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This is the sequel course to Foundations of Mindfulness that will continue to provide a broad overview of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of mindfulness. With interactive exercises to help students explore their own attitudes, mental habits and behaviors, Foundations of Mindfulness series offers a pathway for living with more freedom, authenticity and ease. Featured components of the course include experiential exercises, guided meditations, personal reflection and interactive discussions. Living with Balance and Ease will not only cover some of the fundamentals of mindfulness, but will focus on connecting to the innate resources and abilities that will allow for a more effective response to life's challenges, build resiliency, and invite peace and ease into everyday life. Although this course can be taken as a standalone, it is recommended to take the first Foundations of Mindfulness course before beginning this course....



Really effective course especially in times like these where we are struggling to keep ourselves together. Thank you so much, Dr. Slator for providing us with purely authentic and meaningful content.


Very interesting and practical course. Although I have been practicing mindfulness 3+ years now, I have definitely learnt new things from Prof. Slator. I am very very grateful for this course.


Mindfulness and Well-being: Living with Balance and Ease: 1 - 25 / 66 レビュー

by Meenu M


Really effective course especially in times like these where we are struggling to keep ourselves together. Thank you so much, Dr. Slator for providing us with purely authentic and meaningful content.

by Judy P


Excellent course, though i was practicing mindfulness, did not know all the benefits until I went through this course. Very well designed, concepts explained well, Dr Slater has taken a lot of effort to build this unique course to benefit all of us. The biggest learning for me is we know nothing, keenly observing the moment at hand gives us a perspective on how we can enjoy the moment and live life to the fullest

by Garima


It was an amazing course. Do not underestimate the value of any activity or lecture. By the end of the course mindfulness would become your way of living. That was my experience atleast. Mindfulness organically became my way of life without much effort and this course caused a paradigm shift in my perspective. I really want to thank ma'am, Rice University and Coursera for this amazing experience!

by Abeywardena, H


First of all I would like to express my heart felt gratitude to Dr. Elizabeth Slator for the wonderful knowledge she shares with the world and I wish her good health and all the best for her future. I also would like to thank the RICE University and Coursera. I would recommend this course to everyone who are looking to find some peace of mind in these chaotic times, Thank you.

by Bernhard M


This course is an excellent follow-up to "Foundations of Mindfulness". I'd advise to take the foundations lecture first before trying this one and if you did so, you already know what to expect anyway. Both courses are a good foundation for your first steps into the concept of mindfulness, whether you choose to include it into your life or not.

by Sally P


I had heard a lot and read about MBSR before but this course was the first to put it to use. Very practical insights and exercises. I will come back to the course material and deepen my experience. So useful. 5 stars.

by Liubov K


Very interesting and practical course. Although I have been practicing mindfulness 3+ years now, I have definitely learnt new things from Prof. Slator. I am very very grateful for this course.

by Aditya h


great course for implementing mindful practices in our life. I am happy to enjoy the benefits after completing the course material

by Dr S S


​Highly recommended. The very grounding approach and quality of Dr Elizabeth is very refreshing. Thanks Dr Eizabeth.

by Bob B


Very helpful and down to earth for everyday living. Very well worth my time.

by TyAnn S R


Very helpful! Helping my physical health and remembering who I truly am.

by Sujatha R


Thanks a lot to Dr. Elizabeth Slator and Rice University for coming up with such a great course. This course is very much needed for the tumultous and unprecedented times that we are living through presently. This course helped me to quiet my anxious mind and let go of what I cannot control. I found the course quite practical with a variety of practice sessions built into it. The peer graded assignments at the end of every week adds to the rigour of the course. It's truly one of the best and most beneficial courses I did on Coursera and I highly recommend the course to everyone.

by Dr. K N S


The teacher Elizabeth Slator is excellent. Her presentations are lovely. The theory contents and the practice sessions planned by her are meticulous. Her command and grip over the subject and its delivery are commendable. Her teaching has given lot of insight to me and I have enjoyed all the sessions thoroughly. Hats Of to her. Thank you so much.

by Shannon K G


Wow! I can't express how wonderful it was to take this course. Dr. Slator has put together such a well articulated course with lots of resources such as, mindfulness activities, meditations, articles, and thought provoking videos. I am very happy this course was offered on Coursera and for all the knowledge and mindfulness I have gained.

by Barada C


I found this course to be well structured. Each week built upon the previous one, and there were some surprising insights (for me at least), for example with the wellbeing inventory. Even if you are experienced in the practice of Mindfulness, I am sure you will find something beneficial in this course. I certainly did.

by Yaman S


This is a very good course particularly for those who think they know everything. who in spite of knowing every thing have stopped noticing their surroundings are more stressed due to work load or present Covid situation. I learnt a lot and now on wards will be learning more.

by Venus D


Thank you Rice University for this opportunity. I was able to relive my Mindfulness training. More power! Stay healthh to the people behind this. :)

by L C


Really enjoyed this course which teaches the basic knowledge and practical use of the knowledge. Dr. Slater has done an amazing work to create and present this course. It is comprehensive and allows one to practice and reflect on the material learned at the same time

by Szilvia N


Thank you so much for this course, it is absolutely change my perspective about things, got me out of the past and it is very inspiring, so I apply the material, exercises and meditations to my every day life, starting today.

by Daniela V A


I liked it really much. I completely share this point of view, I´m grateful also to share the planet with people that really wants to improve things and that really worries about the others and their well.being.

by Santosh K M


the concept of mindfulness has been beautifully explained with the contents provided (video and reading material). It can be assimilated by people at a different level of knowledge as well..



Great course, a needed experience specially for this times of fear and uncertainity. Thanks to Dr. Slator for this beautiful journey trough Mindfullness. Namaste!



Excellent Course with very effective material and training means. Excellent Teacher. Highly Recommendable to everyone, especially like the skepticals like me :-)

by Kushagra M


Great course for those who want to make their life live in a easier and comfortable way..

Thanks to Professor Elizabeth Slator for the course and her team..

by Melba G


The teacher and resources are exceptional!! It is a course that invites you to go back and learn more.

Thank you, teacher, University, and Coursera!!