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Financial Planning for Young Adults (FPYA), developed in partnership with the CFP Board, is designed to provide an introduction to basic financial planning concepts for young adults. The FPYA course is organized across eight separate modules within a 4-week window. Topics covered include financial goal setting, saving and investing, budgeting, financial risk, borrowing and credit. Because financial planning is such a personal topic, you will be encouraged to define your own financial goals and objectives while we discuss concepts and provide tools which can be applied in helping you reach those goals. Within each module, you will view a combination of traditional lecture style videos along with video vignettes that introduce financial topics for discussion among participants. The video vignettes provide a unique and exciting component to this course. Each vignette introduces a real-world scenario where financial decisions must be made and financial planning concepts can be applied. You will be challenged to think critically about each scenario and decide how you might come to a resolution if ever faced with a similar situation. Finally, the course also includes material throughout which is focused on career opportunities in financial planning, including video interviews with actual CFP® professionals and other professionals working in this exciting and growing career area. The final module in the class is devoted to the topic of financial planning as a career....




this course is really beneficial, I highly recommend it to people of any age. I was in doubt about it because I read it is good for young people, but I learned a lot from this course. Thank you all.



I learned a lot, things are very well explained and slow so that you don't miss anything and so that you understand everything perfectly. Its perfect for beginners and for young adults.


Financial Planning for Young Adults: 251 - 275 / 316 レビュー

by Lauri G


Great class overall. I would like to see more updated information, as many of the links no longer work and the material is from about 2012. I would also love to see more diversity in the vignettes.

by TAN Y J


Financial planning as a career seems too forceful at the end of the course.

Other then that, it is a very good course with good contents and interesting videos for easy understanding.

by Tobechukwu M N


This course is so rich is nature and in content. It improves various financial aspects of individuals especially young adults and also ensures we secure a good financial future.

by 黃思瑀


I think some contents need to update, such as tech-finance is becoming more now. Therefore, it's really important for update our knowledge and classes tho.

by Julia S


Weeks dedicated to saving and investing were very interesting and useful. The insurance topic (week 4) was too long and not much relevant for my country.

by Gabi D


I really enjoyed learning new concepts which will help me in the future! This course taught me more than I expected! Gladly will recommend it to others!

by Marjolaine G


Very clear, concise and easy to understand. I have a much stronger grasp on my personal finances and what to do when facing future financial situations.

by Veresa N


This course is a good preview of what Financial Planning is and covering all the basic knowledge about most aspects of becoming a Financial Planner.



Good initiative!! Keep it up and one should enroll from the very beginning of their professional life to manage and secure funds and for future...

by Rafrita R S 1


This course helps me a lot to understand how to manage our income. It also giving me insight how urgent the financial planning since we're young.

by Om R


The course is elaborate and comprehensive, though a little too elementary. Mostly suitable for people with no prior financial knowledge.

by yohana m


Was real good , Material covered and and relevant vignette presentation . With experienced personnel to delivered the course contents.

by Black H


If you value your money, and have an interest to make a small difference in your spending habits. Then this course is for you.

by alexander m


It only covers basic knowledge, but if you are totally new to the material, you would probably find the course very helpful

by Rio A B


The lectures are sometimes engaging and sometimes boring, But overall, this is a well done course! I learned a lot in this.

by leander b


The information in this course is complete, but I believe that the professors still have some rooms to improve on.

by Rayana W O


It is a very good course for introducting personal finances, but some parts are too focused on the US.

by vindhyachal c


I liked the course but some of external links provided are not working that's why i am giving 4 stars

by Z


I think the forum/ discussion can be removed, and add more different questions for us to consider.

by eleonora c


I really liked the course and I think it helped me a lot to learn about financial planning.

by Jorge 호 M


Nice course overall. Please update some content(more specifically some broken URLs).

by Emmanuel A


its a really great course, and i have learned allot more than i thought i would..

by Blake A L


A​ very interesting and helpful class I feel like I've learned quite a bit

by Navid A


some courses like time value of money could be explained more extended

by Urangoo B


Really liked this course, however the materials are little old