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The essentials of application development are accessing, processing, and presenting data. Data is stored in various databases, either on-premise or on the cloud, and developers will need to learn how to talk to them via programming languages. In this course, you will be introduced to some fundamental database concepts. You will learn the basics of SQL, a simple and powerful programming language for querying and managing data. And you will learn about cloud database fundamentals and get hands-on cloud database experiences. In addition to SQL, you will discover how Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) allows you to use Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) languages to work with databases. You will gain full-stack Django skills by creating a Django web app to persist, process, and present data. And you will learn about cloud app platform fundamentals and get hands-on experience deploying your Django web app on the cloud. Course Learning Objectives: - Describe what is a database and how to model data - Compose SQL queries to insert, select, update, delete data in a database - Understand Object Relational Model (ORM) - Employ Django to develop database-powered applications - Deploy your Django app on the cloud Prerequisites: - GitHub - HTML & CSS - Python...



Excellent course. Having some background in Python and databases, one can start building Django applications at once.


It is the best course for me! Thanks for awesome course!


Developing Applications with SQL, Databases, and Django : 1 - 14 / 14 レビュー

by A Y


I should give 2 stars because there were lack of support from the instructors side also the IBM Lab Environment always have bugs which caused most of the students to lost momentum and eventually drop the course.

IBM, please improve your support service. Stop making templated/scripted response to students posting questions in Forums. It gives us the impression that you don't care about us.

The only reason why I'm giving this 5 stars is because I've learned a lot. But in reality, this doesn't deserve 5 stars because of the poor support and poor lab.

by Simon G


The peer-graded assignment system is flawed. I waited for over a week for someone to grade my final product. That is time lost

by Christopher W


The gap between the taught material and the tasks in the end assignment is too broad. If you are doing this course for the specialisation, I strongly recommend learning Django somewhere else and then doing this course (like the Django website for instance).

This is another course where the front end aspects of the full stack specialisation could do with reviewing and perhaps re-doing to ensure what is being asked for in the end assignment has been properly discussed in the course material.

by Minna M


I do enjoy this course. The balance between the labs and video lectures is just right. There are many hands on labs in this module and they are very practical. The course is packed with information and practical guide.

The exam is challenging. I did learn a lot and it did well in terms of wrap up the whole course and difficulty level.

by Veselin M


Excellent course. Having some background in Python and databases, one can start building Django applications at once.

by Charles S


Hard !

by Anshuman T


I'm delighted to have this course offered on Django through Coursera ... I appreciate the format and setup of the course. The videos are very well done. A helpful aspect is that you can save notes, repeat parts of the vids, and have written text to follow if you like

by Mohammed A


رائع جدا

by Wilton W


For sure, the best course of the serie. Robust, well structured and very interesting, well done Yan!

by Ihor K


I​t is the best course for me! Thanks for awesome course!

by Lam C V D


C​ourse too short

by Marco N


T​he course itself was good overall. It thoroughly walks you through the complete Django Python stack all the way to deployment to production. The final project is the most flexible project so far out of all of the IBM Full-Stack Cloud Developer Certification, where you actually need to add new features without much help other than a couple of small hints. The only thing keeping it from being 5 star is the employment of the Theia lab environment. There was a maintenance that kept it down for a couple of weeks, and there are some bugs that prevent you from completing some labs.

by Raul M


Some Labs didn´t work properly

by Nishant A


Hard but informational