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Digital Transformations, インド商科大学院(Indian School of Business)

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Information Technology (IT) is fast changing the world around us. This course will provide you an understanding of IT-enabled changes in the business environment, and how insightful executives leverage IT to create value and win competitive battles. The course is divided into three parts – the first part of the course focuses on the industry impacts of technological innovation. Here, we will explore competition and business models in the high-tech industry, using examples of companies like Google, Apple and Facebook. We will also explore competitive dynamics of industries that consume significant technology with emphasis on how technology has disrupted industries such as music, media and education. The second part of the course focuses on how IT transforms cost structures of firms by helping them build information capabilities that significantly increase value chain efficiency. The final part of the course will focus on the impact of IT on innovation and decision-making within firms that, ultimately impacts revenue growth....


by CM

Jul 08, 2018

Great course with excellent demonstration of concepts by Prof Deepa Mani. The Online Business models and its implication in real world scenaios helped me the gauge a good understanding of concepts.

by RC

Aug 02, 2017

Great learning experience. Could apply what I learnt immediately onto my work. Thanks a lot to Coursera for making it possible to be part of an ISB course



by Kanishka Kumar Sinha

Apr 27, 2019

very insightful

by Ebenezer Dare

Mar 15, 2019

excellent delivery

by Carlos Miguel Flores Caballero

Feb 23, 2019


by shilpi sinha

Feb 19, 2019

The course was a bit lengthy and detailed considering its being opted by professionals on a part time basis.

Too Many assignments which were less objective.

Possibility of career upgrade post certification - still to be explored!!

by Rahel Wubshet Retta

Feb 17, 2019

Very useful and relevant for ICT professionals.

by Kanchan Chandrakant Shukla

Feb 15, 2019

Overall, a good course. In some places, merchant model was not explained - was assumed to be common knowledge. Also difference between merchant model and platform model was not well explained enough to attempt the quiz/assignment in that module.

by Kinshuk Acharya

Feb 13, 2019

Changed the way I was looking at the growth of IT sector and its impact on other industries. The content is crisp and the instructor is amazing.

by Shivakumar Hosangadi

Feb 13, 2019

High standard materials and very knowledgeable professor

by Aurosish Mohapatra

Feb 11, 2019

Very nice course on Digital Transformation. I had to really study hard to complete this course. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

by nobert ncube

Jan 24, 2019

the course equips one for upward thrust in the business world which has become more and more digitised