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Information Technology (IT) is fast changing the world around us. This course will provide you an understanding of IT-enabled changes in the business environment, and how insightful executives leverage IT to create value and win competitive battles. The course is divided into three parts – the first part of the course focuses on the industry impacts of technological innovation. Here, we will explore competition and business models in the high-tech industry, using examples of companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. We will also explore competitive dynamics of industries that consume significant technology with emphasis on how technology has disrupted industries such as music, media and education. The second part of the course focuses on how IT transforms cost structures of firms by helping them build information capabilities that significantly increase value chain efficiency. The final part of the course will focus on the impact of IT on innovation and decision-making within firms that, ultimately impacts revenue growth....



Great course with excellent demonstration of concepts by Prof Deepa Mani. The Online Business models and its implication in real world scenaios helped me the gauge a good understanding of concepts.


Excellent course learnt Digital Transformation in depth with valuable examples relating to the topic. Instructor is very clear in her training and material provided is very relevant to the topics.


Digital Transformations: 1 - 25 / 217 レビュー

by Matthew B


Decent course content, but fairly basic. However, the peer graded evaluations are subjective and take too long to get feedback and progress in coursework. I will not be taking another course that uses this loose of a peer evaluation.

by shilpi s


The course was a bit lengthy and detailed considering its being opted by professionals on a part time basis.

Too Many assignments which were less objective.

Possibility of career upgrade post certification - still to be explored!!

by Pramod S H


The course is very informative and provides an organized approach to learn Digital Transformation as a subject and apply the learnings thru case studies and assignments

by Kanchan C S


Overall, a good course. In some places, merchant model was not explained - was assumed to be common knowledge. Also difference between merchant model and platform model was not well explained enough to attempt the quiz/assignment in that module.

by Simone B


Good lectures and content but the guidance for the assignments are not particularly clear. At times, it feels like grading parameters and questions are just loosely coupled.

On a more personal level, I found that the deadline at the end of the same week of the lectures does not allow for a lot of time to ponder and digest the information. I've tried a few other MOOCs; they all granted students the week after the lecture to prepare for the assignment.

by Malvina V


An amazing course. The professor explains everything in detail and the projects and assignments help you understand everything and apply them in real business conditions. I highly recommend it.

by Rajat G


Amazing course. The focus in this one was not the technologies but rather building the foundations and introduction to concepts like network etc.

by Bhargavi C


Course has been very insightful and lot of valuable information from the instructor. The assignments also have been pretty good, sorry to say but some of the course attendees are just submitting some random stuff as assignments and later once they get access to review others work, they are simply copying it as their work.

PLEASE FLAG such submissions. Assignments involve lot of hard work, and such people stealing others work should not be encouraged.

by Chiranjeev M


Great course with excellent demonstration of concepts by Prof Deepa Mani. The Online Business models and its implication in real world scenaios helped me the gauge a good understanding of concepts.

by Rahul C


Great learning experience. Could apply what I learnt immediately onto my work. Thanks a lot to Coursera for making it possible to be part of an ISB course

by Aurosish M


Very nice course on Digital Transformation. I had to really study hard to complete this course. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

by Deepak J


One of the best course on Digital Transformation. Thanks Professor Deepa Mani.

by Paidipati R K


Content is Excellent, but the Peer reviews and ratings needs revision.

I had to rejoin 3 sessions just because i couldnt get reviews on time.

by Arun P M


Getting into something new always widens the view. This course provides an understanding of IT-enabled changes in the business environment, and how insightful executives leverage IT to create value and win competitive battles. We have explored competition and business models in the high-tech industry, using examples of companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. It shows the strategic and possible moves made by the giants in today's digital world of how they survived and how bad, things could be if management fails to forecast things in an unclear manner. A much needed course for business tycoons

by Parasnath S


I highly recommend this course for any one who is seriously looking for knowledge or deep insights or even from carrier change point of view. It's take you through journey of pre IT era to IT enabled to platform oriented businesses of today's.

Through cases studies like one about Reliance Energy kept engaged and thinking how the businesses have transformed themselves using IT.

Anyone who can relate this course with some business should not look further than Reliance. How it has evolved from OIL & Petrochem giant to become a technology driven giant inform of Jio.

by Akshay P


This course is spread across modules on Introduction of Technology led business disruptions, Two Sided Platform Mediated Network, Designing Information capabilities for competitive advantage & Social Networks with Enterprise 2.0.

Informative & knowledgeable course in any stream with classic examples of renowned brands & companies for correlation & understanding of the concepts.

Deepa Mani has illustrated every detail in the course with flowcharts & graphs which makes it a experiential & active learning course & not just a presentation/video.

by Jay D


Before taking up this course, I always assumed that Digital Transformation is all about an organization adopting digital marketing like Social media adoption, SEO & SEM strategy so on so forth. But this course has truly transformed my knowledge and got me a huge insight into Digital transformation. I am so happy to be part of such a beautiful course that is led with global level case studies from successful strategy to failure.

Thanks to Professor Deepa Mani, her teaching methodology is truly inspiring and valuable.

by Suneet


Very good course with ample food for thoughts. Case studies are very engaging and additional reading material is very informative. I particularly like the interview of founder of HackerRank. This shows how much efforts were put in by Ms Deepa and the whole team in conceptualising the program to make it complete. Kudos to everyone. 2 points to push the envelope: i) How to ensure faster and seamless review of assignments; ii) How to build the community of students

by Ojas P B (


This course is beautifully planned and laid out. People who are passionate about business and entrepreneurship must enroll. This course gives a wide outlook on the business world and disruptive innovation. This course hones your analytical skills in business. The instructor explains in a crystal clear manner and makes the course interesting. The assignments are also given nicely which will make you explore more.

by Umesh P


Excellent overview & great starting point to comprehend all that Digital transformation is happening around us. It is well dispersed with lectures, reading materials quizzes & peer graded assignments. Deepa Mani's delivery is awesome & takes you back to your college days.

Thank you for making so comprehensive learning. This was my first course & I am kind of hooked on to this now for next few months.

by Ravi P D


The course has been really good and valuable. The first 3 modules have been outstanding and I reckon the 4th one could be much more simple and interesting. Overall, it's a great content and thoroughly knowledgeable. Any affiliations of Coursera with employer community would greatly inspire students too. Thank you Coursera and ISB for all the support and help in bringing this course.

by eduardo m


I loved the course. It allows you to learn so much about Digital Transformation and what it really encompass. The terms Digital Transformation is over-used in the press and starts to lose it sense but with the course you can find theories about it and read very interesting business case on how Technologies transform organisation in real life. I highly recommend the course.

by Srinivasan K


This is one of best lecture delivered by professor Deepa Mani and the concepts related to Reliance and Tata on energy case is a classic one. Also, framework of IT Portfolio is really helpful to connect to scenarios. Coverage is really good and relevant, presentation is great and overall learning experience is an enrichable.

Thanks ISB for your all MooC programs.

by Atul K


It was very interesting to go through this virtual training program. Quality of videos from Prof. Deepa, inbuilt quizzes, assignments ensured that you learn the concepts and their application in real world. Excellent course for people who want to understand concepts behind digital economy and how FANG+ companies are disrupting the conventional business models.

by Jojo A


The course is a bit dated (circa 2013 material) but well structured and well researched by Deepa Mani. One could see/experience the diligence and intelligence; at the same time, she makes us feel respected and guided. She raises informative concepts--even for technology veterans.

It would be interesting to attend other courses by Deepa Mani.