public health practice uses study design and analyses to identify causes in an outbreak situation, guides interventions to improve population health, and evaluates programs and policies. In this course, we'll define the role of the professional epidemiologist as it relates to public health services, functions, and competencies. With that foundation in mind, we'll introduce you to the problem solving methodology and demonstrate how it can be used in a wide variety of settings to identify problems, propose solutions, and evaluate interventions. This methodology depends on the use of reliable data, so we'll take a deep dive into the routine and public health data systems that lie at the heart of epidemiology and then conclude with how you can use that data to calculate measures of disease burden in populations....



Excellent introduction to epidemiology and public health, all the topics link together well and provide a good understanding of the public health basics which assist with related study and work.


Very informative and simple. A good refresher course for medical students who want to get into public health. The instructor is very clear and concise, making the whole thing easily digestible.


Data and Health Indicators in Public Health Practice: 201 - 225 / 227 レビュー

by Theresa S


Great review or introduction to epidemiology in practice. Thanks so much!

by mohrah m a


It is concise and short course with valuable information. Great course

by Niomi N


Tricky quiz questions - but overall presentation engaging

by Chris J


Excellent course with solid practical applications.

by Maria I L


I like the activities in this part of the course

by James T


Great introduction. Left me wanting more.

by paul t


very enjoyable course and well delivered



Very cool and simple to understand

by Juan J P R C y C


La traduccion es terrible!!!!!

by Ahmed S Y


great course to refresh basics

by Esteban V


Buen curso, mal certificado.

by Al


a little dry but quite good

by Divya S P


It was a very useful course

by Bianka B C


Nice Course, thank you!

by prashant s


good course

by DR A N


The course gives a good overview of the terms and knowledge needed for public health epidemiology. However, there also needs to be experience-sharing talks by renowned experts from all over the world on the actual competencies as well as soft skills and temperament required to succeed in this field. Some details in statistical calculations, field epidemiology and the difference with respect to etiologic epidemiology needs to be covered in greater detail.

by George K


The slides are very dry - I think it would benefit to have more visual representation of all these concepts rather than lots and lots of definitions. I would add fun examples showcases these measures that we have learned. Week 3 was very heavy and sometimes tough to follow.

by Maxine P M


Although the course overall was informative, accessibility to some of the exercise materials was a problem, particularly when needing to print. Also, the quiz for week 4 needs to be corrected.

by Amy G


The content is okay, but there are some issues with the quizzes. Furthermore, the use of Excel sheets is clunky - it's much easier to create the desired data visualizations in software like R.

by Robyn S


Many complex ideas that were presented at a beginner level. However familiarity with Excel is a prerequisite and lack of Excel experience can severely hamper your progress on this course.

by Fati H


The last week was not accessible through video. The course is overall well designed and delivered, and offers a good general knowledge on the subject matter.

by steve v


Beaucoup d'informations utiles, mais une interface trop sobre pour être réellement didactique. Le contenu pourrait également être amélioré.

by saad N


It was a perfect Course by Keri Althoff Thank you so much For the learning

by Jonathan G


really didn't get the point of this course. I understand there are 1 million ways that affect how someone get a disease, but it really had nothing to do with healthcare or how to treat others. It was more of a statistics course. Might I suggest courses that talk about more common diseases or something more health-related. We all know that the US healthcare system favors the rich when it's the working class and the poor that have the most health problems. It's simply not fair.

by Lamar B


Disappointed in week 2 and the assessment in week 4. The instructor did a great job.