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Combinatorics is a branch of mathematics which deals with finite sets and their cardinalities. It is about counting certain objects having certain given properties. A typical question in combinatorics starts with the words "In how many ways" (we can do something). "In how many ways can we split 100 in a sum of distinct positive integers?", as an example. This online course is partially based on the course “Discrete Mathematics” for HSE bachelor students majoring in mathematics. The first half of the course (lectures 1 to 4) will be devoted to basic principles of enumeration. We will encounter basic combinatorial notions such as permutations, binomial coefficioents, Fibonacci and Catalan numbers, etc. In the second part of the course (lectures 4 to 8) we will be dealing with a very powerful method of solving combinatorial problems, namely generating functions. With their help we will study recurrence relations, partitions and variations of binomial coefficients -- the Gaussian binomial coefficients or q-binomial coefficients as they are sometimes called. The course consists of an introduction and eight lectures -- a lecture per week. Each lecture lasts for 1h30m approximately and is split into several shorter parts. Weeks 1-3 and 5-7 contain a quiz, whereas weeks 4 and 8 end by peer-graded assignements -- midterm and final exams. Do you have technical problems? Write to us:



Excellent selection of material and presentation; TAs were of great help as well. The techniques taught in this course will be a nice addition to my algorithms analysis toolbox.


very nice course.very well taught by thing that can be improved is detailed solution of quizzes and assignments.thanks for the course:)


Introduction to Enumerative Combinatorics: 26 - 32 / 32 レビュー

by petya



by Pierre m


Good content, but way too slow. Please use pdf instead of writing everything.

by Stefan H


Very mathematical, but cool and well done!

by Apurva D


Great course

by zhen w


The content is really interesting. but the presentation could be improved.

but thanks for such content

by Dmitrij M


The Quality of this Course is very bad! The Person who created this course is not involved anymore! There are "Mentors" to support the Course. They dont even know how to write in latex. No Solution, no transcripts! Compared with Modern Combinatorics this one star max!

by Агамов Р Э о


Есть баги в тестах (неделья 6 задача 4)