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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure introduces important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud. Through videos and hands-on labs, this course presents and compares many of Google Cloud's computing and storage services, along with important resource and policy management tools....




Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course. I enjoyed every part for improvement suggestions please consider increasing the lab projects' time a bit so that students can be on less pressure



This course is useful for those who wants to explorer google cloud platform\n\ne.g: what database engine should I use?\n\nwhat is more cost efficient for our application, Compute engine or App engine


Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure: 7476 - 7500 / 7,557 レビュー

by Eva S B


I cannot login to Qwiklab and Support is not helpful.

by Jorge G G


There is no possibility to download the slides.

by Polisetty M


Too much technical jargon. Not easy language.

by Justince Y


They cramped everything in one week my god

by Paulo O


a plataforma estava com bug que e atrasou

by Antony R


The platform could be more user-friendly

by yash a


Not much to explore in hands on activity

by Michael N


It is onboarding videos about basics.

by Kerin P


Not user friendly. Very complicated.



I want to unenroll this course

by John E M G


the final lab doesn't works

by Omar A R P


Some content is outdated

by Pierre S S M


En español por favor.

by pankaj g


no hands on works

by Min-Young C


Nothing to get

by Jianing S


really boring

by Taha V T


its too long

by Fabio B


Too basic

by celestial a



by Abhishek A



by Steve H


Honestly, this is so difficult to navigate. I go through the entire course, selecting what I know id relevant to me in preparation for the exam. I couldn't care any less about a certificate. All I want to do is work my way through the material to understand what I know and don't know, so I know where to focus on self study for the exam.

I know I completed all the modules in core infrastructure, and it even shows as such in the summary of my results; however, I can't take the next course, or at least can't figure out how to, as there are no buttons that simply state "Start Course".

Again, I don't care about a certificate, I just need the training where I know that I need it. I skip labs because I have often already done these in my work day. Are these required to move to the next course? If so, that is a terrible design and will result in the cancellation of my subscription.

by Aadi M


Reality of the course is you can hardly complete it. The labs aren't proper. Even if you complete the lab the score in qwiklabs wont get updated. Trust me if you are a beginner and thinking of doing it course go ahead but you will face lots of difficulty in labs. there are many problems in it. moreover you can attempt a lab 5 times only. the mentor support is really poor. for every problem that arises the staff replies contact on a particular email. i mean you guys know there are lost of error in the lab can't the GCP members fix it?

by Lun J


My experience was extremely terrible about this course. In one lab about Kubernetes clusters, the GKE cluster is unable to be created following the instructions.No support, no feedbacks, and when I was trying to create a new lab sessions,I was told the "Your last lab was ended because you did not follow the lab instructions. As a reminder, repeated behavior may result in an account block. "

Totally a waste of money and highly unrecommended.

by Marcelino P


I can't understand why, how in then world the Lab access button is not visible and accessible to every student from the beginning. It is a very frustrating experience, considering that is not free.

I don't recommend this course to anyone. There are many online providers that have no such a inconvenient.

by Sante' J


I want to learn. Locking me out of the course labs after the course is over is stupid. Grade or don't grade the lab, I don't care, but let me review the lab to learn. Additionally, preventing me from providing feedback to coursera directly leaves me with the option of providing the information here.