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In this course, you’ll learn the basic fundamentals of corporate finance. Based on the pre-term qualifying courses for Wharton MBA students, Professor Jessica Wachter has designed this course for learners who need a refresher in financial concepts, or for those who are learning about corporate finance for the first time. You’ll identify foundational concepts in corporate finance, such as NPV, Compound and Simple Interest, and Annuities versus Perpetuities. You’ll also learn how to apply the NPV framework to calculating fixed-income valuation and Equity, using hypothetical examples of corporate projects. By the end of this course, you’ll have honed your skills in calculating risk and returns to optimize investments, and be able to assess the right set of financial information to achieve better returns for your firm....




The course format is good for finance beginners and the teaching is perfect.\n\nthe only problem is that I do not know when I should round up my answer in the test, that sometimes bothers me



The notes for this course were excellent, and the lectures were concise and easy to follow. Prof. Wachter is easy to listen to and is relaxed and helpful in her explanations.


ファイナンスの基礎: 151 - 173 / 173 レビュー

by Nikita K


The course itself is very "messy". Even though he main topics are covered but it feels like everything is done in a hurry without any proper background information like why, when and what for. Definitely, 4 weeks of this course is not enough. Fundamentals of Finance should set up a good basis of knowledge as it will be getting harder and harder, but it fails to do so, in my humble opinion.

by Nikolai K


It has very good videos and notes but very confusing nonetheless. You need to do your own research and wont find the answers in the notes or videos. It would be great if they explained the test from each week at the end since im not really learning anything from my mistakes. Anyways great course definitely not for beginners

by Aigerim K


The material covered on the videos is clear and easily understood. But there is a whole Week 5 (which is ungraded), which contains important topics, which are not covered by the lecturer on the videos. There are many pdf files in the end that are not straightforward to understand from just reading them.

by Weston B


The content of this course was very advanced and mathematical, but I did not feel like the course design was very student-friendly. Some concepts I had learned previously in another university, so that helped a lot. But for a complete beginner to finance, this would have probably received lower stars.

by Wiktor S


The notes should be more explicit or the questions/the video should be more adjusted to the objectives of the course; otherwise there are examples on the exam that require knowledge or thinking not even remotely elaborated on during the course.

by marx m


I enjoyed the course thoroughly, I did find at times the Lecturer being too vague on some of the methods, purely because I found some of the questions in the quizes were not covered to the extent I would have understood them faster.

by David G


Good course only gave it 3 stars because of the multiple technical issues when taking the tests which was frustrating at times to say the least. Otherwise instructor is good and the notes are great study aids.

by Johanna J


The quizes were extremely difficult in comparison to the rest of the course and the hints on how to answer the questions were misleading and caused me enter in the correct answer in the incorrect format.

by Connor C


The rounding for the answers needs to be more clear for certain questions. Also, there are spelling and formatting mistakes in the written notes. But overall, OK

by MA X


the course itself is great, but sometimes the term used in the video isn't match the one present in the question, which really causes some confusion

by Vaishnavi B


The lectures were not very comprehensive. In addition, there seem to be quite a few errors in the quiz questions, which create a lot of confusion.

by Erin M


Smart professor, but not the best at teaching. She just goes through the motions without explaining. Does not seem like an intro course either.



The course is good but it could improve some details. Sometimes it get confused in some terms and formulas. But it in general is good.

by Agung B S


Kurangnya soal case yang berat sehingga bagi calon murid baru akan sangat kesusahan memahami.

by Eeshan M


more real life examples (as in quizzes) should have been explained in the module

by Sourav K


The content is very nice but the explanation in the videos is not good at all.

by Yiqi J


Understand basic concept of corporate finance but not very in-depth.

by Rishit T


Way too many calculations and the handwriting was sloppy

by Emelia B


Very hard to follow.

by Aman S


The course is very poorly designed. The questions and concepts taught in videos are very superficial and on the other hand, the questions asked in the weekly quizzes are extremely tough.

by Jernej


Core concepts are not explained and motivated enough. Time is instead spent on algebraic manipulations of the form "x+y+x = 2x+y".

Also very dry.

by Claudio R


Not liking the teacher at all. Poor handwriting, difficult to follow.

by Rebecca G


She is incredibly dry