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デューク大学(Duke University) による Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Opportunities and Risks の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



DeFi and the Future of Finance is a set of four courses that focus on decentralized finance. The final course is called DeFi Opportunities and Risks. It is essential that you complete the first three courses: I. DeFi Infrastructure; II. DeFi Primitives; and III. DeFi Deep Dive before beginning the fourth course. The course starts with the premise that an analysis of any new technology must clearly gauge the risks and challenges. Given that DeFi is only a few years old there are plenty of risks. The course begins with the most obvious risk: smart contract risk. Smart contracts are foundational for DeFi. The code of these contracts is public - opening a clear attack vector for hackers. That is, in traditional finance, hackers need to break into a system to get access to the code and data. In DeFi, everything is open source.There are many other risks studied including: Governance risk; Oracle risk; Scaling risk; Decentralized Exchange or DEX risk; Custodial risk; Environmental risk; and Regulatory risk....




Excellent overview of the opportunities and risks of DeFi as of the end of 2021. Look forward to helping define the future of DeFi based on the understanding gained from these courses.



Amazing course specialization! Take all four of these courses. Up to date as of early 2022, unlike the Consesnys course I took prior to this one.


Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Opportunities and Risks: 26 - 37 / 37 レビュー

by Albert Y


Excellent introduction to the DeFi Space!

by Jad B


Simply excellent. Thank you very much!!

by Svarichevskiy R V


​Controled risk is first in investments

by Max Z


Best foundational course in blockchain

by Matthias R


​Great course!!

by Victor O


We need more .

by Burcu D Y



by L J


Like it

by Darren G


There is a lot of great information in this set of courses. It is a really good intro to DeFi. It is not, however, a terribly balanced view of DeFi vs CeFi despite the instructors attempts to do so. For example, the assurance that DeFi front-running is OK because the information is public completely misses the point. Front running is forbidden by the SEC because of the harm it does to clients, not just because it is inside information. There are many examples of this throughout all 4 courses but the front-running point is made time and again. Conclusion - this is a good set of courses to learn the basics about DeFi but beware that it is a wholeheartedly pro-DeFi slant.

by Matthias S


Good finish. I would have like to have more of the "cons" during the course (e.g. the deep dive) instead of the end. Would have given a more rounded view.

by Tenenbaum T


Thank you Mr.Harvey!

by Costas V


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