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Gamification is the application of game elements and digital game design techniques to non-game problems, such as business and social impact challenges. This course will teach you the mechanisms of gamification, why it has such tremendous potential, and how to use it effectively. For additional information on the concepts described in the course, you can purchase Professor Werbach's book For the Win: How Game Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Business in print or ebook format in several languages....




Excellent course! I found it very useful. It really builds a super strong foundation to think about this User Motivation and UX. The word Gamification is something that some people like and some hate.



Very structured and interesting class about gamification. Kevin is a very engaging teacher and this course was perfect introduction to gamification. I highly recommend the course. Thank you very much!


ゲーミフィケーション: 26 - 50 / 733 レビュー

by Nat


It was informational while also keeping the lessons "bite-sized" without it feeling too long or a bore. I feel I have learnt a lot and enjoyed the course in its entirety.

by Evgeny T


Good course for starters. But i think it's need to an updated version, due to it's launch date - 2012, there is a lot things happens into gamification subject.

by Stasyulevich V


Отличный и очень полезный курс, который помог мне в написании диссертации. Спасибо!

by sebastian m


muy completo y serio, sin dudas el mejor mooc en el tema

by Connor W


Wasn't bad, but felt it should be updated. Also, I think the psychology element should have been taught earlier.

by Mike Y W


I highly recommend this beginner's course to those interested in seeing the ups and downs of a purpose-built system that can motivate human behavior, achieve business objectives, and even work towards social benefit. The professor is genuinely interested in communicating to students his view on the topic, and the game he plays with students is an interesting twist to add in for such an online course. The final exam actually tests your knowledge, and is a welcome challenge. It was nice to see interviews from relevant contributors to gamification, and the "Site" movie was REALLY cool and was a great visual aid. It would be nice to see more updated material on the topic given this course is probably a few years old now, and quizzes / final exam should switch out all questions if taken again to make the student really work to understand the material. All in all, thanks professor for a great experience, and game on!

by Chase H


I really like the way we do peer review on our assignments where we exchange feebacks and ideas with other students. That really gives me more feeling that I am not just taking an online course but also I am in this learning community. I guess this is especially helpful to introverted people like me who doesn't have much energy participating in the forum. I have been working in the online game industry for more than 7 years and only recently I got to the concept of gamification. By taking this course I believe I not only learned a lot more about gamification, but also I got to learn more of why some games are better than the other. Big thanks for offering this course I will definitely be taking any follow up courses in this space.

by Irina K


This course is AMAZING! The professor managed to cram in so much theory in such a concise form, and all the theory is straight to the point and corraborated with real scientific research findings. I highly recommend to participate in all (even optional) discussions because they make you consider important things and reinforce what you've already learned. The practical projects were also great and really interesting! I'm getting a PhD in Educational Psychology, and I can tell you that this course is even better that those I took in my university. The information provided here is invaluable. And the teacher is awesome! So don't hesitate to take this course and enjoy! :)

by Martin C


Very comprehensive introduction to gamification; the concepts underlying it and its practical application. Course tutor Kevin Werbach cleverly gamifies the presentation of the material to ensure that participants are constantly engaged and motivated to concentrate and continue. Scope for updating of some website and app examples used as technology has moved beyond many of those used (especially with the advances in mobile technology). Otherwise excellent and I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to anyone seeking to learn about gamification specifically or indeed add to their knowledge of other subjects e.g. design concepts and behavioural psychology.

by Pradeep I


It's a great journey full of detailed definition / examples & different layers of the gamification concept pumped with elaborated videos. The course is designed very well & wisely, which is delivering the expected objective seamlessly. As student when I started this course I never thought that Gamification would have such a great impact on human behavior. But know I know I has tremendous powerful tool which can be used anywhere to get the desired output.

I thank you all of them, who put their effort to make this course available for the seekers like me...! A special thank to Mr. Kevin Werbach, Mentors & coursera team.

Thank you,

Pradeep Indalkar

by Deleted A


I am really satisfied with this course. It is thorough, well structured and gradually leads you to acquire the skills, structures and design techniques necessary to proceed independently. In particular it provides many frameworks to guide the designer in the various phases of gamification analysis. The interviews and countless examples of case studies are very useful. Professor Werbach speaks very clear English for non-native speakers. The subtitles are complete even if the Italian translation is not always correct. The grades' assignments are well set up and the performance is well guided.

Thank you very much Professor Werbach! Good job!

by Joe S


Excelente curso. Altamente recomendado para todos os profissionais de diversos campos de atuação que desejam atuar/adquirir conhecimentos voltados a Gamificação. Uma proposta de ensino bastante gratificante e dinâmica. Conteúdo e tarefas muito bem colocada e desenvolvida no decorrer das semanas. Espero em breve que a Coursera venha disponibilizar novos cursos voltado a Gamificação. Só tenho a agradecer pela oportunidade e pelo conhecimento disponibilizado. Este é meu primeiro passo dentro do assunto, afim de explorar infinitamente. De fato amei, eternamente Grato.

by jon r m


i would give this 5 stars but i would suggest rethinking some parts and updating the course given what the market is like right now. also it would be nice if there are more studies about how gamification fails. i guess a lot of problems in digital ideas is we learn from successes but we don't learn a lot from failures. Having said these i still think this course deserves 5 stars. I find a lot of useful info here that i have successfully applied in my job as an entertainment industry creative even halfway through finishing the course.

by Anver L


Wonderful course! Opens your mind to totally new, but, in the same tame, so obvious things that can improve your personal skills and team skills if only you could implement this Gamification knowledge! Prof. Werbach is really one of the most admired Guru in this area and his lecture is not actually a lecture =) It is a game like WOW and you simply jump into and learn with FUN! I reacommend this course to business leaders, team leaders and individuals looking for a change of paradigm! You'll enjoy as thousands of people did already!

by Domenico C


Information and topics are laid out very clearly from the very start.

Sources are solid, interviews are very rich and insightful. Models are very useful and I was even able to apply them right after completing the course.

High-spirited teacher. It was a joy to see his enthusiasm for adding Gamification examples in the course background throughout the whole course. As well as him showing off his World of Warcraft gear and affinity. That was almost heartwarming to see.

Overall, a very well-rounded and useful course.



I really liked the course! It was very challenging and fun! The new concepts that I've learned brought further, especially because it gave me a lot of new ideas on how I could use it in my new company. Some of the aspects of motivation and psychology I had some knowledge due to the position that I had at the last company I worked for (management trainee, supervisor and manager). Therefore, the course complemented the concepts that I had in mind. Thank you very much for the opportunity. It was awesome!!!

by Sebastien C


This is the best humanities course I have taken online. The lectures were thought provoking, and there are plenty of chances to think about and apply the concepts of Gamification outside of the lectures and quizzes. For example, the 'discussion' topics given were stimulating and rewarding to think about. A lot was left to the learner's imagination in wondering how the concepts could be applied to the real world - for better and for worse! The quizzes definitely tested the knowledge from the lectures.

by Rafael V


I enjoyed Kevin's clear, direct and engaging way of communicating the course content. There were plenty of real world examples and I also feel ready to apply the concepts/techniques I've learned. On the tech side I loved viewing videos on the app with the text being highlighted which made it easier to focus and remember concepts after the first viewing. Quizzes were great and reviewing other people's work was satisfying. Can't wait to take my next course and hope the delivery is as good as this one.

by Mica A


Highly recommend this intriguing course. It covers psychology, behavioural economics, motivation, employee and customer engagement and of course elements of game design. The assignments are a blend of quizzes - which can be tricky! - and 3 written papers which allow for a lot of fun and creativity in putting the theory you cover into practice. A course with real meat on its bones, you'll come away with a lot of learning and start seeing gamification all around you. More courses like this, please!

by Laura S


The instructor is obviously very knowledgeable in the area of gamification. The experts he had in the course really added to the content. I was hesitant taking this course because I wasn't sure if I would learn anything important or useful, but I definitely feel that I have learned. I downloaded many materials from this course and hope to review everything again at a later date. The material was excellent, the framework and psychology behind gamification makes sense and is very useful to know.

by Srinivasan V


The course gave me an insight on the Concept of Gamification and ideas of its possible applications in my professional life. From just a buzz word which I heard in the office corridors to being able to understand the details on what goes into real gamification is my take-away from the course. The content was easy to understand, the references and examples were very relevant. Overall, a great sense of achievement and learning. Thank you Prof Kevin Werbach for making it so interesting.

by guillermo l


This course provided with a strong foundation on what gamification is, thinking like a game designer and enabled me to understand the benefits of gamification as well as how to apply these concepts.

Dan and Kevin did an outstanding job putting this together and points students in right direction to further understanding of this "new" (or not so new) paradigm.

I'm really excited about how I can apply self deterministic concepts at my job.

Guillermo Lam - Solution Architect (MAPFRE USA)

by Magali R


This course is very dense and requires a large amount of time but it's worth it. There's rich and deep content, useful tools, and warnings. I like the emphasis on ethics and the thought for the players. Pleasant alternation between quiz and written assignements to manage the workload, and assigment on credible case is great to build condifence in the use of the content of the course and on future real implementation. Thanks ! That was a great experience !

by Georgie R


This was a great course - the perfect thing to do whilst in lockdown due to COVID-19! The weekly structure and deadlines has kept me on track in terms of timings which is something which really helped me with my lack of structure at the moment. Professor Kevin Werbach is very easy to listen to, makes the lectures interesting and lays out the course in a clear way. I'm now looking forward to taking my learnings back to work. Would definitely recommend!

by Ricardo P


Kevin Werbach is an awesome professor with an awesome way of portraying this topic. Lots of examples and real-life examples help reinforce the theory behind all that is learnt from the course. Even tho sometimes the quizes have some questions about some really minor topics that we sometimes don't focus on during the classes, we can always go back and review the contents! Really happy for this being my first coursera course.! More on the way for sure!