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Learn about diverse and integrated markets for primary energy, and the essential considerations driving business leaders and policy makers in development of global energy resources....



Sep 13, 2016

It was great learning experience. I loved the way Prof. explained, very simple langauge and explained with proper graphs and images. Inclusion of external videos was very helpful. I highly recommend.


Oct 23, 2017

Excellent course. Well structured and good assignments that emphasize practical business skills.\n\nWould love to see another course with more finance involved


Fundamentals of Global Energy Business: 1 - 25 / 81 レビュー

by Walter S J

Dec 27, 2018

This course is great! I learned many interesting things during the course and became a better professional.

by Austin N

Dec 30, 2018

Very good course. Great content and easy to assimilate lecture notes.

by Gregory P

Apr 01, 2019

Great intro on other energy markets / energy industry, fundamental insights into how these industries are functioning and a great way to present it. Following Mr. Orlando's presentations and videos was a great way to learn and understand this course.

by Rana M

Sep 14, 2015

i don't have an economic background, it took me a lot of time to understand in depth the expressions used and meanings. i admit that i have learned a lot. i understand now different aspects of the energy business, how to think about it as a whole integrated in a bigger system. i recommend this course for anyone who is involved in energy, even if you are not, you will learn a lot how the global energy business is working.

Thanks a lot for the staff effort, special thanks to prof. Orlando.

by El M R

Jul 12, 2016

Very rich content, thank you!

by Kareem. F

Aug 30, 2015

Great Course

by Sriram V

Sep 28, 2015

The course covers the various aspects of Energy business in detail, but is very effectively covered. The case study surrounding the political decisions was very interesting, as this is generally not addressed in detail in traditional courses surrounding energy business. While completing each quiz has been challenging to get the required score of 9/10, the questions have been built to ensure exhaustive coverage. It is worth taking this course seriously and completing it.

I really liked the course and would recommend this course for any one trying to understand the basics of energy business.

by Johanna K

Sep 22, 2015

Really interesting course, thank you so much!

by Javier A Z M

Nov 24, 2017

I have enjoyed this course. it is simple to understand and the lections of Michel are just brilliant. thanks

by Zlata S

Aug 21, 2015

Super! It gave me a lot of useful information. I enjoy it!

by Arturo P

Aug 24, 2015

Excelent! Simple to understand energy bussiness economic, finaltial and technical issues, even if you aren´t related to this areas. And assessments are realy made to ensure our learning

by Zimuzor O

Sep 21, 2015

The course content is carefully thought through. The participation contribution is rewarding and the instructor has managed to convey key concepts of the energy business in a few properly executed short videos. It will be great to develop a Specialization around the core areas addressed by this fundamentals course. I will recommend this for anyone interested in understanding keys aspects of the global energy business.

by Jayaram A B B

Sep 13, 2016

It was great learning experience. I loved the way Prof. explained, very simple langauge and explained with proper graphs and images. Inclusion of external videos was very helpful. I highly recommend.

by Dominika K

Nov 01, 2015

This course provide an in-depht analysis of global energy market, mentioning a lot of aspects. In order to comprehend the material I was recommended to make some additional research on my own which I find very useful. The lecturer presents the newest statistics about the market, expleining as well the economical background of the market itself.

by Czarina F C

Dec 12, 2016

The course is well-designed. All the topics were purposefully chosen - enough to give a comprehensive perspective on the energy business. The lectures had a good mix of theory and case studies. Most importantly I enjoyed the course very much - maybe because I had a background in economics and strategy?! If there was a Global Energy Business 102 from Sir Orlando, I would take it.


Nov 16, 2015

très instructif et facile à suivre

by Kamil S

Aug 14, 2015

Great course

by 周洲

Sep 01, 2015

This is the right first course that i took on courser, and it just helps to open my horizon that let me know i need to learn more than i presently have and i can learn much than i know. Thanks to courser, this is the start of my life-long study, from now on, i will never find myself nothing to do anymore.

by Tom S

Feb 12, 2018

Lots of great information. The 2 case studies really help me understand how best to use the tools presented.

by Christopher L N

Dec 12, 2016

please there are need to evaluate energy production in financial statement analytical

by Richard H

May 28, 2016

Important course for anyone...essential for energy professionals.

by César A P

Mar 09, 2018

Beautiful and interesting Course, great information, simple and easy to learn.

by Suman K

Apr 17, 2016

It is a very good course to get a pretty high-level overview of global energy business. For someone without a business background, the use of business fundamentals such as supply and demand curves and the use of strategic frameworks added a lot to my understanding of the subject matter. Thank you.

by Alvaro H

Aug 20, 2015

Excellent course:

My only (minor) disapointment is that the slides are not available

by Bartolome O

Dec 02, 2015

Great work of the Professor Michael Orlando, going from the general but at the same time technical part of the different resources to the more specific analysis in the bussines part. The way of explaining how to do market analysis is incredibly useful not only for this kind of market, but for any the students have to do in their professional life; in my case related to consuting the explanation has been fruitful.

Thank you so much for the course ! :D