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Learn foundational programming concepts (e.g., functions, for loops, conditional statements) and how to solve problems like a programmer. In addition, learn basic web development as you build web pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. By the end of the course, will create a web page where others can upload their images and apply image filters that you create. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Think critically about how to solve a problem using programming; 2. Write JavaScript programs using functions, for loops, and conditional statements; 3. Use HTML to construct a web page with paragraphs, divs, images, links, and lists; 4. Add styles to a web page with CSS IDs and classes; and 5. Make a web page interactive with JavaScript commands like alert, onClick, onChange, adding input features like an image canvas, button, and slider....



A very helpful code which allows you to learn the simple of JavaScript HTML and CSS. Very helpful in building websites and an excellent course for beginners or even people who have never coded before.


Excellent course .\n\nJust felt that there should be examples that could help someone to understand in a more better way.The videos were good and were very simple and easy to understand then the text.


Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS: 1701 - 1725 / 2,279 レビュー

by Anel O


A great and fun way to learn fundamentals of programming and basics of HTML, CSS, and Java Script. Exercises were simple and very good to reinforce what was learned on each session, plus they included challenge exercises for those who need something a little less basic.

by Alicia G


I thought the videos and examples were good, but when it came to the assignments it seemed like there was a steep self-learning curve. Made the course a bit tougher than I had expected, but overall the information was good and will be beneficial to me moving forward!

by Abdalla E A


This course is a great course. It gives you concepts and teach you how to apply them. It also provide good exercises and programming problems.

I was just wanted the course to add more materials and more lectures about HTML and CSS.

Thank You for this great course.

by Joseph S


Great Course! The course is presented in a great way. The green screen aspect of this course was interesting and kept me aboard. I specifically loved the steganography extra section at the end. That was a very fun and interesting thing that I had no idea existed.

by Mallorie P


My only complaint is that the activities all use a preprogrammed library - so instead of familiarizing myself with “common” handles, I now know specific ones that only work if I reference this material in my script. That said, the projects were fun and engaging!

by Tim A


Good overall beginner course but definitely for the beginners. Only the last week may be interesting to people that already know a bit about HTML and CSS, as the JavaScript part at the end has some interesting assignments; like hiding an image in another image.

by Alankrit N


the course content is good if you are a beginner, the projects are interesting specially the Steganography part in the honors content, however, if there was a bit more detail provided, about developing a webpage, this course would have got a five star from me.

by Vadim S


Quite a decent course with lots of great examples to work through, however I felt like it was lacking in clarity for some bits of theoretical material. Overall recommend to all those who want to start learning to program, as I tried it being a novice myself.



The exercise were good and the project was interesting but the overall teaching was not really great. The teachers were looking at the screen. It was not natural and hence sometimes felt a bit awkward. Other than that a great course with lots of resources.

by Edwin B


Granted it's an online course so there's not the back and forth provided at a physical classroom. However, the presentation of content is efficient and if an individual puts in enough time and effort, they'll get what they're looking from with this course.

by hülya k


I liked the course; but I wish there would be more explanations about content. Videos didn't give enough information about miniprojects. However, course is designed well in a way that makes you to understand better with practices after every chapter.

by Rabia G


The for loop part isn't clearly defined you may struggle in this part but everything else apart from this is fine. You may wanna consider this course if you are a beginner in HTML and the best thing about this course that it has no pre- resiquites.

by Roy G C


Very nice way to start, as long as you take it seriously and AREN'T satisfied with doing the bare minimum just to complete the tasks and strive to do the best every time, even if it implies taking twice or thrice the time 'suggested' for each task.

by Lin Q


it's a good class, learn something useful, something to improve: the reply in the discussion board could be faster, the instruction of the programming exercise could be more precise. but it's still very good class, better than average in coursera

by Vanessa A


Informational, but the videos need better sound editing. The sound of peoples' saliva made me rage-quit a few times. Speeding up the videos help a bit. Also, the Javascript information was taught WAY out of order in terms of difficulty.

by Ehren R


A good introduction to programming in general and in relation to web apps. A lot of focus on just a few problems, mainly graphics manipulation but a good starting point I think. Looking forward to learning much more in future courses.

by Mario A P C


A good course overall , i feel i learn new stuff i didn't no before. The only odds i would say about this course. Iss that when we need help we ain't get any form the forums.So we've get lost and we are moving around and going nowhere.

by Ahmed C


this course was so useful specially when it comes to how to solve problems using concepts like working on a smaller version of the problem and try to generalize the solution, the problem sets were fun too .. glad that i have took it .

by Max R


Got pretty challenging towards the end (Week 3 and 4) which was cool since I like a challenge. Really informational videos that go straight to the point and they explained everything perfectly. Excited to do the next four courses

by Geoffrey R


Decent introduction. Should consider more assignments with automated submissions. Maybe bonus assignments with automated submissions just to develop a broader introduction to different parts of the various languages discussed.

by Jay S S


A good place to start if you are absolutely clueless about web programming. This course gets you comfortable enough to start exploring on your own and they don't assume previous knowledge which is the best part. Loved it!

by Neha D


Week 4 was a big leap from week 3. Difficult with less time to complete the project. But course was good . I think course could be extended by adding 2 more weeks so that more practice sessions could be given to students.

by Christian A H


very nice soft start into programming, for someone who has some background would not be challenging but encourage them to continue through this specialization where it will be more challenging through the specialization

by Ritesh K


On the whole it was a great experience. There were a couple of spots where the instructions are outdated (how to include the source in the HTML in week 2) which caused some time wastage, so that glitch should be fixed!

by Beatrice D L


there are some issues with using Simple Image functions in Week 3 and 4 of the course (even with the troubleshooting), which makes it harder to complete the necessary work. however, it has been educational regardless.