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As data becomes the modern currency, so the ability to analyse the data quickly and accurately has become of paramount importance. Excel with its extraordinarily broad range of features and capabilities is one of the most widely used programs for doing this. In the first course of our Excel Skills for Data Analysis and Visualization Specialization, you will learn the fundamentals of Excel for data analysis. When you have completed the course, you will be able to use a range of Excel tools and functions to clean and prepare data for analysis; automate data analysis with the help of Named Ranges and Tables; and use logical and lookup functions to transform, link and categorise data. This course will enable you to build a strong foundation in the fundamentals, helping you to be more efficient in your day-to-day and developing the necessary skills to work with the more advanced techniques used in later courses. To make the content easy to relate to and to personalize the learning experience, we are going to follow Zara's journey through the course. Who is Zara? Well, she is no-one and everyone. You will find that Zara's trials and tribulations sound familiar, and together with Zara, you will develop your Excel skills along the way — and, importantly, have some fun doing it. The Excel Skills for Data Analytics and Visualization courses are the sequel to one of most successful specializations on Coursera, Excel Skills for Business, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of learners and top ratings. Transform your skills, your confidence, and your opportunities by adding this new set of skills to your repertoire....




Well done. A small thing, though: in the quizzes, the grading could be made more fault-tolerant. Example: an answer such as AND(y,x) instead of AND(x,y) is deemed wrong, which borders on the nasty.



Super fun and and intellectual course. Real need of hour to excel in Excel :) . This course helped a lot, in improving skills in excel analytics.

special thanks to both the instructors !!!!!!!


Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis: 101 - 125 / 648 レビュー

by Krishna V


Course material and presentation is done very well. Materials/presentation grade is par excellence. More important that it can be applied immediately to personal/business needs

by Daniela R


The content is extremely useful and easy to learn through the videos. The assesments and practical exercises puts into practice the theory and you learn a lot by solving them.

by Gustavo F G S d D


Complicações com compatibilidade das planilhas com meu idioma, porém aulas têm uma didática interessantíssima, atividades desafiadoras, e que condizem com o conteúdo passado.

by Thitiwat


Very well-structured course I almost cried, while doing the assignment because it is really challenging OMG!! Thank you every instructor for creating this wonderful course !

by Raymond E


I found the videos, practice, collateral and quizzes to be very effective in expanding my familiarity with Excel. I plan to take the other classes in this certification.

by Kinda G


It is really an extraordinary course. I have learned a lot of functions that I have never heard of before. Thank you very much for your effort in providing always the best.

by Lucyana D


The materials were well-delivered & the assignments were helping me to sharpen my excel skills. The formulas will be very useful for data management and analysis for sure.

by Andrea M


I like the amount of information loaded in each week, enough, not too little and not too much. Very nicely explained and practiced. Very satisfied with the program topics.

by Mahmudul H


An excellent journey with Nickey & Prashant and also excel as well. I have learnt a lot of functions, formulas regarding excel which will smooth my future works with data.

by Amy


The course is very well structured, organised and the practice quiz are excellent too to seal understanding of each lesson. Have recommended to many of my friends already.

by Beto R


Bastante completo, No se ocupan todas las herramientas que brinda excel pero siento que aprendí bastante; sobre todo a emplear cualquier medio para resolver el problema.

by Amanda E


Brushed up on my excel skills and learnt a number of new functions. I enjoyed that the course is very hands on, giving one the opportunity to practise the skills learnt



This course is very useful for me as I am currently an HR analyst in Cambodia.

Thanks MACQUARIE UNIVERSITY and COURSERA for this Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis.

by Thalles A


Super cool content, did a week per day, the final assignment is a real challenge for those who come from 0 like me. Enjoyed the proccess, now going to the next one!

by Christine S


Excellent course with well designed contents and practice problems. The end of week challenge problem is a amazing tool to consolidate what I just learned, love it!

by Bonnie P


The resources supplied are brilliant! The videos explain the functions as well as describing the situations in which they can be used. Highly recommend this course.

by Tarokh F T


Such a complete and efficient course, but it will be more better to make the quizzes a bit easier and related to the course.

Thanks a lot host and thanks Coursera!

by Lisa O T


So Happy finishing this course, thank you for both the instructor. Hoping it will bring me more opportunity. I will trying hard to learn more about data analytics

by Salil S


Excellent course with ample exercise. Would rexommend it. Need to refresh it again. Complete the challenge exercises, it helps in quizzes. Final was challenging

by João M J L P


These instructoors do a very good Job! Taking this course will not only improve your skipps in Excell it will also bring back the joy of having good teachers.

by Néstor A


Excelente curso, muy completo y los instructores son geniales, no sólo te enseñan sino que lo hacen de manera muy didáctica, divertida y con profesionalismo.



Really Such a super course for the beginners. Course faculties were really good at explaining. I liked the course very much. Such a interesting course it is.

by Francisco L D


Muy buen curso, los videos etán bien explicados y las planillas para ejercitar lo aprenido ayudan mucho para entender de mejor forma el contenido del curso.

by Hariom S


It was a great course and the instructors were really good. I look forward to completing other courses also in this specialization. Thanks for your efforts.

by Li S H A


Very helpful in grasping the foundations of data manipulation in excel. After the course, one will be able to manage simple data management and analysis :)