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This course covers some of the first steps in the development of data visualizations using spreadsheets and dashboards. Begin the process of telling a story with your data by creating the many types of charts that are available in spreadsheets like Excel. Explore the different tools of a spreadsheet, such as the important pivot function and the ability to create dashboards and learn how each one has its own unique property to transform your data. Continue to gain valuable experience by becoming familiar with the popular analytics tool - IBM Cognos Analytics - to create interactive dashboards. By completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of using spreadsheets as a data visualization tool. You will gain the ability to effectively create data visualizations, such as charts or graphs, and will begin to see how they play a key role in communicating your data analysis findings. All of this can be accomplished by learning the basics of data analysis with Excel and IBM Cognos Analytics, without having to write any code. By the end of this course you will be able to describe common dashboarding tools used by a data analyst, design and create a dashboard in a cloud platform, and begin to elevate your confidence level in creating intermediate level data visualizations. Throughout this course you will encounter numerous hands-on labs and a final project. With each lab, gain hands-on experience with creating basic and advanced charts, then continue through the course and begin creating dashboards with spreadsheets and IBM Cognos Analytics. You will then end this course by creating a set of data visualizations with IBM Cognos Analytics and creating an interactive dashboard that can be shared with peers, professional communities or prospective employers. This course does not require any prior data analysis, or computer science experience. All you need to get started is basic computer literacy, high school level math, access to a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, the ability to create a Microsoft account to access Excel for the Web, and a basic understanding of Excel spreadsheets....




It is very constructive and very important course for the future of data analyst career. providing practical handin experience makes it the perfect self starter and motivational course.

Thank you



As an aspiring data analyst, this course gave me more information about what I am currently doing and after finishing this course I have learned a lot and gave me more interest to learn more.


Data Visualization and Dashboards with Excel and Cognos: 76 - 100 / 302 レビュー

by Arbee O


As an aspiring data analyst, this course gave me more information about what I am currently doing and after finishing this course I have learned a lot and gave me more interest to learn more.

by Behnam F


Familiarity with the powerful Cognus program was very good. If you continue this course, good things will surely happen to you. This was the third course I took and it was really great

by Gerald Q


The material so far is definitely to the point, which is great! I've been looking forward to moving into more advanced dashboard techniques after going over what they are.

by George F


i was impressed by cognos and in general the way you get into things with this course. i really like the approach methodology. final assignment was very interesting also.

by A D C


one word for this session is "Spectacular". Describe by detail, step by step, dedicate overview about the industry condition. really helfull to elevate your skill

by Emmanuel C A


The course was great. The tutors did excellent job and the course materials were self explanatory. I am indeed happy to be a party to the process.

Thanks guys.

by Claudio F S



I​ had never worked with a cloud Business Analytics tool. It was a great experience and thanks for the opportunity offered by Coursera and IBM.

by Vijayakumar M


Great start to have a chance to see the world of visualization with step-by-step process and guidance to create our own dashboard. Thanks for the course.

by bagadoji s


I love the course very much and I will recommend this to my friends. It was not easy to navigate the Cogno analytics interface but I did. Thank you, IBM.

by Adnan X


Very well structured and well define in terms of course design. Learn a lot of new skilled and gain a great deal of knowledge regarding data analysis.

by Dawna B


Fantastic to have a 90 Day Free Trial for IBM Cognos! I will take another course as soon as possible to take advantage of this to learn it better.

by Mohit


Amazing course for visualization and dashboard with Excel and cognos .. Well explained and everything in a systemtic way...I loved this course .

by Sampson A I


A very interesting and well planned and taught course on modern and easy to navigate techniques (Cognos) for Data Analysis and Visualization.

by Ajay N


One of the best course so far. This was my first experience with IBM Cognos Analytics. Very intuitive and interesting analytics platform.

by Mohammed F


In this course I learned to use different tools for visualizations. I never expected cognos was also easy to use tool for visualization.

by Adib B


Thanks Coursera for providing this condition for all Enthusiasts

Special thanks to IBM for providing this course in the best possible way

by lapologang k


its a great course and i learnt a lot. i didnt know how to create dashboards to present data but i learnt all that through this course

by Prem K


wonderfull course, i really learn new more things about data and visualization and also ibm cognos.

thank you so much IBM and Coursera

by Emelda H


A very interesting and hands on Course. I enjoyed the 2 modules covered so far and there is sufficient detail for one to understand.

by Manoj M


Very useful course to learn the different data visualization charts using Excel and also to create dashboards using IBM Cognos tool.

by Fikri


Great course, but more exercises and hands-on are appreciated. Course tutors explain them very thoroughly and easy to understand.

by Anup M


It was the nice course with real time assignments which makes this course so interactive. I am fully satisfied with the content.

by Mxolisi N


From knowing nothing about Cognos Analytics, this course empowered me greatly in a short space of time. I highly recommend it.

by Melinda E


This class was particularly helpful as I have begun a new job that requires strong use of Excel tables AND myriad dashboards.

by Todd C


Excellent stuff. Couple of differences between the material and latest version of the applications, but not really an issue.