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This is the first of the three courses part of the Globalization, Economic Growth and Stability Specialization. This course will employ a non-technical approach to analyze how governments use policy to influence a country's economy. Upon completing the course you should be able to discuss national debts and deficits, examine fiscal and monetary policy and their appropriateness to the situation of an economy, and anticipate the results of fiscal and monetary policies and structural reform on a country. These concepts will give you the tools to develop your own position in many current economic debates, such as fiscal stimulus vs. austerity, the merits of quantitative easing, the need for higher interest rates or the future growth path of many modern economies....




Excellent overview economics course. Dr. Allard does a fantastic job explaining basic economic concepts and principles so that a novice can better understand this one critical aspect of their world.



Great insights, I now feel like I am macro-economically literate and I will be using this information when interviewing and now possible grilling certain politicians in my town!

Thank you Gayle!


Understanding economic policymaking: 76 - 100 / 237 レビュー

by Ayushi A


The course was amazing. It helped me a lot in interpreting the daily economic news that I read in the articles and about which I had no clue.

by Arpit P


Concepts very well explained by Gayle. People from all backgrounds can understand this course. Looking forward to many more courses from her.

by Alejandro A


Excellent course. Very clear explanations along all the modules. Helps you understand what governments and central banks are doing and why.

by Trust M


The content is palatable even for people without economics background. Well articulated videos and easy to understand reference articles.

by Vicson C


This course would help you better understand the basics of macroeconomics and how economic policies affect the performance of a country.

by Jihane E M


Course was excellent

visual aids were very good

Good pace and very clear explanation

I really enjoyed and learned a lot

Strongly recommend

by Emily H


Thoroughly enjoyed this class. It was a great refresher, educational and informative. I found it very easy to follow and keep up with.

by Rashi T


The course was extremely useful in strengthening my existing knowledge of economics and truly delivered on its objectives. Thank you!

by Victoria K


The explanations are very intuitive and comprehensible. The lecturer did a great job and simulators provided are as good. Thank you

by Wang J


This module is quite informative but easy to understand. I believe Prof has put a lot of efforts into the designing of this course.

by James K


Excellent course and very enjoyable teacher. Tough assignment but well worth the effort. Really made economics very interesting

by Ulvi S


Everything excellent, especially using IT for explaining with graphics. However, I think it needs a bit development on quizzes.

by Serugo A


The best course ever in understanding economic insights and analysis of economic information. Thank you Professor Gayle Allard

by Nahid V M


It was really great course. You can learn shortly every information about macroeconomy and its parts.

Big thanks Gayle Allard !

by Rafael O


Extraordinary course, highly recommended !Gayle is a great instructor, one of the best I have ever seen. Thank you very much !

by Joshua A


thank you Prof. Gayle Allard for your insightful knowledge and expertise......I have learnt a lot from this course..........

by Andre D


Professor Gale Allard is a genius. She made this course so simple and logical that one look forward to learning the content

by Vira D


I have obtained an invaluable knowledge about how our government makes an economic policy. Thank you very much, teacher.

by Carlos S


Thanks everyone that help to do this course a exemple of excellence instruction, specially to Gayle. Thanks very much.

by Auguste K


Gayle Allard is amazing. This is probably my 4th encounter of macroeconomics but she clarified the concepts so well.

by Gustavo E J D C


Excelente curso muy claro, no estudie economía antes pero le entiendo claramente a las explicaciones, lo recomiendo

by Jaideep S


A​mazing, Knowlegeful, never felt that it was my first course on finance and how smoothly I absorbed the inputs.

by Nikolaos G


Please decrease the time between the retake of the quizz! I can't wait for 7 days in order to retake a quizz!

by Nabi R


very unique professor. I learned almost everything about economics. Thanks to coursera and beloved professor

by Shubham G


The session is very interactive and various activities based assignments make learning easy and interactive.