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The University of California San Diego, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Drug Commercialization course brings you lectures from both faculty and industry experts. With this course, recorded on campus at UCSD, we seek to share our access to top people in the field who bring an unprecedented range of expertise on drug commercialization. This course will cover pharmacoeconomic, marketing strategy, intellectual property strategy, portfolio management, managed markets and strategic alliances. It will also have a lecture case study from startup to success. In addition, the course will discuss post-marketing clinical trials or Phase 4 trials. These are conducted after a new drug has been approved by the regulatory agencies and launched. In these studies, the new drug is prescribed in an everyday healthcare environ­ment using a much larger group of patients. This enables new treat­ment uses for the new drug to be developed, comparisons with other treatments for the same indication to be made, and determination of the clinical effectiveness of the new drug in a wider variety of patient types, and more rare side effects, if any, may be detected . Pre-marketing strategy should be instigated as early as Phase 1 clinical trials to ensure that the market's needs are incorporated into the new drug's overall develop­ment. Later phases when clinical results are presented at international medical conferences the marketing strategy is then refined in order to develop an awareness amongst the medical community who will be prescribing the new drug. In addition to the marketing strategy, pricing strategy and a tactical plan will be developed. Promotional material, and the sales force will be trained so that when the product is approved they can promote the drug to physician, pharmacist and nurses. This course is intended as part 3 of a series: Drug Discovery (, Drug Development ( and Drug Commercialization. We would highly recommend that you take the courses in order since it will give you a better understanding on how a drug is discovered in the lab before being tested in clinical trials and then launched in the market place....



Jan 08, 2017

Excellent course on strategies for drug commercialization including pharmacoeconomics and how pharma partners with other stakeholders to accomplish this. Excellent examples of drug lifecycles.


May 13, 2020

Great contents covering economics, marketing, regulation, IP, academics-industry collaboration, and actual successful biotech startup stories. I highly recommended this course.


Drug Commercialization : 101 - 123 / 123 レビュー

by Fabian O

May 23, 2020

Really well summarized lecture series with highly compressed and relevant inforamtion content.

by Doris G

May 06, 2020

Overall quality is very good, however some information is quite old: an update is needed

by Ryo S

Jun 11, 2017

Some of guest lectures were really insightful. Great overview of various topics.

by Matthew M

Sep 07, 2017

Good introduction for those not in industry but quite easy for those who are

by Pao-Sheng C

Mar 02, 2017

Well-organized industrial know-hows and useful concepts of business model

by Mohamed M M A

Jul 09, 2017

Thank you for the wonderful effort. I benefited greatly from this course

by Kanvar S K

Jun 17, 2020

Does what it says on the cover, gives you a very high level overview


Jul 19, 2020

le cour est très pertinente , mes grands salutations a vous

by Mansour M E M

Apr 18, 2020

thank you very clear and interesting courses

by Mahi P

Aug 04, 2020

i found it very useful and innovative

by Sunaina R

May 01, 2020

Very informative, a 100% recommended.

by Alena T

Jun 21, 2020

very interesting!

by Qier W

Jul 11, 2020

Great course!

by Mohamed T H

Jul 24, 2020

Much better than the Drug Discovery and Drug Development courses in this specialization. In particular, the 2nd half of 3rd week was understandable and clearly taught. That part I think was later added and was not a part of the lectures otherwise used in these courses. That section really showed the potential of these courses which unfortunately was not reached due to the lectures that were used. Most of the time the presentation slides were filled with so many texts that you would wonder if its a presentation or an article. This course was better than the previous two courses though. After completing the three courses I feel that these courses could be much better if the course providers would improve the presentations used. Nonetheless, the course was informative. But there's only so much that one can absorb with so busy slides with not so attractive layout.

by Dauletbekov

Jan 02, 2020

The course is exremely useful and packs a lot of knowledge, however it's regrettable that the course was made in 2013-2014, and since then it was not updated. The pauses at the beginning of videos make you unsure whether you hit the right button, so I think that videos could be better edited. I found that lectures with Remi Brouard were not focussed and sometimes repetitive with what Dr Ettouti said already on industry collaboration. Overall, I found the course extremely useful, providing lot of insightful knowledge.

by Kierstin L

Aug 24, 2017

Etouillie was great and his experience commentary made the course more interesting. His biosimilar section is highly pertinent to the US current situation with lawsuits flying every which way. I do wish more regulatory process steps were included. The start up success last section was not helpful. More just seemed like a quick review article one could read about an approved drug and the story of someone bragging about how lucky they were.

by Danna F M

Sep 30, 2019

The course was very interesting and cover differents topics to give me an overview of drug commercialization in USA. In addition, the experiences shared from the each professor was excelent. However, I didn't know that the majority of topics were made in 2013. So this information was missing when I applied for this course.

by Richik N M

Jul 19, 2020

Not enough materials on HEOR and Phase IV studies. Week 4's lectures were redundant.

by Saudamini

Jun 08, 2020

Its a wonderful course, but i would request the faculty to include more recent data

by Muhammed T k

Oct 24, 2017

some lectures are not understand

but generally

thank you

by Vincent L

Feb 19, 2018

It was alright, couldve given more examples and cases


Sep 29, 2019

i think part one in week 4 is too bad

by Aline M B M

Jun 02, 2019

Audio ruim