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Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Containers and Services に戻る

Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Containers and Services, Google Cloud



In this course, learners explore services provided to applications built on GCP that enhance their scalability and maintainability. They work with services like Google Cloud Pub/Sub and Google Cloud Functions to make applications more efficient. They explore the use of containers on GCP. The course concludes with a review of the specialization. Prerequisites: To get the most out of this course, participants should have: • Completed Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals (Core Infrastructure or AWS Professionals.) or have equivalent experience • Completed Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Foundation or have equivalent experience • Completed Essential Cloud Infrastructure: Core Services or have equivalent experience • Completed Elastic Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and Automation or have equivalent experience • Basic proficiency with command-line tools and Linux operating system environments • Systems Operations experience including deploying and managing applications, either on-premises or in a public cloud environment >>> By enrolling in this course you agree to the Qwiklabs Terms of Service as set out in the FAQ and located at: <<<...


by HM

Jan 23, 2018

Great course! It was the shortest one up to now, but the content was interesting. Hoped that the Pub/Sub Lab would be available for this course, but overall, you're doing great Google! Thank you!

by SS

Dec 26, 2018

In this short course it demonstrate via it's only lab the power of K8s by using gcloud and kubectl commands that abstract such complexities that is hard to comprehend. Again Google ROCKS!!



by Srini Centhala

May 23, 2019


by Thiago Daudt

May 21, 2019


by Robin Singh

May 20, 2019

Very Basic. Could have added more details.

by Jack Tseng

May 20, 2019


by Felipe Abarca Arias

May 20, 2019


by Mastan Reddy kommuru

May 19, 2019


by Prabhakar Mishra

May 19, 2019


by Gabriel Garoz

May 15, 2019

Great course!

by Bill Fugaru

May 08, 2019

No walkthrough, very shallow.

by Yunan Ari Yuwono

May 07, 2019

The best!