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The world runs on computers. Your watch, your TV, your car. You might be familiar on how to operate each of these. Your home computer you are even more familiar with operating it. But what does it take to really take computer systems to the next level? - The enterprise level. In this course we discuss what makes home computing systems different from enterprise computing systems. This course will also help you prepare and design your own home lab to explore enterprise operating systems. This course is for anyone who is exploring what it might take to have a job as a system administrator or for those who are already specialized in one area of system management and would like to move to another. This course may also be for those who are looking to understand how computer security plays an important role in system management. At the end of the course, you will also be able to illustrate how different enterprise technologies play role in computing at an enterprise level. You will also be able to discuss the three pillars of the CIA triad and how they apply to enterprise systems. While there is no technical and software component installs necessary for the completion of this course, supplemental how-to guides will be provided if you wish to follow along on the technical portion presented during the course....



The instructor is very knowledgeable and has a good teaching style. The course is very professionally done and informative. I look forward to completing the other courses in the specialization.


Perfect packed course, to help IT and None IT individuals understand the methods, and need for efficient Enterprise System Management and Security.


Enterprise System Management and Security : 101 - 125 / 130 レビュー

by Daria G


This course was ok structured, but some assignments were way too difficult and hardly well explained (E.g. IP addresses - just sent a longread and not covered in the lectures whatsoever). Other topics were covered quite well and did not cause significant problems. All in all, this course is useful and I learned a lot, but it would be very nice to have more practice and more examples.

by Ali S T


A good specialization fit for all beginners. Its such an awakening course for anyone in enterprise management industry to undertake. I have gained the basics in computer system management that shall go along way in amalgamating my future interaction in an enterprise environment either employed or self enterprise.

by Damjan Z


This course shows you the basics of what a system management and security is all about. It shows that there is much yet to learn and you should always be on the lookout for new knowledge. It shows some great examples and gives you some really helpful resources to work with in the future.

by YEO Z M


Grand merci à l'enseignement ! J'ai appris beaucoup de chose dans ce cours sur l'informatique de l'entreprise et personnel.

by Max M


The section on networking was overkill for this course. Wish it was more based on policy rather than implementation

by Moira B


Enjoyable course and learned quite a lot of new things. It was well presented and easy to follow.

by Amanda N


The peer review portion at the end is frustrating as the feedback is at times not overly helpful.

by thomas s


Brief intro on the facets of tech and data security: availability, integrity, and confidentiality

by Maisha H


Course was interactive.However, more specifications on the topics would be great for learning.

by wondwossen a


world-class presentation, brilliant instructor, and excellent approach. Thank you, Coursera!

by Javier H S


Great course, good manage of concepts and good ideas for implement system management

by BAH S S


C'est un super cours , c'est tellement détaillé , l'apprenant comprennent facilement

by Tsamo D C V


very good, l've learned a lot of things during this course.

thank's to the trainer

by Vishal S


Concepts well explained, but curriculum could have been much better.

by rohini p


Good course for network related subjects. I enjoyed the course

by Ubong E


i want to reactivate my inactive courses its very annoying.

by Abdul N M


The practicals aspects are really good

by Biswa J


One of the best Course . Thanks.

by Larry W P


Elementary, but good review.



Nice course for beginners.

by Aniello G


Really good course!

by Bhupendra V


good experience

by Santosh K T


Great course.

by Papa B S


Very Good!

by Eric K N


Nice intro