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In the final course of this certificate, you will apply your skills towards financial statement analysis. If you have the foundational concepts of accounting under your belt, you are ready to put them into action in this course. Here, you will learn how to reconcile different types of accounts, check for accuracy, and troubleshoot errors. Additionally, you will practice how to apply different analytical methods to key financial statements and understand how these methods inform a variety of business decisions. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Describe and illustrate the use of a bank reconciliation in controlling cash -Outline the purpose of financial statements in relationship to decision making -Describe basic financial statement analytical methods -Apply quantitative skills to analyze business health Courses 1-3 in the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate, or the equivalent, are recommended prerequisites for this course....




This course was extremely informative. This will definitely help me with finding new employment. I feel very confident in my abilities than ever before and thoroughly enjoyed it.



Great content despite some errors in the evaluation examples but you can figure it out by the evaluation feedback.


Financial Statement Analysis: 26 - 46 / 46 レビュー

by lefa m


perfect course for beginners in accounting

by Fancyfeet_


Best experience and great way to learn.



I'm very happy, thanks for it...

by William P


Informative course indeed

by Priscilla W


Great knowledge!

by Tammie M



by Alberto T D


Great course

by Rosalinda B


Loved it!

by Vini R A


The course is great to teach yourself bookkeeping skills. However, the case study assignments all had errors in them which is frustrating and it's not possible to score fully on them. Otherwise, the material and the way it is presented in an interesting manner with real life examples are good for first time learners to get a head start.

by Veronica R


I​ really enjoyed most of the course but the end case study needs to be revised. Several mistakes, and no explanation as to what the correct answer actually is. In a true education process letting your students know how they made a mistake helps them improve.

by Teresita T


I think the course can have more examples on how to set the Income Statement, Cash Flow statement, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. I enjoyed the videos and didnt find it boaring. But I need help with more examples.

by Meiyun F


I learned a lot from this Class .

by Brittany F


This is a good course with a lot of info, but there are some issues that mean I don't feel comfortable giving it more than three stars. There are several activities with issues such as incorrect answers or incomplete information given to complete a task. I feel like there is a lot of wasted time with the narrator. I understand the idea was to make it fun, but it was mostly just annoying to have to click through all the videos that didn't provide any actual information. Organization could have been better. Some ideas aren't really talked about in depth until later, but you really need that earlier on. And, lastly, there's no practice test or anything at the end. The activities are helpful and I appreciated them, but in no way do I feel confident in spending $150 on the certification exam because I have no idea what to expect for it. There are a lot of formulas to learn and a lot of information that apparently even certified bookkeepers keep notes about (according to commentary in the videos), rather than memorizing. And since this is not an open note test and we obviously have no frame of reference that you'd get from actual work, how do you know what is important and what will only come up sometimes?

by Karen I


O​verall, this is a good course. I have learned a lot from all four courses that make up the Intuit Bookkeeping Certification. However, there have been many technicial issues, typos, and even some mathematical errors throughout the course that often get in the way of learning and can be quite frustrating. Sometimes the audio and subtitles don't work. Sometimes the practice activities will tell you have the wrong answer when you were actually correct. There are also some activities that have confusing directions. If these issues are addressed and fixed it will turn the courses, Bookkeeping Basics, Assets in Accounting, Liabilites and Equity in Accounting and Financial Statement Analysis from good courses into great courses.

by Scott M


While the instruction and information was good, the quizzes and test had several errors in them that made it hard to truly test the knowledge learned.

by KinMeng C


The course is good, but the case study questions need improvements. There is a lot of information omitted from the question.

by Adam W


I like the videos and instruction method a lot, but the case study and practice problems need more polish.

by Rio J


Gives good information, but the final case study is confusing and unorganized.

by Sriram P



Here are some tips for the case study;

The main problem with the case study was the trial balance but I figured out that you had to use the numbers and values in the unadjusted trial balance as your starting values and then subtract and add the amounts from the journal entries to get the correct numbers for your trial balance. Your trial balance number should end up being nice and clean whole numbers. Trial balance should be 1,161,000 or 1,163,000 . My debits and credits were off by 2k but these values were alright as the financial statements turned out fine and I ended up getting all the right answers with these numbers.

Also retained earnings is net profit. And the amazon refund you debit cash and cred general and administrative expense.

Overall don't take the assesment too seriously and try to overanalyze your mistakes and go to a granular level. Just take it easy and do what you can. It is not meant to be perfect as it was not created even close to perfect in the first place.

Use this course to learn as much as you can and leave it adn that and move on. It is only $55 so not a bad deal overall. The information in the whole course is indeed wortt $55 or more which is great. We will learn more and keep growing as we actually apply the concepts that were touched on in the course in our real practice. Academia is bs, the real world is where it is at.

For the intuit team:

You guys need to step it big time. First off, take out the cringe and annoying animated character lady. I guarantee she is the biggest problem in the entire program. Next, make sure that your interactive activities are polished and coded properly becasue a lot of them tweak and have many problems. Next, really work on the creating good case studies and prepare your students to nail them by giving mini case studies or a lot more deep and challenging practice throughout the entire course. Also incorporate test prep so that the students can actually pass the pearson exam.

Hope the students and intuit gains value from this feedback and if we all continue to improve we can make massive progress in life brah.

by O S


T​his should be broken up even further and the segments with the needless banter should be omitted. This course needs to be more streamlined as not to bore and upset potential learners.

by Alberto B


Useless. So many mistakes. Save your time and $$