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Being a successful FinTech firm requires more than just great technology; it also requires an understanding of the laws and regulations applicable to your business. This course will provide you with that understanding. You will learn about the critical legal, regulatory, and policy issues associated with cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, online lending, new payments and wealth management technologies, and financial account aggregators. In addition, you will learn how regulatory agencies in the U.S. are continually adjusting to the emergence of new financial technologies and how one specific agency has proposed a path for FinTech firms to become regulated banks. You will also learn the basics of how banks are regulated in the U.S. If you are unfamiliar with how these new financial technologies work, fear not. We will begin each new course section with a high-level overview of the underlying technology. While the course is principally focused on the U.S. FinTech industry, we cannot possibly cover every relevant legal and regulatory issue. Therefore, this course should not be construed as legal advice. Rather, the goal of the course is to familiarize you with the key legal and regulatory challenges FinTech firms in various sectors face, as well as the critical policy debates that are occurring in Washington D.C. and state capitals across the country....




I highly recommend this course especially if your are currently working in the financial services industry. I am always eager to learn and this course taught me many new topics that i was unaware of.



Impressive! Manage to completed in 3 days, committed and dedicated studying in Fintech.

If I can, why shouldn't you?

p.s: The final exam was quite tough! Get prepare students with your notes!


FinTech Law and Policy: 26 - 50 / 185 レビュー

by Felix L


This course is highly recommended and good refresher for the laws and regulations (such as NY's Bitcoin License) that governs FinTech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. Also, good discussions on regulators (FinCEN, OCC, SEC, FINRA, CFTC, IRS) stand on FinTech, Blockchain, ICO and Cryptocurrencies.

by Olivia T


Really well written and provided a great overview/scope on FinTech Law and Policy. I do wish that it covered a little more ground on International Laws, but understandably, this is geared towards US FinTech Law and Policy. Great starter and review course on FinTech Law and Policy.

by Bisma S


Excellent course for those who want to learn about all things fintech and policy! Lee Reiners tactfully explains even the most technical of details in a way that is easy to follow for someone with little to no knowledge of the subject! Definitely recommend taking this course.

by Sriram V


Comprehensive coverage of various fin-tech products and the legal aspects of the same. Although, mostly focused towards US regulations, the course touches upon the broad spectrum within the geography. Would recommend it for any one wanting to work in Fin-tech space.

by Akshara R


The Course teaches the regulations surrounding FinTech in a simple, yet a critical manner. It lays down the relation and difference between Fintech and traditional methods in a simplistic format which makes it easy to compare them both. Highly recommended!



This course was very good in several aspects. I was able to have a very broad vision and build good knowledge on this topic. Teacher Lee is very clear in his explanations and the content is certainly very didactic. Congratulations to all involved.

by Yun W


The course is very comprehensive and the teacher is so professional which makes me more familiar with the fintech development progress in the US and all the regulations related. A very interesting and fulfilling experience in Coursera.

by Vivian G


Great course to gain an introductory understanding of the rules and regulations surrounding fintech. a lot of information is condensed into a short period of time, and I appreciate how succinct and to the point each video lesson is.

by Timothy H


The course is informative and quite easy to follow. I recommend taking it. However, I feel that may need needs some updates. Some words in the subtitles don't reflect what the speaker says presenting a different, misleading context.

by Anibal M


Excellent course that gives you a broad look at the laws and policies about fintech. The course gives the opportunity to explore more about this new world, either for general culture or with a view to participating in it.

by Niclas F S


Very good introductory course. The final exam is a bit demanding but is really useful to digest all the information provided by the course. Overall, the course gives a great overview over the current US FinTech ecosystem.

by Luigi M


Excellent course offering a complete introduction on all the main regulatory issues of FinTech market. Lee Reiners provides a clear and concise explanation on all the topics covered by the course. Definitely recommended.

by Ashish B


An excellent course - covers a wide range of US financial markets, ICOs, mobile payments, the regulatory oversight from US perspective. A recommended course if you want to learn about fintech & the US laws governing it.

by Nur A S


It's really good as it exposed me with the rare term or topic be discussed on my class although I'm majoring in Finance. this course also enable me to polish my knowledge besides learning and growing my understanding.

by Deleted A


A well-structured course for beginners and advance users alike. Some principals can be applied to a global context. This is well delivered and interesting to learn. Highly recommend for anyone venturing into FIntech.

by Shafic O


Provides a comprehensive introduction on the existing laws and policies governing Fintech. Also does a good job in giving learners a 101 on FinTech. Finally, the delivery style of the lecturer is very easy to follow

by Anna K


Excellent speaker. Description of complex issued by used of easlily understandable language (from the viepoint of non-native English speaker). Up-to-date information on recent developments in FinTech sector.

by Jose F P H


Agradezco a la Universidad Duke y al instructor por impartir este curso tan completo y bastante complejo, pero de cual me llevo un enorme conocimiento que espero poder aplicar en mi campo laboral a futuro.

by t. p


Great course and very clarified and relevant topics and issues discussed. Kudos to the instructor. He is also very enjoyable and he has good articulation (important for us non-native English speakers).

by Alexandra M


I highly recommend this course especially if your are currently working in the financial services industry. I am always eager to learn and this course taught me many new topics that i was unaware of.

by Vijayalakshmi N


This is a great introductory course to Fintech in general and the regulations around the course. Please update the curriculum periodically as some information could be outdated in 2022.

by Carlos A L


Great course. The best summary for anyone who doesn’t come from the Financial world to get up to speed of what is the reality of the law and policy relate to US financial institutions.

by Ezra C


Loved this course, took me a few days of focused work. Great overview of the complex environment Fintechs operate in and around. Really like the visual aids, too!

by Vinay G


Great insight and perfect curriculum to understand Fintech Law and Policy. Special thanks to Mr. Lee Reiners for making such complex subject easier to understand.

by Mohammad K H


I) Incredibly informative content

II) Well-Organized

III) Top class lecturer, superb mentoring

IV) Course material and take away resources are extremely beneficial