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To acquire an understanding of the fundamental concepts of genomics and biotechnology, and their implications for human biology, evolution, medicine, social policy and individual life path choices in the 21st century....




Very good and more informative course, this course has a brief explanation for each and every topic. Lectures are very interesting to listen. Thank you so much for accepted my financial aid learning.



Broad spectrum over view useful to beginners as well as advanced learners. would have loved to be able to download slides along with Transcripts for later revision , Thank you UMCP and the Faculty !


Genes and the Human Condition (From Behavior to Biotechnology): 26 - 50 / 201 レビュー

by Jeet K


An extremely up-to-date, informative, relevant course, made so easy to understand. It was super fun to learn such a wide array of information in such an unbelievably short interval of time. I was able to progress through genetics with a new, improved and better and deeper approach and understanding. really changed my paradigms and perspective towards this field. Most recommended!!

by john l


Excellent course enthusiastically presented with lots of reference materials. I am able to complete it while in the midst of taking an AP Biology course on Khan Academy. The suffering of humanity looks less daunting with my understanding of the science and technology, in spite of the certainty of climate change and crisis in this century. Thank you for giving this course!

by Vanessa L


I enjoyed taking this course it's simple, informative and I've learn a lot about genetics, evolution and even synthetic biology. I really liked all the lectures and all the readings and videos they recommended, they are very informative and useful so you can really have a good insight in the subjects in discussion. Really enjoyed it! Thanks you!

by Emily R M


Thank you to Dr. O'Brien and Dr. St. Leger for an excellent course: solid information delivered clearly and intelligently. As the course moved along I found myself binge-watching! I must have finished all 7 weeks in record time-- like a good book, I could not put it down. This was an outstanding educational experience.

by Lau, W K


Lecture material is well presented with green screen. Lectures are very clear and engaging.

Topics are recent and appropriate for this fast moving field. Quiz are at the end of the week and not immediately after each video to promote review and retention.

Overall, a very informative, broad coverage of this field.

Thank you

by David S R P


This is a perfect choice for whom wants an introduction to the exciting field of genetics. The course covers the basics of some fundamental topics. If you want to get started in genetics this is a great place for you, Lectures covers some interesting themes and readings gives a more detailed overview of the these topics.

by Denise S


Excellent course to review latest biotechnology information such as using transgenic animals and plants in many different ways in addition to various dimensions of synthetic biology. The course also covers importance of genes and epigentics from a variety of angles. Thanks very much for providing it. Greatly appreciated.

by arinn w


this course was great! I liked both lecturers, and found them to be very informative and great speakers. their lectures were easy to follow and brought up a lot of things i hadn't considered before (but this is my first completed genetics class). i would definitely take a class by them again.

by Ashba Z


Really interesting course that enbaled me to get an insight of the field I wanted to pursue in university . It opened my eyes to the interesting world out there and how our genome plays such an important role in the past, present and future . I really enjoyed the innovative course !

by Abirami. N


It is a really amazing course, got updated with a lot of new things and happenings around the world. Had a glance of how future is going to be with improvements in biotech. Biotech has a very good scope in the new world for which creative thinking in all angles is needed.

by Harsh S


The course is well defined and updated to latest technologies. Both the instructors delivered and guided through a well versed course. I really appreciate the way of teaching and mentoring provided by the faculties and Maryland University. Thanks for the experience.

by Abdul R


I have learnt a lot of about behavior and biotechnology of living organisms.This course enhance my knowledge much and i shall be benefited form this knowledge in my near future.n the last i would like to thank coursera team for offered me to attempt this course.

by MD F R


It was great to learn about Genes and the Human Condition. I really enjoyed the course and the course instructors were really so comprehensive and friendly which makes this critical learning a lot more interesting and easy. Thanks for this nice initiative.

by Bini B


I really appreciate the way instructors taught me each and every aspect of genetics curriculum. I have gained a thorough knowledge of genetics and related fields which will now help me in delving into the greater insights of Genetics. Thank You!

by Ahmed E


That is A very good way to learn and be linked to the updated science allover the world I really must be grateful to coursera and all universities that introduce this high level of science to the people who are interested in

Ahmed El-Romhey

by Kirill V


It was really an exciting course with a lot of insights, sometimes controversial (especially the last part), but always recent and deep. I will miss the enthusiastic lectures of Prof. Leger. And I would recommend this course to others.

by Arun S G V


Just completed the video sections of this course and some of the quizzes. A very nicely structured and presented course. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the faculty for the subject matter comes thru and makes the entire experience

by Jennifer M



G​reat instructors, both knowledgeable and excellent in terms of presentation.

T​ranscripts are available so you can contemplate at your own pace.


I​'d love to know what is current, this course is about 10 years old now.

by Jinky C


I truly enjoyed this course. It is very concise and full on. I learned a lot. Our professor was also really great and the opposite of boring. Love studying with Coursera.

I have been studying and using Coursera since 2011.

by Pragya B


It was an amazing course with an in-depth explanation of the genes, their interaction with the environment, how the societies and countries have viewed Transgenic Technologies and the recent advances in these technologies.

by Rafaella V A G C ( 3 M S


Gostei muito do curso! Foi uma experiência incrível e de muito aprendizado! Ele só me fez ter mais certeza de que a área na qual quero seguir no futuro é a área de pesquisa! Quero trabalhar com genética e biotecnologia!

by Tanveer q


wao wao it was amazing course for me . i have learnt a lot from it related to biotechnology and evolution everything was new for me in this course. thanks for providing us such a good platform.



It is very interesting, informative and educative to the BioTech lovers. The mentors are really nice to teach the entire aspects of genes leading to animal behavior. I liked it very much

by Ramya S


The syllabus is very well designed and the modules are equally interesting. I'm so happy i learnt so many new things in just one course. Really looking forward to more such courses :)

by Wyonna L F


I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and the relatives used helped a lot. The best part was that the course aligned with my school curriculum. Double win for me!!!