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Please Note: Designing Cities will close for new learner enrollment on September 30, 2019. Enrolled learners have until March 28, 2020 to complete all graded assignments and earn a Course Certificate. Each module in Designing Cities will focus on a different aspect of city design including: How Today’s City Evolved; The Ideas That Shape Cities; Tools for Designing Cities; Making Cities Sustainable; Cities in the Information Age; Preserving Older Cities; Designing New Cities, Districts and Neighborhoods; The Challenges of Informal Cities and Disadvantaged Neighborhoods; and Visionary Cities. Materials will be presented by the instructors and guest faculty from PennDesign through a series of five or more lessons per module, each typically 10-12 minutes long. The first lesson in each module will be a roundtable discussion among professors Stefan Al, Jonathan Barnett, and Gary Hack introducing the big issues associated with the subject. Each succeeding module will be a self-contained illustrated presentation of a set of ideas and images. There will be a list of suggested readings for those who wish to follow up on the ideas in each module. Everyone enrolled in Designing Cities will be expected to complete 3 assignments. These will be posted on the course site and they will be in the form of peer assessments. There will be a great deal to be learned from the ideas participants submit, reflecting cities of all sizes and circumstances across the globe so once you submit your assignment, you'll be able to see what your peers have done....



Nov 29, 2019

The course content is wonderful. Learnt a lot. I am already applying it in my teaching and research in urban studies. It was fun working on the projects and doing peer review.Thank you.


Apr 19, 2016

good course, however, it was almost impossible to figure out how to do some of the assignments. I have no idea how to do PDF files. Although, I learned some of the key concepts easily.


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by Ethan S

May 24, 2018

I used this course to stimulate my thinking about urban and regional planning in anticipation of applying for a Master's in the field later this year. I was re-acquainted with ideas I was already familiar with from my undergraduate coursework and was introduced to new concepts along the way. I especially enjoyed getting the chance to practice my research and design skills using the internet, historical records, government websites, and Inkscape (design software) for the course's assignments. Though this is not a technical course, it makes for a great (re)introduction to the field.


Nov 09, 2017

The best ice cracker course, which could be pursued even by a person who has little or no knowledge about architecture and city planning. I would suggest to keep the lectures regularly updated,since there are also lot changes could be seen everyday in terms of design ideas, people's approach, construction material etc.

by Ar. P C

Jan 03, 2018

Prima Fascia, I take this opportunity to thank all three wonderful tutors and instructors for such an enriching study-course. The course is well- structured to make one realize how urban planning is an important tool and science that which is the need of hour for the world. My experience has been very enlightening which made me rediscover the city to which I belong. I wish they come up with an advanced course in the same regards. Thanks.

by Jonathan G

Apr 19, 2016

good course, however, it was almost impossible to figure out how to do some of the assignments. I have no idea how to do PDF files. Although, I learned some of the key concepts easily.

by Muhammad F

Sep 08, 2018

Indeed a very elaborate and technical approach followed by the respected professors towards designing this course taking in view the modern day challenges and planning techniques needed for planners across the glob, A very well designed and taught course i would recommend this course to every one whether they are planners, architects and designers.

by Paula B

Aug 16, 2017

It is a good course if you have very little knowledge of Urban Planning, otherwise it might be too simple, however some of the extra material might be useful.

by David R

Jun 22, 2017

A really great course. I am a geographer with an overarching interest in the origin and growth of settlements. Since retiring I have begun to research the way in which small towns have functioned through the industrial revolution of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and how, if near enough to larger towns and cities, become absorbed into the structure of their larger neighbours.

I began the course in the hope of 'catching up' with some of the latest ideas and theories surrounding the processes involved in urbanisation and, as the weeks have gone on, I have become absorbed in the detail presented so ably by the team at Penn State. The mix of video, 'face to face presentation' and the notes and reading lists was superb and informative and gave the course an impetus that is so often missing from conventional taught courses.

Thank you all, staff and technicians at Penn State and of course my fellow students for their reviews and forbearance in coping with a colleague from outside the 'planning/design/architectural' community.

by Tehmas S

Jan 05, 2017

I am glad and feel very lucky to have completed such extensive , challenging and very interactive course. Course has widen my vision for planning of new cities and also using different strategies for improving exiting infrastructure. It opens new horizons, assignments includes real life examples to pass, which meant i had to work on my city to find our exiting problems along with solutions which can ease life of pedestrians and commuters. Some of the case studies presented helped me a lot to devise real life solutions. videos are very informative and interesting. Also you do not need to have technical background to start this course, you could be any one wants to contribute towards changing landscape of the city by introducing new concepts. Please join this course. I would express my gratitude to University of Pennsylvania for offering this course.

by Charles H

Aug 20, 2019

This was a very informative course taught by several quality instructors/professors. The diversity of course material and delivery methods which provided a comprehensive understanding of how cities have developed and a variety of influential factors. The course explored a range of topics, including historic city design, popular trends within current city design, technology systems, environmental systems, and more. The project assignments were relevant to the course, however the grading and submittal process required personal initiative to reach out to peers and was not intuitive.

by Brian M L

Oct 13, 2017

Very good course. Lots of information and neat opportunities to learn more about urban planning and design.

I would recommend that the write-ups for assignments are clearer in what is expected. Many peers missed required elements of the assignment, or exceeded the word limit. I would prefer the word limit be dropped as it is incredibly difficult to meet the current needs of the assignment while also remaining coherent and show that you understand the elements taught in the course.

by saurabh p

Sep 14, 2017

The course gives a revision to idea of human centric approach which is missing in the city designs. Unfortunately cities are not designed and then built they are directly being built without any intent just to solve one problem. They are being solved by engineer and contractor first rather than architect, planners or urban designers. More of these kind of courses can reignite the spirit of ideal way

by Joanne

Sep 03, 2016

I took this course twice because I really enjoy it. It has been pivital in solidifying my interest in pursuing an urban design graduate degree. PennDesign is at the top of my list and is the basis by which I compare other design programs I am looking at. Happy for this course not only because of the context exposure, but the introduction to PennDesign.

by Shhrruti J

Oct 19, 2016

An amazing understanding of the evolution, present day scenario & concept of future cities. Also, the various ideas presented, role of guidelines, the types of cities, their categorization & the various examples provided are simply outstanding! I wish I can view these videos further ahead in future! Possible?

Thank You to the Professors! :)

by Danny S S

Feb 05, 2018

A great review of Urban conceptions that need to be addressed in our modern society not to mention the reflective material provided as the course looks at historical design conceptions that can help the modern urban planner reconsider options and ideas that may solve the challenges of cities today.

by Lessandro D d E

Feb 21, 2016

Definitely one of the best courses available here! Every topic was carefully explained and even someone who is not in the designing area of expertise (like me) could understand. I congratulate the professors and the university for providing such a great online course! Thank you!

by Ming H

Apr 07, 2018

The course is well designed, full with cutting-edge design ideas and history helping us to understand where does current designing idea come from. It helps you to understand cities besides give principles for how to design cities. thank you, professors and TAs from Penn!

by Brett F

Aug 15, 2017

Excellent course with great visuals and projects. The professors were very knowledgeable and insightful and the content helped me to better understand the way cities and suburbs are laid out and how this impacts the environment and our social lives.

by Mohammed S A W

Jul 19, 2017

very helpful for my future architecture knowledge, i have learnt a lot from proffessors i feel really excited for my future masters in architecture in this college of pensylvania, i just hope i am worthy enough to be a part of the college ;)

by Brandi H

Mar 04, 2016

This class was difficult for me because I have no background in planning, but it was feasible.

I very much enjoyed the material, the global knowledge brought by the panel, and the ability to see work from classmates around the world.

by Moges Y

May 06, 2016

What a lovely and insighting course from the University of Pennsylvania, I have gained an amazing insights into the ideas of cities accross ages, trends and new ideas prevailing this time in the designing environemnt. Thanks all!!!

by Michael H

Jan 10, 2017

Thoroughly enjoyed the high level, yet detailed insights provided by this course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone even moderately interested in architecture or those wanting to design their own Utopian city!

by Sejal S

Jan 09, 2019

An amazing course for architecture and design students, with par excellence professors. The course delves towards urban design providing great insights to reading and analyzing a city structure and design process.

by Jack K L

Jan 08, 2017

The lecturers and lectures were all great, I feel very inspired. The coursemates also had very interesting ideas. If the serious errors with the subtitles and text can be corrected everything would be perfect.

by Anil K N

Aug 09, 2016

Fantastic course, it takes you through a journey and gives you a vision. If you have travelled enough, then it makes you recall nice things and regret what you have missed from the faculty's prespective.

by Boris R

Jul 03, 2016

I like the way what we have learned in this course. The material, concepts & professors. The only issue is with the platform, in the referenced reading, we have to buy all this books?