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Are you a living creature? Then, congratulations! You’ve got DNA. But how much do you really know about the microscopic molecules that make you unique? Why is DNA called the “blueprint of life”? What is a “DNA fingerprint”? How do scientists clone DNA? What can DNA teach you about your family history? Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) safe? Is it possible to revive dinosaurs by cloning their DNA? DNA Decoded answers these questions and more. If you’re curious about DNA, join Felicia Vulcu and Caitlin Mullarkey, two biochemists from McMaster University, as they explore the structure of DNA, how scientists cracked the genetic code, and what our DNA can tell us about ourselves. Along the way, you’ll learn about the practical techniques that scientists use to analyze our genetic risks, to manipulate DNA, and to develop new treatments for a range of different diseases. Then, step into our virtual lab to perform your own forensic DNA analysis of samples from a crime scene and solve a murder....




STUDY BUT FUN!! Make me now more curious about DNA and the amazing information that i can get about my ancestors by testing and analyzing my DNA. I never get bored since the week 1 till the end week!



I have gained lot of information form this course. And the instructors and the method of their teaching is really awesome. I would like to say thank you to the instructors and thank you to coursera.


DNA Decoded: 51 - 75 / 303 レビュー

by Jay-Ann T


The professors handling the course explained the concepts in such a fun way that there is an immediate recall for every concept discussed. The quizzes were fun too. Supplementary materials were also very engaging.

by Aishwarya G


Its a highly recommended course if you want to decode the mystery of DNA with highly talented and enthusiastic instructors. Have learnt many facts of DNA with inspiring talks and videos included in each sessions!!

by oguntimehin i


How wish all teaching staffs can emulate the way Dr Cait and Dr FELICIA lectures, it's so fascinating. No student will want miss lecture time, and it's so easy to assimilate. God bless all that you do ma'am(s).



This course was quite a fun journey, the explanations, the jokes, videos, supplementary materials were all great. As for my suggestion, I hope to see more interaction between teacher and course-participants.

by Suresh P


I am Computer Scientist looking for a course which gives me good basics to work in bioinformatics. This course is simply superb. Learnt so much within few hours of lectures. Thanks a lot to the professors.



I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Felicia and Caitlyn make it very entertaining whilst still imparting their knowledge. I recommend it to anyone with some chemistry knowledge. Thanks Caitlyn and Felicia.

by Sinéad


Very enjoyable and informative course. Very good models, diagrams and videos provided to supplement the information. Had some difficulties with Labster but still great interactive resource when it worked.

by Christina J


A very fun and interesting course. I absolutely loved the videos, very upbeat and the additional material and simulated lab activity was fantastic. I would DEFINITELY recommend this course to my friends.

by Rahul D


This was indeed a very cool course. If you want to learn and have fun at the same time I would suggest you go for this. Felicia and Caitlin ma'am are awesome. I have enjoyed every bit of their lessons.

by Abhishek N J


this course was awesome. Everything in this course was minutely described. All my doubts were cleared. I want to know DNA in more detail now. So looking forward for some advance courses from here.

by zeenat g


I have learnt a lot from this amiable course. The educators were so jolly and amusing. They smoothly gave the ride of the course that one almost will forget the track of time. Thanks teachers ❤️

by Aleksandra W


Best course ever! The hosts are so supportive and can really encourage participants to learn more about DNA. This course shows that genetics isn't really that hard when you have great teachers!

by Ms. K K


the course was amazing , moreover it was easy to understand such complicated topics , this course helped me in making my basics musch stronger . both the professors were amzing at their work.



It is a perfect course to introduce everyone to genetic science, also, if you have knowledge of biological science, it will help you review your knowledge and give you more information.

by Naman J


Great course for an insight into DNA and various research associated with it. Amazing course Instructors who do not fail to keep you excited and energetic till the end of the course.

by Abhishek K M


This was one of the coolest course I have ever learned on this online platform i. e. Coursera. Thank you, Mam, for this beautiful, interactive, and awesome journey of decoding DNA.

by MD F R


This really an exclusive course to learn biological hacks. Mentors are really so comprehensive. Teaching system is really so practical. I enojyed a lot during my learning session.

by Konstantina B


Excellent course. A quick tour on genetics field with two funny coaches and great explanation on basic topics. I really enjoyed the lab simulation via Labster platform. Thank you!

by Gerwin N B


Dr. Felicia and Dr. Caitlin were really engaging and they have sense of humor which I am really looking forward in a course. All in all, it was brief yet informative. Thank you!

by Bruce J


Great course! Instructors are very knowledgeable and entertaining! Clips are short enough to maintain interest. I would definitely take another course from these instructors!



I am glad that I took up this course. It sure does give me insights on genetics and more importantly it has influenced me so much to take up a career in the field of genetics.

by Gonçalo N B C


Super fun and dynamic with the energy of the teachers. What a team! Congratulations on this amazing course. I was excited the whole time with such positivity! THANK YOU!

by Mysha N A


It was a really informative course presented with the right touch of humour. I could gain a lot of my curiosity answered by this course about everything related to DNA.

by Dapboklang R


Learning was never so much fun. The two teachers were a class apart. I would wake up early in the morning to listen to their lectures. It was all so simplified and fun.

by Yagnesh


Fun and enthusiastic teachers.

Made the course fun to learn.

Did not respond promptly on discussions or 4 Cuddlepie Turn, Banksia Grove. WA maybe it was just me..?