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Combinatorics is a branch of mathematics which deals with finite sets and their cardinalities. It is about counting certain objects having certain given properties. A typical question in combinatorics starts with the words "In how many ways" (we can do something). "In how many ways can we split 100 in a sum of distinct positive integers?", as an example. This online course is partially based on the course “Discrete Mathematics” for HSE bachelor students majoring in mathematics. The first half of the course (lectures 1 to 4) will be devoted to basic principles of enumeration. We will encounter basic combinatorial notions such as permutations, binomial coefficioents, Fibonacci and Catalan numbers, etc. In the second part of the course (lectures 4 to 8) we will be dealing with a very powerful method of solving combinatorial problems, namely generating functions. With their help we will study recurrence relations, partitions and variations of binomial coefficients -- the Gaussian binomial coefficients or q-binomial coefficients as they are sometimes called. The course consists of an introduction and eight lectures -- a lecture per week. Each lecture lasts for 1h30m approximately and is split into several shorter parts. Weeks 1-3 and 5-7 contain a quiz, whereas weeks 4 and 8 end by peer-graded assignements -- midterm and final exams. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:



Excellent selection of material and presentation; TAs were of great help as well. The techniques taught in this course will be a nice addition to my algorithms analysis toolbox.


very nice course.very well taught by thing that can be improved is detailed solution of quizzes and assignments.thanks for the course:)


Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics: 1 - 25 / 32 レビュー

by Tyler R


This is a wonderful course. The lectures are engaging, clear, and intuitive, but from my perspective the best thing about this course is the depth of the problem sets; although not long (usually 3 - 4 problems), each problem requires genuine thought, understanding , and creativity. This has been especially refreshing in the world of online courses, where shallow and computational problem sets can sometimes be the norm. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in an introduction to this beautiful subject.



This was an engaging course and I welcomed the opportunity to try something a bit more advanced than the typical offerings on Coursera. Lectures are very well presented. Homework assignments were pretty good and the online forum was helpful. I recommend this course and I would be interested in further courses like this one. I found it helpful to have a couple of textbooks on hand for reference. For the earlier material I used Shaum's Outline of Combinatorics by Balakrishnan (free download on and for the material on q-series I referred to Theory of Partitions by George Andrews.

Suggested improvements: add student interaction during lectures to test understanding and supplement with worked problems in videos. Also add lots more problems for students to work on.

(I have found that with nearly all online courses the number of problems provided is too few for me to learn a topic).

by Shen-Fu T


The course starts with basic enumerative combinatorics like counting sequences, permutation, etc. and gradually moves into generating function, which is a very powerful tool in combinatorics. It also gives interesting combinatorial proofs of several classical results. The quiz is helpful and final assignment a bit challenging and definitely fun!

by David A I T


I enjoyed the course.

The lecturer was very good and the material quite interesting.

I feel that the assignments where sometimes very different compared to the material covered but I ended up doing extra research and learning more which is good!

Many thanks to the Coursera Staff as well as the Higher School of Economics.

by Harry A H


This is a marvelous course, starting from absolutely basic things to quite advanced things. Extremely didactic. The problems sometimes seem frustrating, but after a few trials and review of the material one gets there. Thanks for this course,

by Enrico P


Really great! Clear, concise, rich and stimulating, filled with many examples. Only the last part on q-world, although extremely interesting and very well introduced, is left almost without practical applications :-).

by arvind


This was one of the best introduction to advanced mathematics courses in coursera.

except for a few minor issues like accepting similar forms of answers in quiz,content wise it was a brilliant course thanks a lot!!!

by Sharath R


The professor is a little slow when he speaks but apart from that, he is a brilliant teacher. The course lets you get to the very roots of the topic by pushing you to do the derivations etc. Brilliant course!

by Ry A


Excellent selection of material and presentation; TAs were of great help as well. The techniques taught in this course will be a nice addition to my algorithms analysis toolbox.

by harsh s


very nice course.very well taught by thing that can be improved is detailed solution of quizzes and assignments.thanks for the course:)

by Robin B


This course is very well put together. The lectures are very clear and cover a wide range of interesting topics in combinatorics.

by Ritvik R


Great lectures and content. I really enjoyed it. However, the solutions exercises could be clearer and in more detail. Thank you!



Very good gourse, I persoally enjoyed the lectures in which the relatipnship with other areas of mathematics were discussed.

by Franck D


This course is great! The instructor exposition is very clear and simple. Recommend to anyone considering this topic!

by Daniel M


Excellent class spanning both elementary and nonelementary topics. Would highly recommend!

by sami


i loved the course thanks to the

National Research University Higher School of Economics

by Herman Z


Marvellous online course. High level and ultimate lessons.

Don't underestimate the level.

by Ze T


Excelente course with real university level of concepts and exercises!

by Cong X


by far the best math course I had (and I've taken many) on coursera

by Ajit B


Excellent course. I hope there are more courses by the same team.

by Cheung W C


A detailed introduction to enumerative combinatorics.

by Francisco P



Very good presentation



A well taught course.

by Michael F


Great course!

by Dmitrii S


Nice work!