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Learn to deploy and run Microsoft Windows® applications on Google Cloud. Through lectures and hands-on labs, learn how to configure and run Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server in Compute Engine. You will also learn how to develop and deploy ASP.NET applications and deploy them to Compute Engine, App Engine, and Google Kubernetes Engine....




A very good course to learn about the different tools that Google Cloud Platform provides to develop a Windows application. Each and every module provided taught quite effectively.



The course was made in a way that is very easy to understand and the practical labs were really good for hands on implementation of the various concepts.


Develop and Deploy Windows Applications on Google Cloud: 51 - 66 / 66 レビュー



The course is interesting. I learnt it with proper guidance and step by step. But it is not easy as a beginner course. I found it little hard to understand, even though i am from computer science background and know some things about cloud. Also, the demo of lab is sometimes little different from real lab.

by Rajulapati M


A very useful course for the beginners to learn about google cloud platform and using the tools in the google cloud platform. The lab sessions were very interesting to do. At finally I gained a perfect knowledge about google cloud platform. A big Thanks to Coursera.

by Les L


A very quick overview with worked examples on how to develop an deploy applications on Google Cloud Platform. However, not much in the way of detailed explanation so I'm not sure if I could apply what I've learnt in real-life.

by Oscar P


It's a great course, but the labs are slow. I think It's an old course and It's necessary to upgrade it.

by Jenni Z



by Teresita Q G



Ya no sé que hacer para darme de baja en el curso, seguí las indicaciones, sin embargo en mi PC no sale la opción de dar de baja el curso y solo me indica reprogramar fechas y esta opción de calificar el curso. Ya estoy demasiado frustrada por tratar de darme de baja y no lograrlo. He consultado en el foro , en el soporte técnico, pero ha sido imposible pues las opciones que se indican (como dije antes) no se me despliegan en mi PC. por ello me veo en la necesidad de reportarlo por esta vía, pues las otras vías las he agotado. ya no sé que hacer, incluso tengo el correo donde doy los pantallazos de lo que me despliega mi PC.


by Nathan N C


Need to improve on the qwiklabs support , when you write to them you only get confirmation of receipt and a ticket number thats all. The tickets remain open and no assistance is given.

by Chanakya S


Did not get How my grade was given after getting good score all around

by Siwar A


lab 2 instructions need some update!

by Dev M


Labs 3 & 4 had bugs. I came here to learn not debug a Lab. The next class I sign up for I will make sure is not the lab administrator.

by Saif J A


Hard to understand for new IT people

by Hamza M


worst course. Says that it is beginner but as it starts it is very difficult to understand and we don't get any single concept that instructors are giving . And Lab assessments also don't work properly

by Ricardo C V


Labs don't work as intended. Too frustrating to continue.

by Yash S


Madarchod summit krne ke baad bhi nhi ho raha hai update

by Shailesh C


I'm unable to rest my deadline

by Constantinescu I


I do not recommend it.