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The ESG Investing: Setting Standards & Conducting Analysis course provides students with basic knowledge of traditional financial products with some fundamental concepts to help better define what ESG is, including the rationale behind its inception, and how it has developed. Through the series of video, webinar, and reading modules in this course, you’ll learn how to identify and describe the basic principles underpinning the “E”, “S” and “G” in ESG, as well as obtain a brief background of ESG’s origins and evolution. You should also acquire insights into certain global and domestic goals and frameworks that drive and support issuers’ ESG agendas for economic, financial, and ethical purposes, as well as learn how to examine and construct different investment strategies aligned with investment returns, such as negative/exclusionary screening and integration. You should also gain a clearer view of how businesses form their ESG strategies, as well as some of the risks they face, and how they may be mitigated....

ESG Investing: Setting Standards & Conducting Analysis: 1 - 4 / 4 レビュー

by Javier B


Excellent course and specialization! Well compiled materials. 优秀的课程和材料!井井有条。Excelente curso y especialización! Materiales bien organizados. Отличные курс и специализация! Хорошо структурированные материалы.

by Andrii K


This course is very oriented for practice. Really valuable materials! It is good logical structure of the course.

by Núria Z V


the course is comprehensive but the videos could be improved as they are all very static

by Vladimír K


Practical exercises were of a good interest to put in practice learnt material. Yet, the form of these exercices did not allow submitting tables, although the latter was suggested as best suited template for an answer.