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THIS COURSE GIVES YOU THE INSIDE TRACK TO A COMPLICATED INDUSTRY. The approach of this course is truly unique in how it approaches and engages learners. It looks at the electric utility industry, which has remained critical to our quality of life, health and comfort from the eyes of numerous industry experts through on-location interviews, compelling visuals, and animation. You will benefit from having the inside track because you see some behind-the-scenes information not covered in news stories, social media or even if we are in the business ourselves. EACH WEEK YOU NOT ONLY LEARN WHAT IS CHANGING, BUT WHY. As this industry continues to unfold at an unprecedented pace, you will be armed with knowledge and insights to form informed opinions supporting decisions you will increasingly make for your energy-dependent homes and businesses. This course kicks off with animated crash course on industry history, highlighting aspects of the structure, governance, and technology that remain today, despite the passage of time. Then, throughout the modules, you will build some basics about how electricity gets to you, who watches over decisions, including setting rates. This information establishes a knowledge foundation so that when we explore some of the most critical topics, like renewable energy, smart grid, battery storage, and you can think about it from a much more analytical and critical viewpoint. YOU WILL DEVELOP A FRAMEWORK FOR MAKING SENSE OF THIS INDUSTRY THAT WILL BENEFIT YOU BEYOND THIS COURSE. This industry can get pretty complicated, and this course will help you make more sense of it. Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future is the course for you whether you’re just curious about the industry or an industry veteran looking to grow – or, thinking about joining the industry. (Hint: now is a good time. You'll learn why in this course.) No prior education or experience required. You just need a healthy curiosity and an open mind to learn about an industry that I think a lot of us, including myself sometimes, take for granted....



Sep 27, 2017

Great course for people who have no clue how utilities and microgrids work. Take this class if you're considering diving deeper into concepts like green energy, regulation and distributed generation.


May 03, 2020

A Total Package about the fundamentals, Well Explained. Instructor efforts can obviously seen & observed in the content and the group of the people involved. excellent


Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future: 26 - 50 / 89 レビュー

by Justin

May 11, 2018

Solid course! I am a regulatory analyst but I liked having more of an overview of the industry!

by Tony M

Feb 19, 2018

Outstanding and very informative course. This knowledge will help propel my education forward

by Charles J

Apr 07, 2020


historical current & future of power generation

encouragement to learn more

by Sanaul I

May 05, 2020

Great overview of the utility industry as well as a view of where it will be going.

by miguel a r l

Jun 04, 2018

I must! In order to understand the already complex world of Electrical Markets!

by Sahil S N

Oct 01, 2017

Excellent briefings about the all the concepts. very useful for basic knowledge

by Alberto

Mar 18, 2018

Really interesting and above expectations regarding how it is explained.

by Loura H

Jul 03, 2017

The material given with good structure and contains a lot of information

by Mary B

Apr 16, 2018

Very nice for basic understanding of electric utilities in the U.S.


Jun 03, 2020

It is very good opportunity for us sir. Thank you so much sir

by Dr I R

Jun 02, 2020

Very much helpful course in this present electrical sector.

by Parameshwar T

Apr 24, 2020

Learn a lot about the fundamentals of electric utilities...

by Allison J

Aug 10, 2018

Very informative and information was easy to learn


Apr 28, 2020

its very helpful and also enhance my skills too.

by Porselvi T

May 18, 2020

Described overall view about Electric utilities

by Faisal H

Jul 15, 2018

It was an amazing course, really enjoyed it.


Apr 25, 2020

Thanks for the Nice and Informative Course.

by Gauri N K

May 29, 2020

This course is very harmfull for me

by Sujata A

Apr 04, 2020

Very well-structured and lucid!

by T. A

May 07, 2020

Gd for utilisation learning

by T S N

May 20, 2020

It's very important course

by Krishan A

May 02, 2020

Easy and Important course


May 11, 2020

excellent presentation

by Lizbet V

Jul 04, 2017

Excelente información.

by Ankita M

May 10, 2020

perfect and advanced