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In this course, you will explore the foundations upon which modern-day ESG was built, how market forces react to ESG, and ways to create and maintain value using ESG investment strategies. You will also learn about the five pathways of materiality, and how those interplay with or against ESG performance. You will examine the many challenges that corporations face when it comes to leveraging ESG investing into their portfolios, and how the changing landscape of ESG is making this an area of untapped potential when it comes to the financial workings of businesses today. You'll also learn from real-life case studies how you can assess risk, create better risk management policy, and build a map to identify valuable areas of opportunity and create better decision-making approaches. Lastly, you will look at portfolio optimization and the utilization of ESG factors to maximize returns in addition to examining different funds, their fee structures, and how investors can blend ESG into their investment portfolio. By the end of this course, you will know the best practices for creating a solid risk management plan and how to create a culture that is sensitive to ESG. You will better understand the history and framework behind ESG, and how to create a path forward using smarter methods to identify risk, navigate ESG issues, and reach ESG investing goals....




I thought this was one of the best ESG related courses I have taken. The course was recent, relevant and very interesting. Great material and case examples. I think a very balanced view was presented.



It was a well compiled course. The learning modules were engaging and easy to grasp. Highly recommended for those seeking to start their ESG journey of learning.


ESG Risks and Opportunities: 26 - 50 / 53 レビュー

by Basil G


While the content was interesting, it was not demonstrated how EXACTLY ESG is integrated in business operations. Also, following the course was quite tiring from time to time, as there were not enough visual incentives, i.e. compelling slides etc.

by Muhammad F A


The course was stretched and could have been compacted and straight to the point. It includes a lot of financial knowledge.

by Rajat M


I really liked the course as it touched the main aspects around ESG risks and opportunities. It talked about the importance of ESG through different case studies.

One suggestion would be to make the session more interactive through different learning aids and presentation. The medium of instruction can be tweaked a little as it becomes mundane listening to the instructor at times. A photo or video at top and voice over in the background can certainly improve the pedagogy.

Overall, appreciate the content.

by Himanshu V


It was a well compiled course. The learning modules were engaging and easy to grasp. Highly recommended for those seeking to start their ESG journey of learning.

by Elise P


​Thought peovoking overview of ESG with relevant examples in multiple industries on the practical coordination of ESG topics to financial outcome.

by Juan C C B


Bien estructurado, conceptos claros, casos prácticos que ayudan a entender el problema y las posibles soluciones

by Tamoghna S


E​xcellent insight and detailed lessons on ESG. Looking forward to the entire specialization.

by Thais H


Amazing course.

Suggestion: provide the source of the multiple studies mentioned.

by Manas K K


An excellent introduction to the world of ESG.

by Vincent P


lots of good points in ESG pratice.

by Laura T G C


¡Excelente! Es súper completo

by Renzo S



by Munyaradzi M


Very well=structured and relevant course with well-researched case studies. The instructor however needs to talk slower and more clearly so that the message is not lost in communication, otherwise, he is very knowledgeable on the subject.

by Avanish K


Course has introduced many new concepts and themes to me. It covers a range of topics which are well illustrated through examples. There could be some more faculty as it becomes monotonous to listen to same faculty.

by Terrence H


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and gained some helpful knowledge. Presentation was very professional and informative; however, I believe some of the material should be simplified or aligned better with the slides.

by Saket K


The course gives you understanding about the ESG, its integration to your company's management perspective, discusses various cases etc. However, it feels people already working in this field will benefit better.

by Jeremy B


V​ery speech intensive - materials could gain from higher interactiveness, less wordy/texty.

C​ase studies in particular could be more impactful if presented with a broader range of techniques

by Francesco B


G​ood introduction and choice of topics, but mediocre slides, a few mistakes in both tests and lectures, and absent moderators.



Great course for those who just strating to learn about ESG topic. Great material and Mr. Witold explain it comprehensively.

by Hannah T


An interesting overview of ESG. Modules 1 - 3 were substantive and useful. I found module 4 less informative and engaging

by Matthew D


A nice overview of the importance of ESG consideration in business

by Thomas F


​Very good content, however too many typos in slides.



V​ery good, only more technical info for the next

by Felice P


I d like a section about the EU perspective

by Alberto M J


I really liked this course!