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Are you about to enter the workforce? Are you an emerging professional? Are you new to your role in the organization? All prospective new employees benefit from understanding management principles, roles and responsibilities, regardless of position. Now you can acquire an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and theories of management while exploring the manager's operational role in all types of organizations. Gain insight into the manager's responsibility in planning, organizing, leading, staffing and controlling within the workplace. It’s never too soon to plan your professional path by learning how the best managers manage for success! Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Describe the difference between managers and leaders 2. Explore the focus of a manager’s job 3. Cite the required skills for a new manager’s success 4. Describe the five functions of management 5. Explain the new model management operating philosophy 6. Describe the hierarchy of planning 7. Use the SMART goal setting technique 8. Discuss the concept of evolution of leadership 9. Explain how customer satisfaction is linked to controlling 10. Discuss the power of building a network...



Great for people that, like me, does not have a management background but maybe end up dealing with this type of position. Good guidelines, simple but complete and using understandable examples.


This course is very useful for management fraternity whether they are practitioners or academicians\n\nit changes my orientation with relevant examples. Thank you for the wonderful course.


Fundamentals of Management: 26 - 50 / 508 レビュー

by Tomeu M


Contenido de mucho valor, se aprende mucho en poco tiempo. Temas muy acertados y tratados de forma que despierta curiosidad y ganas de aprender más. El profesor excelente, se nota su experiencia y profesionalidad en este ámbito. Curso muy recomendable.

by Danny W


A very good course, I highly recommend if you have an interest in how the world of management works or if you are looking to pursue management as a career. Many useful and engaging topics covered, I really enjoyed this course and gained a lot from it.



It’s never too soon to plan your professional path by learning how the best managers manage for success! This is nice stuff with detailed explanations. I have acquired an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts and theories of management.

by Laura C


This course has a ton of great information. I will most definitely be recommending this course to several of my colleagues! Thanks Coursera for having such a wide range of courses available for those that can not make it to an actual college!



awesome course as a management student i have learned many new things and pretty satisfied with the course and the way it is structured all the way . and dave nagy teaching is really good and i suggest others to do the course

by Robinar P


This course was exactly what I needed especially as young professionals thinking of venturing into leadership roles. I t was done at the right pace and made in a way that was easy to understand. I would highly recommend it.

by Moustaph D


Very exceptional course. The teacher explained everything we needed to know in order to be confident in a management role. I have learned a lot and more things about management than my first two years in management program.



This is an excellent course. It clearly explains what are the key functions of Management and what skills are useful in a Manager. It also highlights the importance of Networking in today's global environment.

by Prem S P


It's an amazing platform to learn basic and the sir navy is marvelous, I can understand his language the way he make us understand at our level. He put out the things so clear and in a easy way,thank u..

by V V K


I really enjoyed learning this course.

It gave me a whole infrastructure of a manager and how a manager deals with the things.

I also learnt about how to do organizational planning and implementing it.

by Fuad H


Really great and very useful course! One of the most interesting and fruitful courses I have passed. I want to thank the turor for his contribution and sharing valuable knowledge with us!

by Mokhtar E


I liked how the course is structured and Dr. Dave Nagy is amazing in delivering the information, Thank you Dr. Dave Nagy. the course is 100 % structured and deliver all the information

by Rashik K


With Business Administration experience I was able to relate what I learnt from this course. Also this is a great course to start with. Recommended for leadership roles. Thank you

by Burhan C A


It is a very simple and clear program, ı have ever seen in this area.Thank you so much Dave NAGY and to provide this program.Knowledge is universal and should be shared.

by Nagabhushan S


The course gives the introduction to the very basics of management skills. This helps the entrant people managers to develop skillset besides technical knowledge.

by Kristine P V


The concepts and techniques were explained thorougly with relevant examples. Great reading resources to followthrough and deepen the learnings in this course.

by Mario J R M


Fundamentals of Management

Congratulations on the platform

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by Joshua A


Highly impressed with the content and delivery of this Course. I without reservation recommend this Course to all practicing and upcoming managers/leaders.

by Nijat Y


It was very informative and too simple courses which everyone who wants to be one step ahead should take it. Every fundamental aspects have been shown

by July Y


This course really helps me to get the general concepts about management.

I'm willing to take further courses provided by UCI.

Thanks for the faculty.

by Mohamed M


Very useful course and a lot of information that could be used in real world . Even with my 15 years of experience I learned a lot from this course

by Semantics J K


I really enjoyed doing this course.The lecturer was very insightful,engaging and knowledgeable.It's my hope to continue doing other courses.

by Asma A A


it is an excellent course and clear one, the only thing that it needs to be improved is the quiz. it should be more detailed and tougher.

by v p


Wonderful to learn more knowledge about management. Excited to know more about these in spite of having experience as an MBA graduate.

by Mohamad K


This course is extremely interesting! It is very well designed and organized. It will be extremely useful to me. Thank you very much!