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This course explores Excel as a tool for solving business problems. In this course you will learn the basic functions of excel through guided demonstration. Each week you will build on your excel skills and be provided an opportunity to practice what you’ve learned. Finally, you will have a chance to put your knowledge to work in a final project. Please note, the content in this course was developed using a Windows version of Excel 2013. This course was created by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP with an address at 300 Madison Avenue, New York, New York, 10017....



Great course that starts with basics for newcomers to Excel and slowly builds up to some intermediate and advanced formulas that can be used for all sorts of business and real world problem solving


Really useful training, lot's of meaningful functions (vlookup, index(match) & text functions).\n\nGood to learn formulas in english too and get familiar with them (I was french Excel user).


Problem Solving with Excel : 201 - 225 / 819 レビュー

by Kiran V


It was a very insightful course. The formulas were explained well and I am able to apply it in my work situations.

by Faris S


One of the most useful courses I have taken. Skills immediately applicable on any job that requires data analysis.

by Frank Y


Excellent courses from PwC. I learned a lot of useful techniques in Excel and felt how powerful Excel actually is.

by Kunal M


Excellent Course! Got to learn many new things in excel.Dala analysis with excel was taught in a very easy manner.

by Mayur S R


Excellent course . hands on exercises will gives you boost in learning. Thank you for making such awesome course.

by jordan s


Good overview of the foundational formulas and uses of Excel. Well explained and the exercises are very relevant.

by Sophia-Luise P


It was exceptionally good! Those are all the insights, Google never was able to provide me with. Thank you!

by Jessica L


A good introductory overview, found the videos helpful and easy to follow. Problems were also interesting.

by Mark L


Supper useful and practical skills that you will even find it listed in business analyst hiring positions.

by Jeremy O


Great coverage of the most important formulas of excel and how they would be useful in a business setting

by Piter H


Excellent overview for taking my very basic excel skills and my understanding of excel to a higher level.

by Edward D


I am glad i took this Excel class, it seems i keep learning more. I would have taken a keen interest if i

by Tejas b


Amazing course.Thank you for teaching me excel in such an interactive and nice manner, PWC and Coursera.

by Ahmad S G


A good course covering excel in detail. Please also add tableau or any other tool in this course itself.

by Mohammed Z Z


Amazing course, top notch, excel -basic to advanced in pwc way , what an astonishingly beautiful couse:)

by Corina T


Very helpful and useful, though there were some mistakes along the course in the Excel files. Thank you

by Shane W


Excellent, recap on what Excel can do to make data management simpler and ensure that you can use data.

by Hadi M


Very Helpful, it simplify Excel for me. I enjoyed the method of teaching and how useful the exercised.

by obafemi a


great course for both new and experienced users of excel, who wants to dig deeper in to data analytics

by Albert K


The course is structured beautifully, love the handouts and the way things are explained in the video.

by Sharad D M


Good learning from the course but didn't get certificate even completed course before free trial ends

by Lucio S


It explains in such easy way, very useful Excel function which are essential to perform in consulting

by Patrick S


This course offers some very practical excel skills that will help bring your work to the next level.

by Julian K


Exactly what I needed to perform data analysis in marketing. It also gives you a lot of flexibility.

by Delphine M


Good mix of theory and real practical exercices that I can apply at work. Thank you for this course