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Social media connects us across space and time, allowing us to find like-minded communities and participate creatively in public life as never before. We may often use social media without thinking much about the possible consequences. But there is a shadow side associated with social media use, which takes the form of hate speech, increased surveillance, lack of anonymity and questionable use of our data. What do we need to know to use social media spaces effectively, in a way that is safe and productive for all? This course will guide you into a deeper exploration of online identity, social media communities and their users. You will examine the ways that social media is being used by public institutions such as government to build participation and conversation with audiences. You will encounter the most common ethical debates in social media. You will also have the opportunity to build your practical skills by developing your professional social media profile, defining your audience, building your social media influence and understanding how to interpret data analytics to "listen" and communicate well....




All users are good at using social Media but they don't really understand the SM Ethics. Thanks to this course to give us the world view on SM Ethics. Love the course



It is a very good introductory course. Broadens your view on social media and points out main concepts. Easy to listen and very good reading material!


Ethical Social Media : 1 - 25 / 26 レビュー

by Muhammad K


This course have increased my knowledge about Social Media and how to plan Social media strategy. Provided materials was good too. Thanks.

by Jaime L


Very interesting topic and explanations on how to tackle it in the new era

by Vivek S


Very Good Course. I liked the content. The only difficulty I faced was the Forum was less active.

by Fahad M


It was good, but could be more practical rather than just lectures and theories.

by Ally M


Having to pay before you take the course is really disappointing. Not many students to interact with because of this. Course was very basic also. Not worth the money. Coursera offers many quality courses which are much better than this one.

by Scott S


Content is largely out of date, finicky wording on questions, no fellow students to "grade" (yet, it forms part of the assessment).

Great idea though, had high hopes!

by Eva V


This course gives a great overview of the aspects concerning ethics you have to keep in mind while working with social media. This course has helped me to get a better grip on issues like privacy and accessibility. It says that reading the articles will take you 10 minutes, it took me an hour. I loved the variety of tutorials, interviews, assignments, readings etc. I would have preferred that my final assignment was reviewed by the professor himself.

by Fauza A


This course enlighten me about the social media ethics that I did not thought of it before. The explanation of every modules is well-defined and comprehensive as well. Through this lesson, I absorbed various learning not only about ethics, but about social media networks, analytics, campaigns, and the intention of social media itself. Sending my biggest gratitude to Dr. Jonathon Hutchinson for decking up this module excellently.

by Dorothée


The course gave me a good overview, and let me reflect once more on many things: what's so social about social media, data analytics, social media users (communities and networks), participatory culture and media organizations, and the ethics of social media and people with disabilities. If you are completely new to this, this is ideal. Even if you have been active in social media for years, it is going to be interesting.

by Premila G


This course broaden my knowledge about social media ethics and how to run a social media campaign ethically. Very clear content, delivery and the assignments are very useful for actual implementation of a campaign. Thank you very much for instructor - university and coursera.

by Matheus L d S


Curso excelente para aprimorar os conhecimentos teóricos sobre redes sociais, entendendo desde cases famosos da internet a formas de utilizar e ter melhor proveito das ferramentas disponibilizadas, seja para uso pessoal, profissional ou em campanhas.



All users are good at using social Media but they don't really understand the SM Ethics. Thanks to this course to give us the world view on SM Ethics. Love the course

by Deleted A


It is a very good introductory course. Broadens your view on social media and points out main concepts. Easy to listen and very good reading material!

by Jorge L M G


Very interesting. I will recommend it to both future social media managers as well to academic researchers.

by Darshit


Overall Very Good Experience With The Courseera

by Rigoberto P


Great course. Congratulation!

by Pranav


Excellent course.

by Belén L R


Great MOOC!

by Pritam C


great miss

by sGm c


I enjoyed and learned so much, thank you, however I’ve had to do 2 of the sections twice and it still shows in progress or 1 assignment due, when I click on it it’s completed

I’ve also got a congratulations on finishing from the professor yet still showing more !!

As far as that goes - no stars

The teaching- 4 stars

I feel as if this maybe fake

by Maria E G S


Interesting course but it needs more update since social media is constantly changing. Very few takers so it will take a long time for your assignment to be graded by your peers. But overall a great online course. Thank you!

by Margherita


This course gave me the opportunity to think about social media in a new way.

I liked the lesson number 4 because it was the most "practical".

by Shreyasi J


This was a very unique yet interesting course. I learnt a lot about things which seemed really trivial before!

by Marina N N


great course

by Joy S


for those who are working with social media.