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Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as business and social impact challenges. This course will teach you the mechanisms of gamification, why it has such tremendous potential, and how to use it effectively. For additional information on the concepts described in the course, you can purchase Professor Werbach's book For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business in print or ebook format in several languages....



May 23, 2019

Excellent course! I found it very useful. It really builds a super strong foundation to think about this User Motivation and UX. The word Gamification is something that some people like and some hate.


Jun 17, 2017

Very structured and interesting class about gamification. Kevin is a very engaging teacher and this course was perfect introduction to gamification. I highly recommend the course. Thank you very much!


ゲーミフィケーション: 176 - 200 / 588 レビュー

by Sebastian B

Nov 29, 2016

Best gamification for enterprise courses out there! Not only it's professionaly taught, but also prof. Kevin Werbach knows how to keep users to watch his course! Pretty fun and educative. I highly recommend it!

by Ajeeth P

May 26, 2017

Amazingly well designed program! The tests and assignments are designed to help reinforce and apply all the concepts discussed in the lectures. The course is rigorous but not too difficult that you will get demotivated!

by Monica G S

Mar 13, 2017

Un curso claro, muy bien dirigido y explicado por Prof. Werbach quien sabe enganchar en el tema de manera fluida y entretenida. Ha sido una experiencia muy interesante y más que satisfactoria. GRACIAS!

by Andrew R

Jan 14, 2016

Extremely useful and informative. Is everything you will need to begin gamifying any system right away! Professor covers full range of topics in the perfect level of depth.

by Nikhil B

Feb 14, 2016

Very good for the topic. Prof is interesting and very knowledgeable in the subject. Keeps it light and interesting.

by George G

Feb 06, 2016

Great course, thanks

by delanray

Sep 10, 2016

it's a great course

by Reina P C

Feb 16, 2017

I really love this MOOC! Its was really useful

by Sergey Z

Jun 03, 2016

Great classical course from master of Gamification.

A good starting point for those who wants to know something on this topic.

by ariel a

Aug 09, 2016

Fantastic, if you try to change your world you only need a intrinsic motivation find you own rewards. after finish this course. I think like a game designer in my projects and new developments, thanks professor Werbach !!

by Artem I

Sep 21, 2016

One word to say: this course is great !

by Justas K

Nov 21, 2016

Great course to understand gamification.

by Abhishek B J

Jun 05, 2016

This is a very good course to learn about gamification and to start thinking as a game designer.

by Dmytro P

Feb 17, 2016

Nice material, perfect structure and the best english for non-native speacker!

by Jiawei L

Jan 17, 2016

Very resourceful and insightful

by Alex M

Dec 14, 2015

Very structured, insightful and useful. Amazing introductary course.

by Chaitanya S

Oct 24, 2017

Good course. Easy to understand videos and nicely structured assignments.

by Ari B S

Jun 14, 2016

Relevant information, easy to understand and important resource to motivate people !


by levend

Jan 28, 2016

It was a brilliantly designed, comprehensive course with a very nice and sympathetic instructor. I am very much satisfied not only with the content but also with the assignments as well.

by Venkata N K R

Mar 23, 2016

Practical and scientific approach to Gamification.

by Abdul R K

Mar 22, 2016

As a Software Developer, I see a great value in such a course, the concept was totally new to me when I first heard about it, and I got a lot of benefit of it, thanks a lot for making it free to go through this course.

by Oleh

Jan 19, 2016

As William Shakspeare said: "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players"

by Tan Z C

Apr 06, 2017

Very good introduction to the field of gamification, and the assignments are sufficiently challenging to really help learners internalise and apply the concepts.

by Peter B

Aug 03, 2017

Excellent intro to gamification. Highly recommended!

by Juan C R

Nov 27, 2015

I am loving it! I think it is a very good introduction to the subject.