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In this class you will learn the basic principles and tools used to process images and videos, and how to apply them in solving practical problems of commercial and scientific interests. Digital images and videos are everywhere these days – in thousands of scientific (e.g., astronomical, bio-medical), consumer, industrial, and artistic applications. Moreover they come in a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum - from visible light and infrared to gamma rays and beyond. The ability to process image and video signals is therefore an incredibly important skill to master for engineering/science students, software developers, and practicing scientists. Digital image and video processing continues to enable the multimedia technology revolution we are experiencing today. Some important examples of image and video processing include the removal of degradations images suffer during acquisition (e.g., removing blur from a picture of a fast moving car), and the compression and transmission of images and videos (if you watch videos online, or share photos via a social media website, you use this everyday!), for economical storage and efficient transmission. This course will cover the fundamentals of image and video processing. We will provide a mathematical framework to describe and analyze images and videos as two- and three-dimensional signals in the spatial, spatio-temporal, and frequency domains. In this class not only will you learn the theory behind fundamental processing tasks including image/video enhancement, recovery, and compression - but you will also learn how to perform these key processing tasks in practice using state-of-the-art techniques and tools. We will introduce and use a wide variety of such tools – from optimization toolboxes to statistical techniques. Emphasis on the special role sparsity plays in modern image and video processing will also be given. In all cases, example images and videos pertaining to specific application domains will be utilized....










This course is much simpler and easier to understand for those who wanna get and set their goals towards the image engineering field. Really enjoy much doing this course. THank you everyone !!!


Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing: 26 - 50 / 319 レビュー

by Mohaned K S E


The only disadvantage which i've noticed in this course, is that the examples shown in the lesson are not correct number-wised,which make a little-bit confusion to the students.

for example,the critical and oversampling slides, the shown sampled picture is totally independent to the frequency domain shown beside.

by Federico D


Extremey intersting course that allows to understand the principles of digital image and vido analysis by "getting our hands dirty" with a commercial code. Starting from scratch I am getting used to the main applications of the explained alogorithms that are proving to be very successful for my research topic .

by Shobhit B


This is one of the best introductory courses on image processing. The lectures are very good and cover a large variety of topics.

The only thing that I didn't like about this course is that the homework problems do not cover all the content. The programming problems should be designed to be more challenging.

by Leandro M


It's a great course although it'll probably make you go back to math very often but in the end you'll feel so happy because all the parts starts to make sense, I mean, you can understand mostly of what happens behind the scene (in digital video/image processing) and you read books to deepen your knowledge.

by Pouya B


It is a very educative course. I like image processing and really enjoyed the course. The only suggestion that I like to give is to switch speaking pace or pitch time to time to keep the audience listening. It is hard to focus on a voice that does not (or try not to) have up and downs or excitement.

by Dickson L


The course is very resourceful. Professor's special knowledge and experience make this course a charm for people like me who had little knowledge of image processing before taking this course, to learn a vast of information. I am very happy to take this great course.

Thank you, Professor.

by Sumeda P


This is just fundamentals of image processing. The course has breadth but lack of depth. There are lots of materials but the course only dips the water. I would rather have a course dedicated to some certain algorithm with more details and depth than just quickly survey the topics.

by thyii


The professor is of course very professional, specially, detailed. I learned not only the theories but also many interesting examples, which is much better than some of my teacher in the university. Now, I will go to the forum and search for some useful materials or comments.

by Patrick D


Challenging and informative. Material was presented at the proper level, there was no dumbing down of this subject matter. You were never asked to take the instructor's word for anything. There was historical perspective and opened doors for new possibilities in my career.

by Mohit K


The facilitator of the course with the staff is very talented. I am extremely fortunate and thankful at the same time to have found this course and I feel extremely obliged towards Coursera for providing students this opportunity to learn and benefit.

Thank you Coursera !

by Sumit K


Great course to start learning about techniques used for image and video compression, enhancement and recovery. The coding question in the quizzes gives a toolbox for further exploration thus increasing the student's involvement in understanding the problem at hand.

by Dr R K - P


I had good experience of learning image and video processing from the scratch to advanced level. I had training in playing with matlab code and excited to see my matlab processed images.This my first course in coursera and I have completed this 12 week course

by Ankit K


This course was really helpful in understanding the difficult concepts of image and video processing. I highly encourage all the college students to take this course if they atre willing to improve their grades or are just interested in learning something new.

by Musa J


Best part was the last part. Nice course :) Please try Tensorflow, Scikit, Octive with lots of open source support and volunteers. Big issue was obscure hidden code in matlab routines svd, qrd etc coupled with extremely aggressive Licensing of Matlab :(

by DK


It is truly useful for those who need a FUNDAMENTAL of Digital Image & Video Processing, I mean, those who are interested in computer vision. It is the solid base brick of a huge building. Thanks for Prof. Aggelos K. Katsaggelos and NorthWest University.

by Lalit P


I think the material touched the most important aspects of Image/Video Processing. I also enjoyed the Professor's patient and detailed style of covering the material. Quizzes were very helpful.

Some of the materials need fixes but other wise I enjoyed it.

by Omer K


As an amateur in this field, I realy enjoyed the course. It provides broad review of the subject. The mathematical details are not perfected, which caused me disorientation in week 7. Nevertheless, the main principles are very well explained intuitively.

by Yiran Z


Great course. Learned some basic as well as most recent knowledge and technologies about image and video processing. The test and programming task using matlab is very suitable for begineers. Professor Aggelos K. Katsaggelos is a good teacher.

by Chinmay D


A brilliant course covering a variety of topics involved in image and video processing. Professor Katsaggelos is an amazing teacher who introduces concepts in a very clear and interesting manner, making the experience all the more memorable.

by Devarsh B P


It was a very nice and Interesting Course. With full faculty support and better slides it became possible for me to understand image processing concept thoroughly and practically as well.Thank You, So much for this fundamental course.

by Deleted A


Fascinating introduction to image processing. The course materiial is easier to follow if you have a solid background in mathematics and machine learning while basic programming skills will see you through the programming assignments.

by Ilias K


An exceptional course from a world-famous professor. The quality of presentations is of top level, the explanations are crystal clear and the examples are many and relevant. I feel lucky to have been a student of prof. Katsaggelos.

by Jefferson C


It gives a very good balance between technicality and applications. The programming exercises at the end of the quiz are very beneficial to learning. The prof's lectures are very engaging and interesting. It's a wonderful course!

by Mamta k


This course material and the way of teaching of guide was awesome. I have learnt a lot from this course. I was newcomer for image and video processing, knowing not much. But finally learnt a lot , Now I am very happy and relaxed

by Anagha A


The course was very informative. The mathematical calculations were a little hard to follow towards the end of the course. But, the practical knowledge gained was good. I would recommend everyone to take up this amazing course.