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This is a two week course. In the first week you will learn about the core activities that the Industry executes to bring electricity to customers. We will review what electricity is, how it is generated, how it is transmitted, how it comes into buildings, and how consumption of electricity instantly feeds back on the transmission and generation of electricity. You will learn to: Define what electricity is; Describe how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed; Describe how electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed; and Summarize how the consumption of electric energy instantly feeds back on the transmission and generation of electricity. In the second week, the course shifts to the markets that drive Electric Industry operations. You will learn about the various costs of the electric industry’s core activities, how electricity is priced, the various ways that electric markets are structured, how these market structures determine which power plants are dispatched to produce electricity when, and how recent changes in generator fuel prices, generation technology, market regulations, and environmental regulations are transforming both Electric Industry Markets and Operations. You will learn to: Describe the main cost components to the electric system; Compare the costs of different types of power plants; Interpret the retail pricing of electricity; Explain the different types of electric markets and understand how they operate to dispatch electric supply to meet demand in real time; and Explain why and how the electric industry is regulated....




Content was easy to follow and digest - it was a good refresher course for me as I've been in the industry for some time, but within the IT discipline. Learned some new things along the way too.



Great course with a superb faculty. Learnt a lot about the industry and market regulations of electricity.\n\nWould really recommend this course to all who are interested in electric industry.


Electric Industry Operations and Markets: 51 - 75 / 246 レビュー



A really interesting course to learn about the dynamics of the electrical industry and its importance in everyday life and the global market.

Thank you Duke University

by Neeney D


This is a great learning experience. Easy to follow online courses and quizzes that actually test your understanding of the course. Thank you for this opportunity.

by Alexander V


This course is very useful, interesting and pleasant. It explains the ideas which stay behind the electricity markets in a way that everyone could understand.



It Was Wonderfull Sessions. I have learn a Lot of new things and will applied aal my skills and efforts in my daily Work Life.Thanks to Coursera and Capgemini

by Saroj K


This course offered me a remarkable experience. As someone who is seeking a career in Energy, the topics discussed by the course were of immense value to me.

by Bryan C


An easy to understand course that helps non electric professionals to understand the basis of the electric power systems in therms of markets and operations

by Stanislavov D


A very good course, which perfectly shows information on the sale and transmission of electricity, as well as the basic concepts in the field of electricity



A very good course giving knowledge about the basics of electric industry and markets. It is very useful course in the field of electrical engineering.

by Yogesh V


It is a great course. In this course, I am learning the things which i never thought of. Its give a great insight in the energy markets and operations.

by Shirley R


Great beginner overview of the topic, well structured material and required focused work to earn the certificate. Well worth the time and effort.

by Álvaro T C


This course has helped me better understand the industry and its challenged, something helpful when speaking with my customers in that industry

by Claudia V


Clear and thorough overview of the electric industry, including the relevant engineering, economic, and legal frameworks. Would recommend!

by Rospopchuk M


Very interesting course. From this course I learned much more about companies which generate, transmission and distribution electro energy

by Dipankar M


Lincoln is a great teacher. He is straight to the point and covered all the topics in detail. It was really a great learning experience.

by Mohammad A S


In this course, you will know about USA electric market. so, if you want to learn about USA electric market then this course is for you

by Stefan R


This course was very informative, useful and delicious :) Thank you for this opportunity to learn, understand and accomplish it.

by Steve C


Outstanding presentation with lectures full of densely presented information. An excellent primmer on the electricity markets

by Paul N


Beautiful course. The knowledge that I have gained from this source is phenomenal, I am happy to have enrolled in the course.

by Ana G


Very complete course with excellent in-depth explanations and an engaging professor. I loved this course and I learned a lot.

by Richard G


A concise and easy to understand overview of the US electricity industry and the key components of generation and operations

by Mohamad R


it is a important course i advice whose major electrical engineer to take it and its really necessary in our domain.

by Luis M


Good overall review of how the electric industry operates, and the main driving forces of the market in the U.S.

by Willy L C


Excelente distribución y exposición de temática inherente al Curso. El Dr. Lincoln Pratson, muy buen Instructor.

by Munir A


very great course has point out different side of Basic Electrical Engineering operation and Marketing as well.

by Anshuman M


thanks to coursera to provide such type of platform where we can exchange our ideas and can learn some skill .